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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. using laser cap for three years...absolutely no difference in my case. This is what makes hair loos cure so complicated.
  2. Im NW7 and I have ordered it but haven't received it. So will apply once a week and try for 3 months and see how it goes. I request others who are using it to submit results as well.
  3. you seem to have amazing hair now....do yo have a before pic. I also ordered from fueclinic and paid last week but looks like it comes in a month or two. BTW Im NW 7 so that will be an experiment.
  4. My close friend has a hair system from Hair Club and he paid 3500 for the initial install and 300 per month for ongoing service - they wash the system 1-2 times and every third visit, he gets a new one. The messy glue in the hairline in CLEARLY visible and they do a horrible job on the hairline - This is the result after spending 3500 USD and 3600 USD per year for maintenance.
  5. @Zoomster - any side effects from Fin at all? Beyond amazing result. BTW I'm NW7 and looking to eugenix too but first my scalp is sometime itchy so not sure if I should go for HT or not.
  6. BTW - Placed my order today so let's see how long it takes to come and whether there will be any improvements/side effects?
  7. The same as for knee replacement or heart surgery.
  8. How come Mwamba doing it then? Is it legal in Europe?
  9. Not sure what's stopping them, I'm sure they'll sell. Shipping is 5-6 dollars. If ppl are getting from Europe, within US it should work
  10. Is anyone having side effects from topical DUT from fueclinic? What's you usage frequency?
  11. I got maxogen X and the first trial product is free so I only paid 7 dollars for shipping. They say apply 1 ml each night and I only applied 0.5 ml every other night and barely applied for 2 weeks and libido was dead pretty much. I stopped right away. I read a user here who said he took it with Ashwagandha and I bought that too from costco but the side effects were pretty much immediate even after taking it with ashwagandha. Over the last 2 yrs, I have moved from NW5 to NW7 pretty much and I was desperate to save what's left but I'd prefer libido over hair. I just sent a request to fuecli
  12. I took topical fin (https://www.minoxidilmax.com/maxogen-x-topical-finasteride-8-minoxidil-retinoic-acid) and had sides right away within 2 weeks and stopped. I had sides with topical fin also. I just sent a request to fueclinic and for 100 bucks might give it a shot...
  13. So, finally I got my first bottle of topical fin i.e. Maxogen from and after one month of using 0.5ml on alternate days - I'm experiencing reduced libido. Recommended dose is 1ml everyday and I only used 0.5 ml every other day and still libido is down. For now I have stopped it and see if things recover quickly the next week or so. Will report back.
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