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  1. Can someone please help me with this question ? why HLC clinic is so recommended, but there is almost no topics here with their made Hair transplant? Anyone?
  2. Thank you guys for your advice. I was searching quite a lot on this forum, but why there is almost no cases done by HLC clinic on this forum,? only just recommendations that it is good clinic?
  3. Hello all, I am planning to have a hair transplant in a few months. And want to ask for your help to pick the right clinic. So far I reached 5 of them, and this is what they suggested for my case: - ASMED Dr. K.Erdogan 2200-2600 grafts - Armamed Dr. Demirsoy 2500-3200 grafts - HLC 2300-2500 grafts - Dr. Kaan Pekiner 2500 grafts - Dermaplast, Dr Kesser 2000-2250 grafts What is your opinion about these Dr/Clinics? Which you would recommend the most ?