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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Panamera13

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Melvin - So basically caboki has to be washed out before we apply anything. Since Lipogaine has to be applied everyday, washing hair every night might be a big hassle for me Harry - Lipogaine is the shampoo/minox that ppl use to fight hair loss. https://www.lipogaine.com/
  2. Panamera13

    Which Hair Loss Concealer is The Best

    Here's my dilemma with Caboki, since that's the only one I have used. I want to use lipogaine minox/shampoo and my laser cap and confused as to do I need to wash my hair every time I do this. So, is it possible to use Caboki and still follow your hair loss prevention regime?
  3. Agree with VicTNYC. Just went to get my new glasses and the new thing now is "blue light filtering" lenses for an extra 100 dollars. The only studies that back using these lenses are by the companies manufacturing these lenses.
  4. Marked my vote as Yes. Things were great down there and suddenly it went downhill pretty fast. Changed my regime from 7 days a week to 4 days a week. Erections are soft and libido is down....I hate it.
  5. I tried to create this poll two days ago since I have the same question but in the posting section it makes me add a post also alongwith a poll. Melvin - Can you create a standalone poll in the ques/ans forum?
  6. Price William/Jeff Bezos/Statham have all the money and still don't try to get an HT. I'm glad for people who embrace their baldness. Easy for people with deep pockets since women are attracted anyway. The problem is being an average joe and balding, that's where girls seem to avoid you for being "old". Having to decide between hair/looks and sex life is a very bad situation to be in. I hope hair cloning comes soon
  7. Everyone I speak to or who ever posts on this forum and other forums...there are barely a few people who Do NOT have side effects. Rest all, including me, do have sides. I was taking 1mg every day...now every other day ie 4 times a week. Also started Lipogaine shampoo and Minox and will try to get off Fin gradually. If you're single and on the dating scene...man it sucks to be that person. I feel for you guys.
  8. I have been taking Fin for exactly a year now (did it for 1 year 3-4 years ago as well). Libido is down, erections are weak but it happens however, I have to focus more..LOL. Earlier it happened without focusing . I started Lipogaine Minox/Lipogaine Shampoo and will buy Azelaic Acid this week. 3-4 months into this new regime, I will quit FIN. I want minox to start working before getting off FIN. For me FIN sucks, I loved having morning wood.
  9. OP - you don't need an HT. It looks pretty good as it is.
  10. Panamera13


    www.lipogaine.com/buy-products/ sells hair loss products. So start with the shampoo and minox (one of the FDA approved treatments other than Finastride). I have a laser cap too but it didn't too anything for me so not sure. Why don't you post hair pics so people can give better advice.
  11. Panamera13


    There are other options: Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo/Rogaine Foam / Biotin Supplement / Azelaic Acid. You can start on these to begin with. How old are you?
  12. Panamera13

    1036 graft FUE with Dr HASSON

    OP has great hair and plenty of supply. Just need to make sure he has money to keep going to H&W
  13. Melvin - I'm ok with three surgeries. so, What should be the plan - do the hairline and frontal third with 2000 FUE in phase 1 and leave other areas to phase 2/3. Now the imp question - which surgeon works for my case - Rahal/H&W/Erdogan or someone else? I just submitted online consultations with Rahal and H&W so let's see. Should I look at Koinor also? Since I have diffused thinning, which doc has more skill to put hair in existing areas.
  14. Thanks hairlossPA and Melvin. @hairlossPA - Regarding Erdogan, I'm a little wary since he does many ops in a day and tech do a lot of work. @Melvin - I'm very realistic, I know my hair loss is extensive and I can't get back the good old days. My goal is to have a non-aggressive hairline and decent frontal third coverage. I would leave the crown...and use toppik/caboki etc. I'm 40 so that should give me enough to work with. I'm in Houston but open to travel. So, who would be a good doc for my case (higher norwood) + FUE? I'm extremely scared of the scar so really want to go for FUE and I like to keep my hair short on the sides. My dream would be to get closer to the 4th pic (hairline + frontal third, ignore the crown). Basically short on sides, decent hairline and some coverage on top.