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  1. Its been a whirlwind tour of clinics from Turkey to Iran and now I am back in India. (Mark my words, as far as low cost hair transplants go, IRAN is on the threshold of overtaking Turkey in low cost procedures!) I think I have built up a great hair transplant vocabulary and working knowledge about the procedure and what to expect. As far as safety, reputation and experience with Caucasian hair goes, I feel I would be best off going to Darling Buds Clinic in India itself. Thank you friends for the valuable information. this forum is a splendid Pandora's Box of information for hair restoration. I look forward to contributing myself in the weeks ahead. Wish me good luck please. I will be posting pictures soon.
  2. Good to know. I am having a tough time with suggestions on this forum. have made a final list of 3 doctors whom I am going to consult with in the coming weekend and the week that follows. Just get 30 days' vacation a year. This year it will be entirely dedicated to the hair restoration.
  3. Of all the people currently active on the forum, I find your comments balanced and to the point. The support and the positivity you exude is commendable. I thank you for it. A patient recovering from a procedure needs just that. Thanks for what you do.
  4. I would not like a strip scar too. I am in conversation with ASMED. They do quote large numbers. But nice results being showcased by the clinic. This weekend is the last I have given myself for the research. Will decide between India and Turkey. Saturday will be a busy day flying for consultations. Bhatti/ Poswal are on my Indian list due to their largest repertoire of Caucasians in Asia.
  5. Everyone today has a friend, a colleague or 2, or a family member who has gotten a procedure. Moreover results are so widely shared and some are pleasing. Everyone today knows a hair transplant is a possibility. The only imponderables are- 1. Where to go? 2. How much to pay? 3. Will my procedure be successful? I am on the edge for the past 2 days trying hard choosing a surgeon. This thread itself is so confusing. Don't know who is real and who is pushing a clinic! There are guys who spend the whole day on the forum just to be critical. Its crazy.
  6. Could be a difficult harvest. The little knowledge that I have - this may be overharvesting. Who did your harvesting? The doctor ?
  7. A very neat result. Thanks for being so open in sharing with us. Do you have as series of pictures through all your 4 procedures. Or is it 3.
  8. Posts like these have kept me from a procedure for so many years now. It can get scary in this field. Sorry you had to go through all this.
  9. A picture with hair combed back would have been helpful in appreciating the result better. How much does the doctor charge?
  10. Nice result. Does this doctor visit Delhi? I would like to consult with him. Do you think he has a state of the art facility and does safe procedures? I have just sent him my pictures.
  11. Hey guys! I am posted in Delhi with a Foreign Embassy. I am a 32 year unmarried white guy who has been been for the past 2 weeks been looking for a good Indian surgeon who can do my hair transplant using FUT and/or FUE technique. Have been to a couple of doctors in Delhi and Bangalore but I am not sure if they have enough experience with Caucasian hair. I think Caucasian hair is thinner than Indian hair and needs great expertise and much different care. Yes I could go to Europe for a procedure but given my low salary in a governmental position, I would like to save my Euros. The din & hardsell of hair transplant marketing in India makes me anxious and fearful. I haven't been witness to anything like this before. I have been quoted costs that vary from Euros 350 to as high as Euros 8,000 for my requirement. However, given a good surgeon, I am ready to part with no more than Euros 5000 including taxes and all miscellaneous operative expenses. Any recommendations please?