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  1. 6 months in. I'm happy with the actual hairline, i won't judge the final result until i get to 12 months. There's more density on 1 side than the other, clinic tells me that it could just be more grafts fell on one side so to wait and see. EDIT: - yes i'm gippy - forgot i'd already had a profile back in december, i'd joined so many hairsites over the years....
  2. googling around, it looks like some clinics offer aftercare sprays - Liposomal ATP sprays that apparently do promote care and nuture the new grafts. But i cannot find anywhere to buy it! Where can i get some?
  3. just had my transplant done, on Tuesday 15th. 3100 grafts, 6586 hairs. I've currently got bad swelling around my forehead and it has gone to the sides of my face, so i've currently got a really fat head! I'm continuing to take Medrol and using icepacks. I got comprehensive post-op instructions from the surgery (Dr. Devroye) . I stayed at the clinic overnight, so have followed it to the letter so far. His team took care of Day `, before I then came back home. It's now approaching the end of Day 2 - i've not done anything really - just panicked a bit over my fat face due to the swelling. I hope it gets better over tonight! Q. I do not appear to have lost any grafts yet - when can i expect 'shock loss' to happen? Q. I did buy a spray bottle, but the post-op instructions do not mention continuing to spray the grafted area with water (i had to for the first night only). What would you guys do, continue to spray and keep the area moist? Or just leave it alone? Q. The instructions tell me I can use ph neutral shampoo and clean my head 48 hours after. I'm planning to leave it till Sunday before attempting my first careful hair wash. Or is it better to wash it all sooner? I'm thinking i should leave it, to let the grafts really settle in nicely - but it also means i will have a very greasy head! any other tips and advise? I have a very important final interview next Thursday so right now i just hope the swelling goes....
  4. as per title really. i'm in UK - going to Brussels to have my op with Dr.Devroye, 3000 grafts estimated, Norwood 3. 8000 euro + any extra grafts i might need if 3k not enough. Very excited - been wanting this for 5 years, i'm now 33 and its time. Any prep i should do beforehand? How best to look after the new hairs afterward? Will i need more than 2 weeks off work?
  5. Hello good Sir. can i ask where abouts you would be travelling from? i'm from the UK and like you, made my decision and about to pay the deposit next week - i went with Dr Devroye. did you consider any of the doctors in Belgium, who seem to have lots of testimonials? i considered Bhatti but in the end didn't fancy travelling all the way to India and back, plus any aftercare issues to consider (i'm having FUT).
  6. It has been a 5 year journey, and next week I will be in a position to pay a deposit of around £2.7k to Dr. Devroye's clinic. I have had 2 previous consultations, 1 with Ziering back in 2014, and 1 with Dr. Bisanga last year. I went with Dr. Devroye for a number of reasons, but the main thing was I personally clicked more with him, his approach, and the conversation we had. I don't feel like there is any other reason to have further consultations with other doctors. He was a lovely person on first impressions and I found his staff to be super friendly and polite. Plus it was very easy to get to from the UK, the Eurostar is great! Before i phone up next week to do the bank transfer.......is there anything else left to consider at all? Would there be any point seeing any of the other remaining doctors based in Belgium? or anywhere else? should i consider any other doctors in the UK? Fargo etc? I didn't even bother with the UK.....maybe i should have given it a chance? I am happy with my choice but would anyone else on here have as many consultations as possible with as many doctors as possible? I'll be having FUT, around 2500-3000 grafts required to get my desired hairline.
