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    Dr Hari Kumar
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  1. 7589 grafts is alot in one session...Could you let us know how much did it cost for you?
  2. Hi ash809, How are you doing? I think you have got your HT done with Dr Tejinder Bhatti . I need few information regarding the same. I have already got one HT which was a complete flop and now I don't have a Donor area and I am completely depress, I am not able to give interviews , meet people etc etc How was your experience with Tejinder Bhatti and how many grafts which did you FUT or FUE done with him and may I know the charge . Please let me know. it would be a great help to me

  3. All, Here's 2 months update. 30% of the grafts haven't fallen off and they seem to be growing along with my natural hair. Good news is i can sense new baby hair coming out, I know its too early to say anything. But am very exited and very anxious about next few months. Please do let me know what you think of my progress(if any) so far. Cheers and Regards.
  4. @home1212 Dr.Rahal is a very good doc. I am sure you'll have good results. I spoke to my doc and he told me to continue using J&J. I am confused know as i heard alot about Regenepure DR being very effective for people who are suffering from hair loss, but on the other hand i don't want to do anything without my doc's consent Guys please help me out here?
  5. @home1212 Thanks Bud. Where did you get your surgery done? So 1 month post op , we can use normal shampoo? I am still using the clinic recommended J&J baby shampoo.
  6. Guys, Here's my 1 month post op pics. All the scabs have come out and i guess about 70 - 80% of the grafts have shed. But there's still some stubborn grafts which are quite well rooted. I am not sure if its a cause of concern. I have resumed taking Finasteride and Minoxidil2% from past 10 days or so. And also,, the donor area also seems to be healing quite well though the beard hair isn't growing yet as i would have imagined. Any suggestions/comments are welcomed.
  7. @london81 Thanks for your reply. Yes mine was FUE.
  8. Folks/Experts, Its been 3 weeks since my HT. I just wanted to know, how long more should i wait before i can go out with my friends and booze(missing out on partying hard:cool:) ). Also, How long more before i can hit the gym and put on some muscle? All comments/opinions/advices are welcomed:D
  9. Day 18 Post Op Its been crazy busy since i started going back to work from Day 15. I haven't had time to take snaps. Finally able to find some time. So here's my update Day 18 post op. All scabs have come off and scalp looks clean. I am massaging my scalp daily in the morning with clinic recommended J&J baby oil, have resumed taking finasteride and minoxidil 2% starting today. Next update at 1 month mark. All comments/suggestions are welcomed. PS : Picture quality might be bad as i took em from my phone. Next time will try with my camera.
  10. He's pretty good and i recently had my HT with him. He might not be the best surgeon , but his results have been quite impressive in the recent past and that's why i chose him. I am still in early stages of my HT , So can't be commenting alot. Hope this helps!!
  11. Looks good mate...But what made you go ahead with that surgeon??? Did you know of anyone who went to him and had good result?? Also, why do i get the feeling that the number of grafts mentioned the grafts placed up top don't match up??? Are you sure its 4200 grafts that he implanted?? The grafts seem sparsely placed??Is there a reason for that?? Anyways..Good luck and happy growing!!!
  12. All, I know its a beaten to death topic/question but as am having my post OP freak outs, I just wanted to know from experts. What's the usual time for the crusts to come off? I am 8days post op and i still see most of the crusts being very stubborn and not coming off. I am being very careful not touching them at this moment, But i wanted to know usually how long before all or most of the crusts come off? Thanks & Cheers, Ashwin.
  13. Progress looks pretty good for 5 months mate. Your crown seems to be filled pretty well and am sure its gonna get better in coming months. Good luck!!!
  14. Folks, I am a week into my HT and am feeling a little pain in my donor area. The HT performed was FUE , but i had a earlier HT which was FUT. Now i feel as if back of my head is a little tied down and also feeling a little headache coz of that. Is it normal to experience such pain and discomfort in the initial stages post HT? I am applying the clinic recommended aleo vera lotion to my donor area. If there's any other med that i can use to ease the level of discomfort please do advise. Cheers.
  15. @hairisimportant As BUSA had said, BHT actually wont leave any scar or spots. You can look at my Day 4 pics and clearly make out that there's not much that is visible considering 533 grafts were harvested from there. And also, the regarding the pain, only anesthesia was a little uncomfortable as i put it my surgery write up. Rest is all manageable.