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  1. Month 8 So far so good very happy with the result! I am feeling much better about myself. I have even been getting a lot more attention from women when I go out! I’m not sure if this is from the hair or just the confidence boost, probably a combination of the two. Anyway here are my photos with no product in hair 1 is standing directly under bright light.
  2. My head itched like crazy and i was getting dandruff after mine. I asked my doc if i could use head and shoulders after one month he said it was fine.
  3. If I could have kept it a secret I probably would but it not very easy to hide! It did give me some nerves and anxiety but once I just came out with it I realised nobody really cares. There seems to be a lot less stigma with it these days partly due to social media personalities and some celebrity’s openly getting them.
  4. It all comes down to punch size and skin/hair contrast. I have light brown/dark blonde hair and fair skin. I had a skin fade a few days ago and tbh the scars are hardly noticeable to a untrained eye. This is my donor now probably grown out to 0.5 grade.
  5. Looks great! very impressive how good it looks cut so short super dense!
  6. Around a week away from 6 months just thought I’d update as I recently got a haircut - thought I’d try somting new so got it short on top and a skin fade as I wanted see my donor scars. I personally think they don’t look so bad your average person wouldn’t even notice them.
  7. Can sombody please remind me why this clinic is still recommended on here ?
  8. I’ve just checked your thread out dude unlucky. On the positive your hair loss wasn't too aggressive so all is not lost im sure you can find a ethical doc to give you a touch up of 1000 grafts to sort you out👍🏼
  9. Looks like early signs of thinning. Look into finasteride & minoxidil.
  10. Scout this forum & various others for a few months and make your decision based on the most recent consistant PAITENT reviews. Don't let cost dictate your decision too much obvisouly everyone has diffrent budgets but money comes and goes wasted grafts due to poor results are gone forever. I have seen lots of bad results from ASMED recently. I personally wouldn't go near such a heavy tech influenced clinic.
  11. My personal experience - i took it for around 8-9 months no sides really other than maybe after 7 months i noticed frequent urination & less semen when ejaculating (apprently theres some corrilation with this as it effects your prostate) got a HT the its seems as if the sides came literally after that. inconsistant erections, maybe 70%, some were still good but it was hit and miss ( i was really researching it at this point panicing alittle that i had had a HT and couldnt take it) still had a high libido so maybe it was in my head. i stopped taking it anyway and all returned to normal although i have noticed climaxes are ALOT better without taking it. Will give my body the summer off it and clear my head and will try again 👍🏼
  12. May i ask why the branded propecia over the cheaper generic ? I took it for a few months and thought it worked better for me than the generic aswell. But everyone seems to be adamant that they are exactly the same.
  13. The more you read into it the more likely you will gets side effects imo. Your mind is the most powerful drug there is and you can easily create sides in your head if you suffer from anxiety. Take it with a positive outlook it wouldn’t be an approved drug if it was all true. Sure the sides are real but i belive that they are mainly from people worrying about the sides rather than the drug itself.