  7. well, here's what i've gathered so far: As for the catching up with the rest of this thread: look - its not like a used car market. Prices won't be changing So often as to render it completely pointless information......if anything, if prices really were changing that often over time, then surely knowing the prices and trends would be useful and interesting information? In any case, knowing a ballpark figure or what the person paid for it would be useful information. As for discounts - again - surely this would be useful information for everyone to know??? If there are times of the year when discounts are being given out, and patients have had the opportunity to use these discounts, surely it'd be worth Knowing if they received a discount, and what they got?? If anything, the reasons you've provided are even more reason to actually say explicitly how much the person paid for the transplant. And that was exactly my point in starting the thread..........because i wanted to know what other doctors are out there in europe or the UK which might not have had a presence here, but which people might have had experience with. It seems the only doctors people know about on here are the ones that have been admitted into your Ivy league. You've literally just given reasons in your own response, why this site is therefore Not the bible when it comes to hair transplant doctors - Some for negative reasons, but some for other reasons which are nothing to do with whether they are bad doctors or not. So by deduction, there is a chance that there are doctors both in the UK and Europe who might be doing good work, but which get no exposure on here for the reasons you've outlined, either because they are crap, or because they don't want to pay the fee etc..etc... Now i admit, if a doctor is confident of his/her work and have plenty of results to show for it, you'd think that they'd spend a bit of money promoting it to attract more patients. So in this instance, i don't see much of a problem with this 'ivy league' approach - although its an analogy with a double edged sword, as usually only the people who can afford to go can go to such a university....so its not necessarily the brightest that gain admission. Is it? And as for this lovely post by yourself: i mean.....i don't even know where to start with that. I actually explain in one of my posts - the only reason i mentioned Dr Rogers was because i've had a friend who is very happy with the work. Now, i've not seen her yet, so i'm going to go and check it out. The fact that you immediately think that i may somehow work for Dr Rogers simply for mentioning his name is interesting - i might as well accuse you lot for exactly the same.......maybe Dr Rogers is a pro but for the reasons you outlined, hasn't bothered publishing on here? Who knows? As it stands, i couldn't find much of any other examples for Dr Rogers work and due to that lack of exposure i've discounted him from my search. Anyway, all that aside, it looks like Devroye might be a winner for me - i like his online presence, his youtube interviews, appears to be some kind of pioneer of sorts, and his results look good. And he's the cheapest of the Brussels bunch. And for the record - I'll repeat again what i say in my original post............. What part of that could i not make any clearer - i obviously am looking for doctors which have a proven track record............
  8. What makes you assume I didnt google his name? Did you read the joke of a thread you posted? I did. That happened in 1997 , and he himself responded to that post with some reasonable statements, unlike you. You clearly have no reading comprehension skills and unable to back up anything you say with evidence, apart from bleating 'I'm right you're wrong I'm an expert bla bla bla". I will refrain from responding to your posts. For anyone else I absolutely welcome any suggestions for UK and European doctors with prices. Thanks..
  9. again, struggling to get some well reasoned points out of your posts. i'd rather ignore the conjecture and hearsay and base my opinions on some reasonable arguments and evidence. When it comes to FUT vs FUE for my case - it appears to be factually correct that FUE would do damage to the donor area and render it not possible to extract more in the future. From the rresponses above, someone helpfully suggested that a combination is good, FUT + FUE after if required. For the time being given the various advantages FUT has over FUE, and given that i don't care about scaring/recovery issues as i wear my hair long - then FUT is, for me, the most sensible option. Again - i refuse to believe that the 2 doctors you've mentioned are the only 2 doctors in the entirity of Europe who are capable of performing a quality FUT transplant. As i mentioned in my original post, i have a friend who did FUT with Richard Rogers and she (he, she's trans) is very happy with the outcome and the result looks good. I'm going to visit her in a few days to check it out for myself. Unless you can provide evidence to suggest that a bunch of UK doctors are all useless, then why on earth would i trust your opinion? as for 'others saying the same thing' - not really, if you look at the responses on my thread, no one has suggested otherwise yet and thats not what the thread is about. you seem very opinionated and need to calm down a bit, i appreciate your candour and responses so far and of course am treading very carefully in this field. And yes - as a matter of fact, thats exactly what i'm doing - literally, making a spreadsheet with details, prices, results, forum posts, etc. so i can make the most informed decision i possibly can. and i'd expect anyone else spending such huge amounts of money to be doing something similar - and this was my point with my original post - these forums don't appear to particularly help anyone, as they are full of posts like yours, and also don't contain useful information like cost on many of the patient experience threads, which is what prompted me to start this thread. As for Bisanga - i might very well end up going with him, i have a consultation in May in London. In every case i will be asking all the doctors i visit to show me evidence of their past work, patients who could be contacted, testimonials, etc... if its the case that on this journey i find that every doctor i've met in the UK cannot back up their certificates with evidence of decent previous work, then sure, i may very well come to the same conclusion as you. But given that you've described richard rogers work as 'shit' despite me knowing someone who is very happy with his work, i can't really take anything else you say seriously.
