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  1. Keen to see your before and after pics with Keser - I’ve struggled to find many unsatisfactory results from him? Care to share?
  2. Noticed many online pharmacies have no stock of branded Propecia. And a few don’t are out of stock of generic. Wonder if this is down to the whole COVID-19 crisis atm?
  3. It only looks thinner one side because you have brushed it over making the other side look thicker. Far too early to judge at this stage
  4. What clinic on harley street did the 2nd op?
  5. All the best for the new procedure. Just seems insane they have now used 4300 grafts on a NW3🙃 imo 2k-2.5k should have been enough in your case.
  6. Yes!! This is one of the videos i saw that inspired me to try it out! These guys seems very informative about the subject. I would reccomend anyone to give it a watch if they are feeling doubious about the drug.
  7. Go with your gut. But I’d say Hassan & Wong are the probably one of not the best clinic in the world in my opinion.
  8. Your hair was in pretty good shape before. But I can see why it would bother you. You choose a good doc for a nice small refined procedure should be an ace result👌🏼
  9. I think that came down to a some anxiety after I had the HT worried and over thought things. Everything went back to normal yes. I gave it a break for a while, and then started doing 0.5mg everyday ,for about 6 months. Gradually I noticed I wouldn’t get morning wood anymore. Not that that was a big issue as I could still get it up no problem. But I did also notice semen was quite drastically reduced. Still could perform so it didn’t bother me too much but not ideal. But also got kind of fed up of cutting up pills. So for the past two weeks I’ve been taking 1mg on MON/WED/FRI already noticed morning wood is back as semen is back! Also i would say climaxes feel through the roof in comparison. Maybe this is the perfect dosage? fingers crossed 🤞🏻 Hopefully I can still maintain on this.
  10. Just want to thank everyone for their support. It’s definitely amazing the transformation a hair transplant can do these days. I shan’t be updating anymore unless perhaps I adopt a new hair style. I wish everyone the best in their Journeys & hope this thread has helped anyone researching surgeons. I will still be active so if you have any questions just drop me a message.
  11. If your on a budget without a doubt Dr.D is best from what I’ve seen currently from patients results on here. I had my head done with Dr Keser last year and couldn’t be happier with my result. Graft survival was second to none which = less grafts are needed. I think this is down to how he only implants up 600 grafts per day and the stick and place method. Pekiner & HLC also look very good I wouldn’t let anyone else in turkey near but those 3.
  12. looks like a diffuse nw6 pattern. stick with the meds and see how you improve - have seen some dissfused thinners make good progress on meds alone.
  13. Thanks brother. Yes he most certainly is! Every graft counts and it shows! I’d bet his graft survival rate is one of the best. Thanks I’m thrilled so far nobody can tell what so ever. When I tell anyone they are shocked! I’m back on fin again. so hopefully I can hold on to my native hair as I’d love to go back in the future to get my temple points done.