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  1. I'm looking for a forum for hollow eye treatment / dark eye circles (genetic )
  2. -Too young for a HT, you will continue losing hair. -You need to find a way to stabilize your hair loss, try going on 0.25mg of finasteride - you should not have any side effects.
  3. Techs do most of the work and it's also a case of a company getting too big for their own good (too many patients per day)
  4. I can see an improvement. I don't see anything wrong with your hair except the temples which is what I would go for if I was to fix it.
  5. If you like it then it's worth it.
  6. Never heard. Why not go for clinics that have before/after pics on this or other forums ?
  7. It's hard to say, but the extra DHT could have accelerated reseeding, it could also just be a coincidence that your MPB kicked in at your age as it happens at different ages for everyone. Only way to find out is to get off your cycle for a while and see if shedding stops or pay for a blood test to check your DHT levels.
  8. Difference is almost non-noticeable. I think most steroids are DHT based so if it really bothers you get on a small dose of finasteride (0.25mg). You should have a ton of test in your system at your age so there is no need for steroids. I'm sure you did your homework on steroids, but in case you didn't they will bring out other disorders that were in your family ie heart, kidney, liver so you can potentially be dealing with a lot more serious conditions than hair loss later on.
  9. I have the exact same balding pattern, exact same reconstructed hairline with almost similar amounts of grafts. Join our watsapp group, we have cookies.
  10. I just had my FUE 8 days ago. I had an anxiety attack when I was getting anesthetics injected. I normally faint from basic blood work needles. Told the nurses to stop for a moment, they took my blood pressure, elevated my legs, 5 minutes later I was feeling normal again and right after xanax kicked in, slept for 5 hours.