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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. I'm curious to see updates on this case as well.
  2. who was the guy who did the SMP; can you please name him. We should all know.
  3. This is the result I would hope for; the pic is form Asmed. I, however, do not see any such results from H&W/Rahal/Koinor. What do you guys think - Is my current hairloss situation same as this guy in his "before" pics?
  4. I would go only FUE, don't want the scar AT ALL. I'd take 15% poorer results instead. The goal is to have a hairline and frontal third. I didn't ask for the distribution - how much in hairline/frontal third/mid scalp etc, maybe I would ask this as a follow up. I don't want to waste grafts in the crown. I'd leave that for caboki in short term and chest hair in long term.
  5. I have higher degree of diffused thinning and I had my consult with H&W recently who said I can get decent results with 3500 grafts. I have Rahal consultation coming up as well so let's see what they say. I was on FIN but stopped (or rather sabbatical) two weeks ago because of side effects, Now Lipogaine and laser cap. My plan would be to take FIN before and after the HT to ensure no shock loss but eventually I want to get off of FIN.
  6. Thx for the replies. I still have some left of top but not much. See attached pic. Fin + Laser cap hasn't helped for sure in re-growth. This Sept/Oct, planning HT. Already sent info to H&W/Rahal for consult. The PRP quotes are from generic derm clinics in houston area. The only recommended HT surgeon on this website charges 2600 per treatment but they were very clear in telling that they use 120cc of blood which no other clinic mentioned so that was good. But the main point is whether I should go for PRP or not. Again, this is coming from a relative who said it helped him but he has more hair on top than I do.
  7. So, I'm on Fin; have the laser cap, bought Lipogaine shampoo, Lopigaine Monix, Advanced Trichology Azelaic Acid, Scalp Elixir, Derma Roller...but I'm still bald Last week a relative of mine (overseas) told me he got PRP treatment and his hair loss has stopped and he is seeing growth....this is coming first hand so I called clinics around Houston area for prices. I'm being quoted 5500 for 2 treatments with ACELL; 800 per treatment with a 3200 dollar 4 treatment package. Another clinic said 1500 per treatment. I'm inclined to try one thing I haven't in my journey before HT so wanted to see if you can can give me some pointers about prices. I initially thought it was more like a 250-400 dollar treatment.
  8. Panamera13

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Melvin - So basically caboki has to be washed out before we apply anything. Since Lipogaine has to be applied everyday, washing hair every night might be a big hassle for me Harry - Lipogaine is the shampoo/minox that ppl use to fight hair loss. https://www.lipogaine.com/
  9. Panamera13

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Here's my dilemma with Caboki, since that's the only one I have used. I want to use lipogaine minox/shampoo and my laser cap and confused as to do I need to wash my hair every time I do this. So, is it possible to use Caboki and still follow your hair loss prevention regime?
  10. Agree with VicTNYC. Just went to get my new glasses and the new thing now is "blue light filtering" lenses for an extra 100 dollars. The only studies that back using these lenses are by the companies manufacturing these lenses.
  11. Marked my vote as Yes. Things were great down there and suddenly it went downhill pretty fast. Changed my regime from 7 days a week to 4 days a week. Erections are soft and libido is down....I hate it.
  12. I tried to create this poll two days ago since I have the same question but in the posting section it makes me add a post also alongwith a poll. Melvin - Can you create a standalone poll in the ques/ans forum?
  13. Price William/Jeff Bezos/Statham have all the money and still don't try to get an HT. I'm glad for people who embrace their baldness. Easy for people with deep pockets since women are attracted anyway. The problem is being an average joe and balding, that's where girls seem to avoid you for being "old". Having to decide between hair/looks and sex life is a very bad situation to be in. I hope hair cloning comes soon
  14. Everyone I speak to or who ever posts on this forum and other forums...there are barely a few people who Do NOT have side effects. Rest all, including me, do have sides. I was taking 1mg every day...now every other day ie 4 times a week. Also started Lipogaine shampoo and Minox and will try to get off Fin gradually. If you're single and on the dating scene...man it sucks to be that person. I feel for you guys.