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  1. He did not want to pay for a dermatology consultation for me, why are you telling this? And who told you so? Exact words were "Perhaps you should come to Turkey to visit dermatologist". And after that were many words about "Russian ungrateful mentality", what a bad person I am publishing report and so on. I did not want to continue after her mentioning the nationality. If it is a desire to pay for my visit to a dermatologist - ok
  2. I had 2 hair transplants done by Pekiner, and my result is bad. Do you really think he is the best?))
  3. As expected, no answers to the questions or any proofs. By the way does this man really works for the clinic? I never seen him even during my second operation, which was a year ago. And how he can say anything about me if he has never seen me and If you are speaking about Mustang, this man was registered in 2014. Do not be silly.
  4. I still do not understand these points. 1.The representative of the clinic tells that dr.Kaan told me about DUPA many times. Where are the proofs? In out conversation in WhatsApp dr.Kaan told many times that he just does not know what is going on, he believes in medication. And he asked just to wait for more months to come. 2.When I first came to the clinic 2 years ago on the first op, we had about 5 minutes chat before the start. I was just told "Your donor is very good, everything would be fine". After the transplant we spoke about the recommendations, and it was saw palmetto and minoxidil. We spoke about Proscar, I said that I would never try it. Recommendations, not the mandatory things as the rep tells now. When I came to the second op, dr.Kaan admitted that result of the first op was very bad, but he did not know the reason. He said that sometimes it could depend on other things and I understand that. 3.Finally when I got final result after the second op, I wrote to dr.Kaan, he just said that he does not think that there was a failure in the operation and that's it. I published my report on the forum, got a call from the clinic with the words that I "want to destroy the clinic reputation". How so? Is publishing report with bad result - destroying the clinic reputation? Where in my report any bad or untruthful words about dr. Kaan or the clinic? I was asked to delete the report immediately, and after I refused, the conversation became unethical. They deleted the report shortly after, but why? I think my case might be useful. Anyway the second result of the op was much better than the first, that I can not understand why. Hairs after the first op did not grow almost at all.
  5. Thanks for the support. I doubt that we will hear anything from the rep. They just deleted my report on the other forum, as it is much easier.
  6. I was not diagnosed DUPA by Kaan. Even after second transplant he never told me I have DUPA and that taking finasteride is necessity.
  7. If I have DUPA, why Kaan never told me that? When I came first time to the op 2 years ago he said my donor was very good. Almost a year ago during the second op he also did not tell me anything about DUPA. Ne also never told me this when I asked in the messages about my results. And now a man, who has never seen me makes such a diagnosis. Thats bullshit.
  8. You need to provide proofs of your words. I can provide all messaging with Kaan, where I was concerned every month sending photos, asking why bad results, discussing side effects, which I got from the drugs. Future clients of this clinic be aware in case something goes wrong just wait for long messages of his team how you did not follow surgery instructions, did not care about the op, slept on the wrong side and so on:)
  9. A week ago I published my report on one forum (the place from which I knew about Kaan Pekiner). Instantly I got a call from the director of the Pekiner team (as she introduced herself) and she asked to delete the report. During the conversation she mentioned that maybe I could come to Turkey to see the dermatologist.
  10. I did not like the way the representative was speaking with me by the phone. When I refused to delete the report, she became a sort of aggressive and began to say things about "Russian mentality" and so on. Doubtful that the reason is in dermatological issues, I visited doctors here in Moscow, they did not find anything wrong.
  11. I was advised to take Propecia or Xpecia and Minoxidil, but to support my native hair, not the transplanted ones. If the HT is useless if not taking drugs it should be mentioned before the HT. I do not care about dr.Kaan reputation. I was first from Russia and I told dr.Kaan about Russian forum devoted to HT, his team representatives registered there after and he got many clients from there. I made him a free advertising. Sure, now I am disappointed, money and time spent with no result.
  12. He just said that the reason in the medication, he did everything best on the surgical part. No I did not have any problem with the scalp, just right now my scalp is much more sensitive then before. What sides exactly did you have and when did they go away? I got strong depression and low libido and after 2 weeks I quit, could not wait more.
  13. Hello, I would like to share my experience. Perhaps it would be helpful for somebody. I had 2 operations with Dr. Kaan Pekiner in Turkey Ankara. I had 2506grafts transplanted 20 months ago and 1000 grafts transplanted 8 months ago. The 12-month result after the first transplant (2506 grafts) turned out to be very bad, and Dr. Kaan offered a free touch up with 1000 grafts, and I agreed. I am disappointed with the results so far, the front line density is low. From my personal point of view, the second operation 1000 grafts survived much better than the first 2506 grafts. Dr. Kaan said that the reason of such result is that I did not take finasteride/minoxidil, but I am not sure what the real reason is. The healing process was fine both times. About the medication, I used minoxidil 5% for half a year before the first operation and sometime after. It worked but I got some side effects and quit. I took Xpecia for some time, but got side effects and quit. before: post first op 6 months after first op 12 months after first op 8 months after the second op