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  1. If you wana compare a mesh baseball cap with a bucket hat, which one would be the best? (afraid of flat hat closeness) I'm a bit concerned about the breathability.
  2. Wouldn't a flat cap be a bit hot and lack air circulation? Isn't that bad for the recipient area?
  3. Which type of hat you'd suggest to wear after one week of surgery? Mesh baseball cap?
  4. I'm doing research about HLC in Ankara. Would be thankful if anyone who knows anything about this clinic share his knowledge. Seems like there are not a lot of people going there and I don't understand why, although their price range is similar to top Drs in Turkey and quality seems at high professional level.
  5. New day in my path towards choosing a doctor: I've now leaned back for a while, contemplating a bit more on my decision. Was suggested by a famous guy on the net who helps poor people like us with his advices (guess who ;)) to think about HLC as well. Dr Ozgur is working there. Their results look very good (specifically the hairline doesn't look very round!). They're doing manual and 1500 grafts per dar (ethical). 2.43€ per graft. Everything seems at its highest. However don't know yet how much of the work is done by whom. Seems a place full of different unfamous doctors plus Ozgur. I've come to the point to say the huge price gap between HT places is just about the extraction method (makes the major difference) and the amount of work Dr is involved in. Was quoted by Dr Demirsoy between 3500-4000 grafts in one day via micromotor. Yet, I've not got recovered from the fear of "what the heck?!, 4000 grafts, micromotor, all in one day, front, top, crown?! Seriously?! Kidding or killing my grafts intentionally or being interested in permanent shock loss in my crown area?!". If I could just trust this doctor and his new trend of only-motorized method a bit more, I wouldn't hesitate (no one wants to pay 4000€ more for the same result). Still running like a headless chicken welcoming your thoughts...
  6. Juts listened to Karadeniz explanation in regards to manual vs motorized. Interesting! He makes 3 reasons that say exactly other way round that motorized is theoretically better than manual. These are the reasons; 1. "In manual rotation of hand cause fatigue hence might reduce efficiency of extraction with doing it faster." 2. "when rotating the pen in the manual technique, your rotation angle is not straight and is wobbling as a natural consequence of your arm movement which if not done by a expertise could damage the follicles. Motorized doesn't lack there." 3."Needing to have more pressure on the pen via manual might change the direction of hair when extracting. Sharp pen in motorized need less pressure if no." He mentions one advantage of manual however: 1. "manual need an experienced Doc who knows. So techs cannot do that and HT business can not cancer-ly grow". Totally agree, makes a lot of sense. But when a Doc who is able to do both uses motorized your're not talking about technicians anymore, then what's wrong with that? Let's not forget that some drs don't do dense packing so maybe that's why result doesn't look that full. Price wise, a Doc using motorized with less price could do manual, be exhausted more and charge more like others, I don't see the point.
  7. But drs can regulate the price they want to charge!? Isn't it the case? If you notice among the well known drs (at least in Turkey) there is a price difference and this is coming from the amount of work that dr is involved in personally. Although, can't deny some of the expensive ones are making money just from their popularity while techs do their mega sessions (you know who I mean). Your argument about manual punch over motorized still makes sense to me. I can't find any reason about invention of motorized rather than doing more and more grafts. Can't argue how a motorized could improve results more than manual.
  8. That kinda scares me a bit. Is that a proven statement? I don't know many who are doing manual; just Pekiner and Keser. But I kinda guess that also huge price different is coming from there.
  9. I have finally made a decision and currently on the process of booking with Dr Demirsoy. I extended my research a bit more and found out: He'd been doing FUT in the past, so extended experience in HT. Many HT surgeries over years, so you are at safe hands. Joe Tilman has named him as a recommended surgeon in the UK forum. He'd been doing manual extraction in the past but motorized now. Extractions are done by himself so no fear of damaging hair follicles or scaring. To be honest, the hairline in his cases look way more natural. I personally don't like doll-shape round hairline. He has recommend me 3500-4000 for all areas including Frontline, top and the crown area, all in one go (as Dr Pekiner told me the same, that crown can be covered in one go or after 6 months, and I'm eligible for both options). What do you guys say? Any possibility of permanent hair shock? I have no idea about that. Please tell me what you think with my choice overall (honest comments) as I still have time to review back my decision.
  10. Interesting topic. Going back to Demirsoy, he uses 0.7-0.8 mm motorized punch. His path might give you some clue to decide better. He had been doing manual extraction before but he's now just doing motorized. This Dr had been doing FUT in the past, that might increase his credit, but what do you think about this comment of me? Doing a motorized punch is the same as doing manual when Dr himself performs the extractions who had been doing manual in the past?
  11. Does anyone know if there is any PRP treatment done at Armamed (Dr Demirsoy)? Apart from that, what is a good plan for PRP alongside with HT? When is it proper time for doing that? HT day? After? And if after how long? And how many times? I might need to do the PRP in a different place than my HT surgery.
  12. Being on fin, I have noticed that thinning had been going on but with a very low speed. I feel fin has just slowed down the shedding process. I could lose a lot more if I wasn't using fin. But then when I look at my pictures from 2 years ago, I see that nasty thinning (and eventually shedding) has not ended and the difference is visible when I compare in the pictures. So fin did not preserve my thick hair forever thick. It just expanded the lifetime of my hair a bit more. I see a lot of thin and miniaturized hair on top of my head. Based on what you said that a hair shed starts with thinning, I feel I will eventually lose those thin hair if I don't take care of them. And from what I have concluded, minox is thickening (correct me if I'm wrong). So it seems I have to use minox along with fin. I kinda feel the most important in my hair situation is not getting a HT, but thickening the existing hair on top. That's why I decided to go to a HT clinic that does prp too. This thinning process is the nastiest thing I have experienced. Maybe my body need a higher dose of fin (I'm on 1mg). Don't know why I continue thinning...
  13. If you need temples, then that would be good coverage with 3000 grafts.
  14. I'll try to get the one on the 8th. Have a good time there. Don't feel nervous. You've made a confident choice of dr and you'll end with a great result in return.