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  1. Don't want the potential side effects of Finesteride and too lazy to apply minoxidil. The PRP was a once a month (painful) thing. I really hope it has some effect cause it hurt quite a bit.
  2. I did do around 4 PRP sessions with them as well, one of which was before the HT. The doctor at Eugenix did tell me that their isn't enough data yet to show that PRP works.
  3. Hi I was asked, repeatedly, to take finasteride, but chose not to. I started with minoxidil, but it was too cumbersome so I stopped. The vitamins came in a box called 'Hair Fact', with different vitamins to be taken on different days of the week. I did take these for around 4 months. But to clarify they do ask that you take finasteride and minoxidil.
  4. Hey no finesteride for me, before or after. No minoxidil either. Just took the vitamins that were recommended for around 4 months. Stopped those now as well, though I may restart them.
  5. Hey, i had forgotten about this post so didn’t update. I have gotten great results. Around 5 months now but I hit this mark around the 4 month mark.
  6. I had one on the day of the HT and have had 2 post (at around 1.5 month intervals). I really hope they add some value cause they're pretty painful.
  7. By 2.5 months you should be able to mask it with Toppik. Try that out if you haven't already.
  8. Hey Paddy, its going well. Really seems to be coming along now. Absolutely no numbness at all.
  9. Donor area is totally fine. I haven't had a haircut or trim for 2 months so it looks totally normal right now.
  10. Hi Paddy @paddyirishman Looks like the Shedding is done. No numbness in the donor area. Very slight numbness in the recipient area if I press down on it. 2 month pic below.
  11. Hey Paddy, Bang in the middle of the dreaded shedding phase. It’s been around 40 days since my HT. Hoping that the next 2 months fly by so I can get this over with. Current pic below.
  12. I did my FUE HT on Sept 4. Would it be ok if I went for a swim on Sept 27 ? Also is there any difference between swimming in the sea as opposed to swimming in a pool. Thanks.
  13. I'm following all the post transplant instructions except the finasteride. I really don't want to take that. Will that have a major impact on my result?
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