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  1. Man that's so great to hear! Looking forward to seeing your new pics!
  2. Dr. Pekiner quoted me 2,700 grafts when he saw my pictures. But when he saw my hair in person, he brought that down to 2,200. I wouldn't worry too much about setting a definite number of grafts before your consultation. Because it's relatively hard to judge from pictures, the initial estimate is always going to be just that: an estimate. He's very much willing to hear your input and he really doesn't seem the type to push you for more grafts than you need. My consultation with him lasted almost one hour, discussing different hairlines etc.
  3. It is better you choose a doctor who does extractions and implantation himself. I wouldn't go with Koray as from what I have heard, his technicians do all the work while he watches from a monitor in his office. I went with Dr. Kaan Pekiner 10 months ago and couldn't be happier. He is in my opinion one of, if not the best in Turkey. He is also extremely ethical. My thread: Attached is a recent picture of my hairline with wet hair:
  4. Looking really good so far man! I think you will be amazed at how it continues to thicken up over the next few weeks/months. I'm happy you decided to go with Dr. Pekiner.
  5. 10 Month Update Hey guys, just took this with wet hair. Pretty sure this is the final result as I can't imagine it getting much better than this!
  6. 8.5 Month Update I continue to be impressed with my results each day. Here are two pictures, one in direct overhead artificial light and one in daylight outside.
  7. Looking really good so far man! Glad you decided to go with Pekiner.
  8. Thanks a lot man! Appreciate that. I would absolutely do it if I were you. He's as ethical and skilled as they come.
  9. You have no idea mate. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It has coincided with a positive upward spiral in my life: career, relationships, happiness. Not only because of the hair of course, but more so because I have all this spare mental energy to spend on more important things now that my hair is sorted! Best money I ever spent hands down. So incredibly grateful for all this.
  10. Hey man, here are some updated photos. I am very very happy. I couldn't have wished for better results!
  11. I had surgery with Dr. Kaan earlier this year and I am very happy with my results. He cares a lot about his work and struck me as a very ethical doctor. It sounds like this patient has DUPA (a very rare condition by which even donor hair is susceptible to DHT). It can only be expected then that without a DHT-blocker, the transplanted donor hair would begin to miniaturize and fall out. This has nothing to do with the surgeon's skill. Rather it is to do with the patient's unfortunate medical condition. He was told he must take finasteride or risk the transplanted hair falling out. It sounds like he stopped finasteride due to side effects. Not the patient's fault, but we also can't blame the doctor here. The fact that given all this, Dr. Kaan gave the patient a free touch-up of 1000 grafts speaks volumes of his character. Even the most skilled doctors in the world encounter unfortunate situations such as this one. In these cases, all they can do is try their best to remedy the situation.
  12. Thanks! I paid 2 Euro per graft, so the total cost of the transplant was 2 X 2,200 = 4,400 Euro. The prices may have gone up since I went though. I paid around $1,000 USD for a return plane ticket from Asia. For the hotel, I found an AirBnB by myself for around 30 Euro per night near the clinic. I stayed for 5 nights, so 30 X 5 = 150 Euro. I'm not using any medication as I got side effects from finasteride. I understand the risks of this and am willing to get more transplants down the line to combat future hair loss.
  13. Thanks! I wasn't expecting it to be this dense at 6 months. I think it's a combination of a great job by the surgeon (high graft survival) plus thick donor.
  14. Hey guys, quick 6 month update. Just got a really short cut and loving it. Never could have pulled this off with my pre-transplant hairline. Here's a picture in direct sunlight and two more from a distance(front and side).
  15. I had to do blood tests for these groups: HbsAg, hemogram, antiHIV, antiHCV and coagulation test (ptz,Inr). I live in Taiwan so I just did them cheap at a local hospital here.