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  1. Mr S

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    FUE as i like to wear my hair short, less down time, and also my chosen doc only performs FUE.
  2. I personally went with Keser as his results seem consistant and he seems to get good results without needing so many grafts. It also puts my mind at ease knowing a top surgeon did the whole procedure not a group of techs who's background you don't know!
  3. Far to early to comment. Why would i regret it? bit of a weird question at this stage mate.
  4. I spoke with his correspondent Ozgur
  5. Mini update - just over 2 months now donor area trimmed to grade 1 will see how 0.5 and 0 looks in a few months
  6. you also wrote this on another forum but looks like you’ve gone back and edited some of your posts tbf.
  7. You obviously did no reaseach prior to getting a transplant. So quick to trash a Dr's repuation when you're not even half way through to regrowth process of the proceedure.
  8. Thanks. The consultation and hairline design was around 45mins maybe slightly longer i can't remember exactly but Dr Keser took his time and was very paitent as i changed the hairline twice before i was 100% happy as i only wanted a very conservative hairline due to my age.
  9. Just over two months update - could really do with getting the sides cut but hey ho things seem to be progressing as expected👍🏼
  10. Looks great! Erogans temple work really does wonders framing the face.
  11. 4k grafts does seem excessive. Should be a great result with that many grafts though.
  12. Looks great man👍🏼 I bet your pleased. Demirsoys results are probably some of the best value for money I’ve seen.
  13. Yo, I was considering a transplant but was instructed to try finasteride for 6 months to see how i responded before going ahead to to my age (25) Six months had past i had no negative sides other than reduced semen ejaculate but i hear thats pretty common still had high sex drive etc. Now 9 months on, i recently went ahead with the transplant and I'm noticing morning wood seems very rare. i still have no problem getting it up but sometimes the erection may be weaker than normal. What should i do ? I can be abit of an over thinker and it has me feeling kinda shitty because i went ahead with the transplant now im experiencing this. **EDIT** I also seem to be waking up a few times during the night to pee could this be linked? this was never a issue for me in the past.
  14. 1 month update - can start using regular shampoos now anybody got any reccomendations?
  15. I was quoted 1500-2000 grafts, so i exchanged enough for 2000 grafts prior to travelling. As i think it may have been difficult to exhange money in turkey and know your getting a good rate. I wasn't keen on the idea of carrying that amount of cash everyday, so i gave it to Dr Keser on the first day for safe keeping. He only used 1700 grafts so refunded me the excess.