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  1. I'm a diffused thinner NW6, please make a thread and share pics. I'd be highly thankful to you.
  2. I was on FIN 7 days a week, then changed it to alternate days and then finally stopped. Libido and firmness back to normal after 1 month. Now, I apply Minox in Morning and Azelaic Acid in evening and Laser cap every other day; hair loss seems to be getting under control. Not new growth but under control it seems.
  3. Please share pics and don't get disheartened. Don't even bring words like killing yourself to mind. All these things can be fixed by the right doctor/method. Post pics and people here will guide you.
  4. I didn't know H&W learned the trade from Erdogan. My question is - should I go to the student (and pay more) and go to the master (and pay less). I'm NW6/ Diffused. Who is better for diffused thinning? As of now, I'm inclined to Rahal (very good info in cosult with density number etc) and cheaper than H&W.
  5. The more I read this thread, the more I'm sh*t scared. I have itchy scalp and some red bumps here and there and I use Clobex spray twice a week along with all other regular stuff. The thought of scalp biopsy came to mind but I didn't do it because of the scar in the bald shiny scalp. Now I'm thinking I should do a biopsy or take the risk of having a failed HT.
  6. OP - I replied to your post on Nov 18, way before this thread got a little heated. I have same/more hair loss than you and one thing I have learned from my consults is you won't get full density ever if you spread out the grafts. Rahal quoted me 2500-3000 just in frontal third and hairline. So, when I'm done with an HT with Rahal (hopefully), I'll still have a pretty bald head in the mid scalp and crown region. Where you probably went wrong was "spreading" out your grafts vs just focusing on Hairline + Frontal Third + Midscalp. When you go for a correction, which should be at least one year away, don't do the same mistake of spreading out. Just focus on front and leave the crown.
  7. Some university etc (with no skin in the game aka HT Industry) should've come up with some sort of cloning of hair follicles. They cloned a whole animal in 90's...20 yrs later still nothing on hair follicles. There's a lot of money to be made for who ever invents it vs continuing with status quo.
  8. I spoke with an HnW rep and it was barely a 5 min call..we charge this much, you will need this many grafts...let me know when to schedule. Is it possible to have a call directly with doc? On the other hand, Rahal consult was also with a rep but more detailed and in the end they send a pdf detailing what portion they will cover and with what density. OP - You're young for an HT; can you some pics?
  9. Get ripped abs in just 6 days...this formula is so famous, it sold out within 5 mins of the initial launch. On a side note, I stopped Fin 6 weeks ago and little brother is doing great and firmness back to good old days.
  10. I have been on this forum for sometime now and have been looking at the websites of top surgeons pretty much regularly and I still see same old pre/post pics. They should really update their website. The best website IMO is still H&W since you can filter by NW/Surgeon/FUE vs FUT...while most surgeons just have pics and you keep scrolling to find your type.
  11. I checked this with Rahal at my online consult and they said no need to color grey hair prior to HT.
  12. All the docs I have spoken to say they're very good with diffused and I can get about 2500-3500 grafts. They all have great reputation so how do I differentiate which one to chose other than price/location?
  13. Actually when you first posted your pic, I had the same question - Too much area to cover, not enough donor. It's not the doc's fault to be honest, it's supply and demand. You had two choices - Either cover the front region with proper density and leave the midscalp and crown OR go over the entire area (which you chose). If you grow your hair out it should still give you a better look than before. And if you use some hair fibers, it will give an even better look. Best of luck!!
  14. Which other surgeons should I look at other than Bhatti/H&W and Rahal. Infact - another question - who do I chose b/w H & W Who has done more diffused surgeries? I was told I would need 3000-3500 over two days....all in one shot...but you had three diff sugeries. So, I'm a little confused. Should I go for 1500 in the hairline and frontal third and then in a year tackle midscalp. I don't think I have enough for crown so I'll just use caboki.