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  1. To be fair i used a generic from boots (the largest uk pharmacy) for the first month no issues. Then orderd 3 months more from the same pharmacy. They messed my order up and gave me the branded propecia by mistake wish i was pretty cuffed with as i only paid for generic. Took that or the 3 months was fine (actually had sombody say my hair was looking thicker and they had no idea i was taking it) then i found out i could get generic online(actavis brand) for a fraction of the cost of the boots generic... took that again for another 3-4 months noticed more shedding although this may have been in my head because i was never one to count hair fall until this point. As i still felt no sides and thought i was losing ground started adding some dutasteride twice a week felt some ache and and stopped after just 2 tablets of dutasteride. Carried on with the generic (actavis brand) sides started to creep up... the may all be in my head but it does seem strange none the less
  2. I voted no. But i had high hopes for the cloning follicles thing. I mean they managed to clone a whole bloody sheep in the 90s. Why cant they manage just some hair follicles 20+ years later!
  3. I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Demirsoy results of late. Would be my choice for sure within that price bracket.
  4. Has anybody got any sucess stories on this subject ? Also, has anybody gots sides from Finasteride but no sides with Dutasteride or vice versa. If so please share your experiences below.
  5. I went to Dr Keser . I believe Kaan worked with Keser at some point.
  6. I belive his clinic is in Ankara right? I travelled to another Clinic in Ankara in January. I was pretty nervous aswell. I found the travelling bit hard as i travelled alone so i would definitely reccomend travelling with sombody if you can. If you can't I'd take some valium or xanax to ease the nerves ( somthing i wish i did😂) Also, i found it tricky staying in Ankara is nobody speaks any english as its not tourist part of Turkey. I flew from the UK and there are no direct flights so had to change at Istanbul. I diden't leave myself enough time to transfer (2 hours) the international terminal and the domestic termials are quite far away with plenty of quees and secruity so i reccomend having at least 3 hours to transfer as i was sprinting to through the airport like a twat worrying i was going to miss the plane. You have choosen a good Dr that performs the procedure himself so i wouldn't worry 👌 Make sure you update us on here your expericane afterwards👍
  7. Has the Dr at least offered a refund? I would seek legal advise & see a few well known ethical doctors, theres some great surgeons out there. I'm sure somebody will be able to sort you out.
  8. Im also curious about this. Some docs seem to just transplant to the bald areas on say a nw3 and some will transplant the into whole frontal third.
  9. Looks great! Your hair seems to be holding up very well👍 How old are you and are you taking any medication ? finasteride, minox?
  10. Looks like you’ve continued to lose more hair. Are you taking any meds to reduce further loss?
  11. It's held up pretty good considering you were headed to a high norwood pre surgery. Finasteride has served you well for sure. Ever though of another procedure to add some extra density?
  12. I didn't exactly stop taking it out of choice... I will let things settle for a good few months see if everything goes back to normal and try to resume some kind of dosage to see how i get on. Thanks 👍🏼 Thanks man. Yes it was all done manually and the Dr performed the entire procedure from start to finish.
  13. Mystery solved. I have a new sofa made from a black velet material just rubbed my hands on it to confirm🙈😂
  14. Nice👍🏼 Will you be posting your progress here?
  15. Heres my donor area Also here are some close up hi def photos of my donor pre surgery. I forgot i had them until the other day thought they pretty cool.