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  1. Panamera13

    Am I a good candidate for FUE?

    Has anyone faced this also - I was on FIN 7 every day of week and then the side effects hit me so I changed the dose to every other day and I would say the side effects have gotten a tiny better but now I can see more hairfall.....roots coming out. If you reduce FIN dosage, does hair fall start again, I also use laser cap every other day as well as "T-Sal" neutrogena shampoo and hair massage (coconut oil, peppermit oil, Hair Elixir etc).....Damn...even then hair is falling...What else can I do?
  2. NIH also did a study showing laser cap is awesome and I bought one. 6 months later...no hair growth and hair keep falling (since I reduced FIN every other day rather than everyday because of side effects.)
  3. Panamera13

    Need Urgent Advice on Hair System

    What about using Toppik? What does your HT surgeon says about hair system?
  4. This is what the doc says in his post - "30 year old whose objective was to have a conservative frontal hair restoration, thicken mid scalp & to reduce his crown area from a class 6 vertex to a 3/4 class." So, the question is what's the crown now - NW4 or not as promised? (It was NW6 earlier).
  5. OP - Also post a before/after pic with "Front Pose". Let's see how much of a difference HT made.
  6. Melvin - Not this one. I created it first under "results posted by surgeons"...so I want it removed from there. I updated it to "delete" as the subject in that thread. This thread is fine.
  7. not in the back of head, but on the top yes.
  8. When I saw my friend for the first time (after being bald for 10 years), I asked the same - where did you get this wig from . Let's call it a better wig than others. So, for OP, if HT is ruled out, he can try this. Now it's been some time and we're so used to him not being bald, we all forgot how he looked earlier.
  9. Hi All, I have had two consults - One with a rep and one with the doctor himself (both recommended on this forum). I have been on FIN since Feb, 2018. I was told to STOP using FIN one month prior to the HT so only the native strong hair are picked up for transplant. My question is - Is this a standard practice since I have never heard this before and I have been browsing these forums and reading tons of material but never came across this recommendation. Do you guys stop using FIN prior to HT?
  10. Why don't you post pics of yourself rather than people "similar" to you. Hunting the web for other people's pics rather than taking one with your own phone takes more time, don't ya think? You should be glad you were allowed again on this forum
  11. The doc seems right; you can't cover your whole head with 3K grafts. You look great from front and your pics will be awesome. For crown, use toppik. If you could get a FULL head of hair with 3K grafts, there would be no bald person in the world (whole head has around 100K hairs)
  12. I have a friend who wears a hair system (some italian cesare ragazzi) and it looks pretty awesome. Hair should not stop you from achieving your dreams. Many comedians and actors are bald. Post your pics and people here can recommend what might work for you. You have to let go what happened 26 years ago, nothing will come out of it. Think what you want to do going forward. There are time limits regarding such lawsuits, not sure if 26 years will fly with a judge. Also, doing HT on a young person (adult) is not a crime. If you were underage, maybe. But you were adult when you had the HT on your own will, no one forced you.
  13. Panamera13

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    remember, your hair supply is limited, you can not say after a year - oh my old procedure didn't work out so let me get another one.....when you get another one, your hair supply situation will be more worse. For HT, tread carefully as hair supply is limited and no option of "do-over".
  14. Panamera13

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    For HT, you need an HT specialist who does HT ONLY. Not someone who removes moles on skin and some HT's on the side. If money is a factor, even 3K can get you somehere if you do proper research. I think you should STOP and postpone your HT and give it a serious thought as to what you want to do.
  15. Panamera13

    1 week out from 1st transplant

    Have you seen his results? I don't even see a website. How many grafts did he tell you? Are you taking any meds?