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  1. Looking good ! your native hair looks thick should be a great result. I recently had a 1700 grafts with keser just the waiting game now!
  2. Hey Guys, I recently had my first procedure, and thought I’d share my experience. as when I was researching profoundly for months before pulling the trigger reviews on forums played a huge part on my decision on what clinic to use. About Me 25 years old, was born with a high hairline but slowly receding since around 21.Have been taking Finasteride 1mg for over 8 months with no sides.I know I’m still fairly young, and it is likely I will need future procedures. But if I can gain some confidence back and have hair for another 10-15 years I’ll be happy.Why Dr Keser1. He does the entire procedure himself with no use of techs.- This played a huge part as I didn’t like the idea of gambling on the technician’s experience. It also reassured me I should get a good result.2. Surgery is not rushed. My procedure 1700 grafts were spread over 3 days – 600 grafts / 600 grafts / 500 grafts.3. From the reviews I have seen he can produce very natural dense hairlines, with a very conservative graft count – which is also very important to me due to my age.He may be priced a lot higher than most clinics in turkey but doesn’t need huge amounts of grafts so costs are similar to other top clinics with a lower graft price.I found my experience very pleasant and professional during my time at the clinic & would strongly recommend anybody considering Keser.Travel & StayBeing from the UK I was unaware there are no direct flights to Ankara which is a bit of a pain. So, I flew to Istanbul then changed and flew to Ankara which is only a short 1-hour flight from Istanbul. When I arrived in Ankara, I was collected in a Luxury taxi arranged by the clinic to drop me at my hotel.I travelled alone, which I would strongly advise against. Especially for your first procedure as it can be a quite a nerving experience.The whole travelling and staying alone in a foreign country I found the difficult part as the surgery was fairly easy.I found it difficult in Ankara ordering food etc as nobody really speaks any English I just kind of had to just hope I could understand the menu or it had pictures so I could point at what I wanted.Before & After Photos – I will update monthly with pictures 1 day post op 8 Days post Op - No scabs