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  1. I am curious about mega sessions (4-4,500 grafts) as it would be much more convenient then 2 procedures 6 months aprt
  2. I had a consultation with Dr.Bloxham before the pandemic started. He recommended 2 FUT procedures for me for a full head 6 months apart. I am a but iffy about FUT due to the scar. He recommended this because it would get maximal amounts of grafts. Sometimes I read about these 4,900+ graft sessions and wonder why I cant bang it out in one session as well so I dont have to get a 2nd procedure half a year later As for Dr.Wesley his before and after photos dont seem to impressive to me. For Northeast I have been impressed with Bloxham’s work although its mostly FUT and the thought of a scar kind of upsets me as I enjoy sides and back (skin fase) As for Turkey only HCL Ankara impressed me. I notice alot of after photos never show the back and crown area. Last summwr a buddy for 4,500 grafts in Turkey with Cinik and while the front looks great, if I did not know him I would think he's balding in the back
  3. Since I live in NYC I decided to do the surgery here in the tri state area. I am going to be 34 in October and finally over the last 2-3 months its getting worse and worse up top to the point where even combing it over to the side isnt helping alot. Since there's only so much donor hair available to me I decided to not risk Turkey as I dont know what I will get and dont want to risk not having donor area If I am unhappy with the result. I had Neograft in 2013 for my hairline which was starting to widow's peak and used about 1,300 grafts to make it straight. Now I will likely need about 4,500 grafts. Does anyone in the tri-state area do mega sessions? I would rather get it over with in one shot instead of 2 surgeries. Here are 2 photos, one from a few months ago and one now.
  4. What questions should we ask at a consultation? Also is every surgeon able to do a test (forgot the name) to determine the quality of a donor area?
  5. @Mike V Howcome you chose FUT over FUE? Did you have to buzzcut your whole head for the procedure?
  6. Not the surgery itself but the process, healing and recovery? Do you have to buzz the whole head? This would worry me with FUT because the scar would be visible until hair grows out in the back
  7. Howcome with FUE the patients gets his head in a buzzcut yet with FUT they dont buzzoff the whole head?
  8. Had a nice consultation with Dr.Bloxham a few days ago. Seems like I will be needing 2 FUT’s for good density on top and crown area and a little behind the hairline. I had a FUE 1,200 grafts in 2013 when my hairline was widow’s peaking. Dr.Bloxham seemed very nice and knowledgeable. Just sucks NY doctors have prices that are soo high that its tempting to go to Turkey. I also always felt/thought like FUT was an old method and that nowadays FUE was the go to option to restore a full head of hair so it felt a bit weird to hear from him that I would need ideally FUT. Something about a large scar across my head just doesn't sit right but Im slowly warming up to it as bald head is something I will never warm up to.
  9. Bernstein? Feller and Bloxham? Wesley? Norwood 6 who previously had 1,200 fue neograft on hairline years ago looking for top and crown coverage for full head of hair. Since NY will be expensive no matter the doc who are the best in NY and why?
  10. I was watching UFC last night and Joe Rogan who had a transplant before you can see the huge scar across the back of his head. It even had a light purplish tint. This made me wonder why anyone would choose FUT over FUE? Or is FUT the only option if you need alot of coverage?