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  1. Hi @Kharmacoma thanks for the response! It was definitely a tough decision to start finasteride at 25 (now 26). But I couldn’t stand losing my hair at this point in my life so I decided to do it. I have tried to keep doses low and infrequent in order to allow for the drug to be successful but also mitigate risk of side effects. So far so good. Hopefully this continues. That is a great idea about having regular checks on hormone levels, that is something I will definitely pursue; maybe even sperm count tests would be helpful. I don’t plan on having kids for another 5-10 years, so will need to f
  2. Hi @Mat16 to be honest, I think it is working for me. Occasionally, I’ll do every other day (which is like 5x more pills a month than 3x a week; some weeks 3 doses and other weeks 4 doses) but depends how I’m feeling. It definitely was not an easy decision to take finasteride as there are horror stories. It hasn’t changed anything drastically, but I do feel like my hair is thicker and I have not seen any further recession which is all I was aiming to do with the medication. I am also using rogaine too, so maybe I can contribute the success to the use of both at the same time. Additionally, I d
  3. Thanks @PizzaWolf this is along the same lines as what I’ve been reading online. Seems like right approach is to stop long enough for the fin to exit your system entirely so that none can accidentally be passed to baby. Makes sense from that standpoint. Thanks for the response!
  4. Hi everyone, I am 26 and have been on Propecia for a year now. Luckily, no noticeable side effects. I am considering a hair transplant and know that I will likely have to remain on Propecia (or an alternative medication) for the future. Right now, I am taking 1mg 3x a week as instructed by Dr. Cooley in Charlotte, NC. How have people’s experience been with being on Propecia and having kids? Do you stop the medication while you are trying to have kids? Should I worry about infertility? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I am 26 years old and considering a hair transplant (FUT, recommended 2500 grafts by Dr Cooley in Charlotte, NC). I am receding in front hair line and also thinning slighty in crown area, althought the worst is definitely the front third of my head. I wear my hair relatively long so I am able to hide the receding temples pretty well at this point. But when my hair gets wet or is not fixed, it bothers me very much. I wear a hat most days as I am very self-conscious about my hairline appearance. I have been on Propecia (1mg 3x per week) for about 9 months and rogaine once
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