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  1. Who are you booked in with? I found being booked in with a doctor with steady consistant results very much put my mind at ease. Its always a worry to loose more hair after. Which is quite often why most paitents will usually end up getting more transplants down the line, you have to be prepared for this. The good news is that you are on fin so you stand a best chance slowing this process down the best you can. Any reputable clinic should return your deposit if upon arrival they find somthing that wont let them go ahead. You should discuss this with the clinic prior though if you are worried. With all that said if you are indeed content with how you look maybe a hair transplant is not for you.
  2. Bit of a infomation overload... So theres no problem with your transplant? you are just shedding native hair? The only things worth speaking about are finasteride & minoxidil - all the rest vitamins etc will not help you retain any hair. Try starting with finasteride 1mg 3 times per week (mon/wed/fri) see how you tolerate it for 6 months if shedding stops happy days, if it still continues try increasing the dosage. Im quite shocked you didn't already know this having undergone a transplant. who was the surgeon?
  3. Hairs that have been affected by DHT - and have become weak and shrunk in size.
  4. The clinic in question isn’t KSL by any chance... the weird hairline design looks suspect. Check out the below and steer well clear if it is. https://m.facebook.com/pg/KSLHAIRTHETRUTH/photos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  5. Manchester City’s David Silva buzzed it for about a year before letting it grow out. If you can get away with the buzz cut look I don’t see why not. It helps if your a tanned Spaniard like Mr Silva.
  6. Yeah I’m still taking the fin all good so far. I did look into topical finasteride but it’s not Available in the U.K. I think there are ways of getting it but it’s stupidly priced.
  7. I ended up having lots of injections as the anaesthetic kept wearing off, And both my eyes swole completely shut. It was pretty horrible to wake up In the morning pretty much blind. But wore off over a couple of days. It looked brutal.
  8. Keen to see your before and after pics with Keser - I’ve struggled to find many unsatisfactory results from him? Care to share?
  9. Noticed many online pharmacies have no stock of branded Propecia. And a few don’t are out of stock of generic. Wonder if this is down to the whole COVID-19 crisis atm?
  10. It only looks thinner one side because you have brushed it over making the other side look thicker. Far too early to judge at this stage
  11. What clinic on harley street did the 2nd op?
  12. All the best for the new procedure. Just seems insane they have now used 4300 grafts on a NW3🙃 imo 2k-2.5k should have been enough in your case.
  13. Yes!! This is one of the videos i saw that inspired me to try it out! These guys seems very informative about the subject. I would reccomend anyone to give it a watch if they are feeling doubious about the drug.