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  1. I will consider this clinic even though it is expensive. Eugenix will be my first choice for now in term of prices and doctor involvement.
  2. Nice results congrats, i saw your posts i agree a lot of “doctors” in turkey are frauds . how much did this HT cost ?
  3. I saw nice results for this doctor but it is too expensive for me.
  4. I know Eugenix is good, what i am worried about is that the good results they are showing are carried out by Dr Airka And Dr Sethi which is expensive package compared to the other package where they design the hairline and the rest of the surgery will be performed by other doctors.
  5. I saw there results i am amazed 🤦🏻‍♂️ I think i will go with Eugenix. They are expensive if i want Dr Arika and Dr sethi to be involved the price will be around 4000 euro.
  6. i am 24 years old, NW2 grade mostly my baldness is in frontal area I contacted two clinics In turkey Dr Serkan Clinic they told me i need 2800 Grafts and DHI method the price is 2200 euro. The surgery is done by technicians. the second Clinic In India which many recommended is Euginx they told me i need 2000-2200 grafts the design of hairline is done by Dr Arika and Dr Sethi and the rest of the surgery is done by other doctors. The operation is DHI as well. The price is 1600 euro. i have seen the Results for the two clinics all are nice and look natural (i care about that the most) but what i am afraid of is i think the results both clinics are posting are done by the main doctors. I am afraid to see a different results when the technicians or the other doctors are doing the surgery. i will really appreciate your recommendations. If you have a good clinic better if in turkey please tell me.