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  1. Hello, Dr. Maziar Sadri is professional air transplant surgeon in UK.
  2. Hair transplant treatment is one of the best and advanced procedure to get back hair easily so 3-4 weeks is enough for take rest.
  3. After hair transplant surgery you feels little bit pain and swelling in your forehead and face but after some days you feels normal and do their regular activities.
  4. OK. Nice information about hair treatment. I think you can search on internet this is best option to find the best hair transplant center.
  5. Hello Friends, Here is my 8-month mark update. Looks amazing for 8 months. I saw the biggest change before and 8 months after FUE Hair Transplant. I've got a good few months of growth and maturation ahead of you.
  6. Hello, Losing extensive amount of hair in my early 30 is way more heartbreaking than anything I ever have felt. One of my friends advised me to go opt for FUE Hair Transplant. I took the advise and guess what the results are amazing. That’s what matters for me, so relieved!