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  1. can someone show me a bad result from Dr.Keser? I don't understand why he is so criticized, if all his cases on this forum is top noch!
  2. So 2 cases, without final results and he is better than Keser, HLC? I would need to see more work from him to be so sure as you.
  3. but why you always recommend Ferreira? without real cases on forum?
  4. hey, you always recommend Dr. Bruno Ferreira as one of the best surgeon, but why there is almost no his real cases here on this forum? Meanwhile HLC, Keser or Pekiner had a lot of them. Also I never saw a bad result from Keser, so why he is not a safe choice?
  5. why dr. Keser is not mentioned here almost never? For N2-3 cases I would say he is the best option.
  6. @Mr S thank you for sharing your HT story and congrats on your results! Can I ask you if you are still on finasteride - 1mg on MON/WED/FRI ? Do you niticed any side affects after few months of using it ? Have you considered topical finasteride after you had sides first time?
  7. Thank you! Yes I am. This forum helped me a lot to narrow down number to two top clinics in Europe, now I am trying to choose from - HLC or Dr. Keser. Unfortunately there is only few cases from these clinics here.
  8. Does it have any possible side effects ?
  9. so many people recommending HLC clinic, but why, in this forum there is no Topics with people experience after the hair transplant at this clinic?
  10. Can someone please help me with this question ? why HLC clinic is so recommended, but there is almost no topics here with their made Hair transplant? Anyone?
  11. Thank you guys for your advice. I was searching quite a lot on this forum, but why there is almost no cases done by HLC clinic on this forum,? only just recommendations that it is good clinic?
  12. Hello all, I am planning to have a hair transplant in a few months. And want to ask for your help to pick the right clinic. So far I reached 5 of them, and this is what they suggested for my case: - ASMED Dr. K.Erdogan 2200-2600 grafts - Armamed Dr. Demirsoy 2500-3200 grafts - HLC 2300-2500 grafts - Dr. Kaan Pekiner 2500 grafts - Dermaplast, Dr Kesser 2000-2250 grafts What is your opinion about these Dr/Clinics? Which you would recommend the most ?
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