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  1. Thank you for the information. Did you take PRP sessions? Dr Bhatti does not advise PRP I was told.
  2. Thanks. have been on Propecia off and on since I was 23. And ofcourse it will not act along the hairline which is slick bald.
  3. Thanks Latief. I have an appointment with your Clinic in Chandigarh this Saturday in the forenoon.
  4. So finally I went to some reputed clinics in India and fromothers I enquired on whatsapp. In short this was the advice- Dr Poswal Clinic in Delhi advised 3500 grafts of which 500 are to be taken from the body. Dr at AK Clinics (not the actual doctor but a junior) Delhi advised 4000 grafts and also the crown will be covered. Dezire Clinic, Delhi quoted 3500 Eugenix (I met a junior doctor only) Gurgaon quoted 3000 I will over the weekend travel to Chandigarh to show in person. He quoted 2200 scalp grafts on whatsapp. What do you think?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Let me see his case results. Is he recommended here on this forum? Can I see crown results? Can he show long term results? Has he worked on Indian hair before and has results to show?
  6. Good to see you so happy. Good hair transplants can do amazing things to you. Were you on Propecia (Finasteride) ? If so, how long?
  7. Its been a long time for me reading the engaging contents of this forum since I was 22 years old and saw the first signs of baldness emerging. I am now 27 and happy to start my hair restoration journey. I have visited the following surgeons- 1. Dr Pathamvonich 2. Dr Tarzinder Bhatti 3. Dr Hakan Dogonay I would like to go to experienced surgeons only and not new ones that keep cropping up every now and then, are feted for their 'new techniques' for 1-2 years and then they fade away sooner than they appeared. The above are time tested doctors and i am considering all 3 presently. Any thoughts and advice. Cost is not a problem for me luckily.I am in India. My pictures are attached.