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  1. I'm following all the post transplant instructions except the finasteride. I really don't want to take that. Will that have a major impact on my result?
  2. Hey a couple of questions: 1) Does using Toppik have any affect on the result of the transplant? 2) Do you have any idea about what percentage of people do not shed after the transplant? and is the output better if you shed? Thanks.
  3. Hey, I had PRP done just before my HT (which was 8 days ago). Is that the only time PRP needs to be done, or does it need to be done at regular intervals to speed up the results. thanks!
  4. This is the only recipient area. What makes you think the grafts are less than 3000? Got me worried now. The actual count was 3040.
  5. Thanks, I had told Dr. Sethi that I want my result to be like Ashish Mehta.
  6. Hi All, Got 3000 grafts done by Dr. Sethi on 4/9/19. Here are some pics immediately after the surgery. Will post more in the next few months.