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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Considering Non-Surgical Treatments

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men

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  1. You have hairloss or MPB or baldness...who told you that you're norwood 3?
  2. Why the heck are you getting an HT? You don;t seem to be balding at all.
  3. Can you please share the brand of the soap? Where do you buy it from?
  4. You absolutely don't need an HT. You're not balding from any angle, who told you that you're balding?
  5. Hi Raker - I'm not saying you're old but rather you have very good hair and don't really need an HT (unless you're in the dating world ) Your hair is great as it is. Just better styling/cut will do wonders. Even if you have HT, you might be the only one who notices it. People pay 15K to have hair half as good as yours. I respect your decision to go for HT but try visiting a high end salon as ask for a different type of styling ideas and you might notice enough difference to like your existing hair more. You don't want needles poking in your scalp for no reason (so try other things first just my humble opinion.)
  6. You have pretty good hair at your age. What's your goal? You can use hair fibers on the crown and your hairline seems good...why HT?
  7. Can you tell me how much you pay for the generic clobex? I pay around 125.00 but generic sounds a better option. How did you manage the HT with dermatitis? Did you use it right after HT? Do you have to use it even today?
  8. Why don't all docs use a zig-zag hair line as a standard. The straight hair line in my opinion looks un-natural. The pic is from Dr Alexander's website...I think this should be the standard all docs should follow. Best of luck OP for your growth!
  9. I have an itchy scalp and my dermatologist says it's dermatitis and prescribed clobex (spray) for itch. the doc also prescribed Finastride for hair loss (I went in for the itch, not hair loss). I used all kinds of oils/massage/shampoos etc but the best I can do it keep it barely under control. The area that itches is EXACTLY the area where I'm bald/diffused. My questions is has anyone else done an HT with an itchy scalp/dermatitis? Are there any cases/examples I can refer to? I'm planning on visiting a dermapathologist but also worried about the big spot that the biospsy will leave in the scalp.
  10. The FIN I take is from costco; 11.70 for 30 pills. I trust costco more than others.
  11. Panamera13

    My Journey with Finasteride

    Actually FIN was first prescribed to me by a dermatologist when I went to show them my itchy scalp. I have seboherric dermatitis. From this week, I will move to Monday-Wed-Friday-Sunday schedule. 2 months from now, I'll just move to Mon-Wed-Friday. I also have a laser cap that I use every other day so I'll use it on days when I'm not using FIN. Like I said in my earlier post, I also bought ginseng and ashwagandha on amazon (not much benefit as of now but will continue). I also take the GNC multivitamin each morning. I also bought shilajit from amazon for 60 bucks and it appeared to be better than other supplements but the problem with that is I get neck itch (as soon as I stop, it goes away after couple of days). Other than the libido thing, does anyone else suffer from low energy on FIN? Maybe it's just in my head.
  12. Panamera13

    Effects of Propecia

    Given the libido side effect on me(and for those who have had it since FIN); did you alternate dosage every other day? did it help? Basically, does reducing FIN 1 mg 4 days a week vs 7 days a week help and still control hair loss. I'm not liking the side effects of FIN and bought a laser cap, scalp elixir etc so these act as "adjunct" treatments to FIN and my reliance on FIN is reduced. Also, do you take any supplements that have helped with FIN? Rogaine doesn't work for me...itchy scalp and no hair loss control.
  13. Panamera13

    My Journey with Finasteride

    Glad to see here someone with no negative side effects to FIN. I had FIN 3 yrs ago (I was 36 then) for a good one year and had no side effects. I stopped using it since I didn't see much growth (later I realized that hairfall has increased considerably so in hindsight I should not have stopped). Even at 36, I had to stop it for 2 weeks when we were planning to have a baby (and it worked, with me being on FIN, there were no libido issues but semen quality wasn't good) ...I took FIN on-off for few weeks and then gradually got off of it. Now at 39+, I'm norwood 6 probably with diffused thinning and i realized in Feb..damn, I should've been on FIN. so, I started my regimen regularly and this time the side effects are very apparent....very low libido/low energy...so I'm not liking it at all. I have not seen morning wood since Feb. I'm taking supplements like Ginseng, Ashwaganda off of Amazon but I don't think they're doing anything. A big decision for me to be on FIN or not or chose a bald head...:(
  14. Thx Spex; I'm also considering Dr Bhatti; Do you have some results on diffused thinners. See my pics below.
  15. Unless this is affecting your personal life, you don't need an HT looking at your pics IMHO. If you still decide to got HT - you're a simple case, good donor area, only temples to cover. Choose any recommended doc and you'll be fine.