  10. Can you back up everything you've said with some evidence please. These are the kind of posts I've been seeing on these forums and it's exactly why it's been so difficult to find someone, as you sew seeds of doubt. I want FUT because I've seen from many sources that you would get more grafts and you won't destroy the donor area. So basically your message is pay tons of money? Why do you say Rodgers will get me a "shit result"? 95% of all UK surgeons are bad, really? My question to your entire post is : please explain why you think all that with evidence.
  11. cool i appreciate that - yeh the info is out thre but its scattered all over the bleedin place! and normally people don't post the cost info in their 'experience' threads until someone asks them so its like on page 2 or something... with all the ones you've mentioned - they are on the pricier end of the scale - often i'll come across someone who would remark, upon seeing that "why go there when you can get an excellent transplant done in turkey for half the price" - or something. There appear to be a number of clinics in the UK with seemingly (i stress, seemingly, haven't done the full research yet) reputable doctors who are charging around 5-7k for 2500 or so grafts for FUT. I then wonder why people in the UK would bother going all the way to belgium and paying 40% more, excluding travel and hotel cost... it'd be nice just to have 1 sticky thread where in the first post its got a list of recommended doctors and prices, by region. like i say i will continue to add to my original post as i find more and more surgeons and do more consultations and find more prices, so its all in 1 thing - hopefully the admins are ok with that! i'm going to make an effort to detail all the UK doctors and come up with a UK centric list, for people like me who don't want to pay ?10k+ for a norwood 2/3.
  12. Despite what seems to be tons of forum posts and different sites, there seems to be absolutely no consensus on surgeons, and more annoying then that, no one mentions price. One thing i've noticed is people hardly ever say how much they paid in their threads. Despite this being such a critical factor - none of us want to pay over the odds. The prices seem to vary so much. I'm in the UK - is it worth travelling abroad? Well,i don't know, because virtually every single patient who has posted on here doesn't say how much he paid. all i'm trying to do is find a list of surgeons in the UK and Europe, who have a good catalogue of testimonials, a good website showing all the testimonials, HOw much i'd expect to pay, the doctors and their names, and what is charged per graft (i want FUT for definite). I've spent in total maybe 8 hours over the last 3 weeks on this website, and i've struggled to actually produce a short list of doctors to check out in europe. Can anyone help? can we make THIS thread THE thread for a list of recommended surgeons for Uk and Europe Only? with Who the name was of the doctor, how much you paid, and the name of the clinic and any associated website? or if that thread already exists, please can someone direct me to it? i don't get why no one mentions the price. Its suurely a critical factor in deciding - obviously we all want a quality result, and i'm prepared to pay for a good result - but if there is a doctor in turkey who can do a great job for half the price of someone in the UK, then i'd consider travelling. please help?! for the record, i'm 31, a Norwood 3, have good donor area (from a few consultations i had back in 2014 and a few online ones). So i know what i'm looking for, it just seems like such a difficult task to find it! FUT is definitely what i want. so far i've looked at - Vinci hair clinic - they don't mention any of the doctors. I have a consultation with them in birmingham in a few weeks.No idea on price, i've asked them to give me approximation. - Dr Feriduni quoted 9.8k to 13k for 1800-2400 FU in a day, using FUE - i've asked them to give a quote for FUT as that's what i specified in their online form, so they just ignored this (annoying), but no response so far. - A trans friend of mine recommended Dr. Richard Rodgers who came to the Sk:n clinic in nottingham to perform the HT - and paid 5500 GBP for just over 2500 grafts - this is my first choice at the moment. - BHR clinic and Dr Bisanga - consultation booked in for May when he comes to London. I've asked how much they charge and will report back here. - elate health UK, Dr. Max Malik - looks promising, appears to have all the credentials, a few before and after photos on the website with 23-2500 grafts showing exactly what i want (similar norwood 3 patients). Arranging a consultation. I'll continue to add to this original post more as a list to myself than anything but hopefully it helps others - and please, if you can provide recommended doctors here, please say how much they charge and evidence of their work - UK + EUrope doctors Only please! thank you