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  1. Man, I think you have really good hair even in its current state. You don't have a straight hairline, that's a fact, but even with that hairline you look very masculine. If I were you, I would definitely not worry about it, but go out confidently without a hat. Unfortunately, I almost fell for a cheap marketing ploy by a Turkish clinic a year ago, so they practically made a joke out of me, it looks like a stump. I would like to get it corrected at a good clinic in the future. With hair like yours, I wouldn't even consider translant. Of course this is just a personal opinion, if you do dec
  2. And interestingly, I think the hair loss under the crown has just started. Anyway, it's too bad if it all falls out there too...
  3. Hello. I've been wearing my hair short for a while now after hair transplants as it makes me feel better. Almost two months ago I started finasteride as well. My question is that short like this, it looks very obvious that hair loss seems to have started in the area under the crown. I can see that there is hair there, however they are very thin. I don't know if that is baldness there or maybe still shock loss? Anyway, it has been eight months since the hair transplant. What do you think? If I go bald there too, I don't see much point in corrective surgery... I attach two pictures, o
  4. hello, I just read this article, which is undoubtedly very tragic. What do you think of this article?
  5. I jus read this article. I v been on finasteride one month. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. If I leave it a little longer, it looks like this in the front, I would like a different hairline for the repair procedure, because it is very front.
  7. hello guys, i'm in my 7.5th month now. I decided to cut it one by one because when it was big, it looked awful because of the multgrafts, and it was very rare anyway, especially in the crown area. I started finasteride (1.25 mg daily) about a month ago (no side effects). My question would be that the pictures I attached. Based on what you see, do I have enough donors left to correct a good surgeon in the future? Or can finasteride be effective?
  8. @Melvin-Moderator you're absolutely right. I was very naive and thought it was a routine intervention. And it’s very disturbing that there are so many profitable, bad clinics that take advantage of people’s credulity and attract them with cheap marketing gimmicks. It sure is a lifelong lesson for me. I will fix it in the future, but in the meantime I will have to endure this hairline for a while.
  9. If I comb it off, it is very rare. The crown area has grown almost nothing. And my donor area was also very mutilated. In the future, I think beard grafts can be repaired by a good surgeon
  10. Yes, unfortunately I was very naive. I thought this surgery was just about taking the hair out of one of the hair and then putting it where it wasn’t. I had no idea it was one of the most complicated aesthetic surgeries. And it’s terribly annoying that these many fake clinics are actually ruining human lives with their bad work. In the future, I would definitely like to correct this bad result. But how is the repair process? Who can take multigrafts from the front and replace them with the right ones? Can they still make a natural hairline for me?
  11. Hi guys. Unfortunately, my hair implant is not going well. Now I realized how bad a decision I had made. My hairline was pushed very forward and the front was full of multigrafts. It doesn't look very natural. I was too naive when I went to Turkey and thought it was a routine operation. I made worst decision of my life for sure. Although, it really doesn't matter what clinic you graduate from. Do you think a good clinic can fix this bad job in the future?
  12. so can it even take a year for it to recover completely?
  13. Usually, how long does it take for shock loss to recover? I read one for three months, but one for half a year
  14. @SingaporeHairTransplant Congratulations, you have a great result and it is a special pleasure that the scarring is not visible. I am very happy for you, I wish you all the best!
  15. and even more interesting is that I seeit thickening more on one side than on the other
  16. Hi guys! I will reach the fourth month in five days. For now, I can see a slight improvement from the third month as well, as if my hair is thicker day by day and the crown is starting to get full as well. I hope my donor area recovers even better. When I comb it from the front, it already looks pretty good, but it’s downright still rare.
  17. Hello guys. Three months and a week have passed since the hair transplant. The process is progressing, but what worries me is that one side of my head is still very rare. Now I had my first haircut after surgery. and the Other side is perfectly fine. Do you think this is still a shock loss category or could it improve over time? Or is this already the overharvested category?
  18. Hello. I think I have a dandruff problem or it’s dermatitis, I don’t know. I am three months after the hair transplant. Can this affect the end result?
  19. I don t know. I hope it will be enough. immediately after the surgery there are unfortunately poor quality images, this was also taken after ten days
  20. My hair after 10 days the hair transplant. I hope i got the amount they said but i don't get it
  21. Hey guys, I am now in the sixth week after the hair implant, but the implanted hair has still not fallen out. This is normal? The clinic said they may not fall out. Has anyone experienced this before? This is normal?
  22. Thank you for your answers. I realized I'm not stressed if the result will be good, if not, I'll cut it short, but if it gets very scary, the smp will remain, which will give it a good look.
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