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  1. No he just got it apparently. Yeah I have a good shaped head and facial features. Would another approach be to stop using all hairloss treatments in an effort to accelerate the shedding to get a HT faster ? btw I really appreciate everyone’s advice. Y’all might have just saved me.
  2. Does this man not have an advanced hairloss attern? What are the risks of him getting one rn as it looks like he got a lot implanted from front to back.
  3. To update y’all. I contacted demirosy, and he said he does not advise me to get a HT because I’m too young. He also wanted to see my hair grow out as he said it’s too short. It is fair to say that I will not be getting a HT this year. i bought minox again and will try for 6 months 1 time per day. I will also try dermarolling. also. I came across this post of a guy who got dhi 5k grafts and he is my age 25! I understand that getting one at early age may lead to bad outcomes dude to more hair loss but he seems to have gotten implanted hair everywhere on this front to crown in between his original hairs. Is this method not viable, he got a dhi?????!! @Melvin-Moderator @Egy @CosmoKramer pic is before and 5 days post op.
  4. How do i know its time for a hair transplant then? do i wait until i lose it all?
  5. I really appreciate this and will think hard about it. the airline thing I can just use it as a vacation. I wanted to upload the most recent photos here. I also contacted demirosy just to see what they say. I will kee you guys informed! I really appreciate your comments guys!
  6. Watched all those videos along with your journey. I have been doing research the past 6 months. I have watched two separate YouTube vlogs on this clinic. f*** I respect your opinion man. However my mind is set on a HT this spring. How about I compromise with you and change clinics? I’ll inc my budget to 3-4k. Do you recommend any certain clinics in Istanbul in the range ? Or you’re still not recommending I get a Ht. No refund on the plane tickets.
  7. The thing is Melvin, I have seen a lot of amazing results from people younger than me on here. I agree with you in a perfect world that I’d wait until the age of 40! But it’s affecting my confidence. I have made peace with the worst outcome and I’d be willing to buzz all my hair and get an smp if all turns out bad. also, although the clinic is a Noname, I have been following them on Instagram and I have seen some great results. clinic: cosmeticium dr. Caglar , dhi procedure.
  8. I kinda already booked my flight for end of March/April. i have read countless posts and I respect your opinion a lot and this is why I’m getting antsy. i wish I posted here before booking. i feel like I’m willing to try the meds after the hair transplant. I understand I will continue to lose and I am more than willing to go again, my financial situation will change after I graduate med school. ill be 26 by the time of the surgery and I won’t really have time go for a ht for the next 3 years. what should I do?!?!? i attached more photos with longer hair. I’m pretty sure I was on minox daily when these were taken. This is about a year ago.
  9. Yeah, and it’s impossible to tel with that angle if it’s flat. -dr caglar the fact they showed me this is the reason I’m choosing them. The most important restoration is the crown for me and some clinics said medical management.
  10. Hello everyone, 25 years old not on any meds. I have tried minox and it was okay but I hated the flakes and couldn’t tolerate the itching. I also went on fin for 4 months and stopped because i didn’t like the sides. I’m in graduate school and will have time to get a HT this spring. I have talked to several cheap hair “mills” and decided on this one which isn’t well known around this forum, it’s also what I could afford. anyway I wanted to know 1) is this reasonable ? I care much more about my crown than hairline. 2) I don’t plan on getting on fin and I am willing to get another HT in 3 years or so. would I need one sooner? I do understand that these mills aren’t the best quality. Honestly, money is tight rn and my confidence is rock bottom. I keep telling myself if anything goes wrong I’ll just buzz my hair which I have done in the past and it’s not a bad look.