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  1. Interesting thread and great results! just been thinking about SMP recently after giving up on FUE. From what I gather on this thread, All SMP will fade in 3 years? What made you choose Elixir London to do your procedure? Is it a specific SMP practitioner who works there that you recommend?
  2. Any reason you don’t take finasteride if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. Thanks for the advice, I had a consultation with a uk surgeon yesterday who recommended that I don't do any surgery because I might start getting hair loss in my donor area! Strange because I have seen many surgeons and he is the 1st to say that!
  4. Thank you for your recommendation Helios I am really impressed with Dr Maras's reputation and work!
  5. Thank you for the reply Melvin, yes the cost of travel is similar for them all, and they all have good outcomes according to the photos i have seen on their websites. Very difficult to choose
  6. Thank you all for the very kind advice My situation at the moment is: Dr maras recommends 3000 grafts over 2 consecutive days for just hairline and front third (not crown) Dr lupanzala recommends 3000 grafts over 2 consecutive days for just hairline and front third (not crown) Dr Demirsoy recommends 3500 -4000 grafts in one sitting in 1 day for just hairline and front third (not crown). Dr Yaman recommends 3000 grafts over 1 day sitting for just hairline and front third (not crown). Dr maras and dr lupanzala will cost 3 x more than the dr yaman and dr Demirsoy. I can afford the more expensive Dr Maras / Dr Lupanzala but is it worth it? The reviews here are all positive for all the surgeons I listed. Only difference I can see is that the Turkish doctors will do the procedure in one day whereas Dr Maras / Dr lupanzala do it over 2 days. Is that something that should affect my decision? Sorry for asking so many questions!
  7. Looks great! Did he cover the front row of the hairline with single hairs only?
  8. The other thing I am trying to understand is that, someone for example like Dr Demirsoy charges approx 1.25£ per graft compared to some surgeons charging £3 per graft. I know some places are cheaper because they are technician led and they do more than one patient a day etc but not everywhere. Is the other surgeons work (who charge £3) really 3 times better than what an experienced surgeon like Dr Demirsoy would do? Is the extra cost because they are using more modern and up to date technology? Or is the extra cost purely overheads? Im finding that It's so difficult to compare and justify cost differences I'm just using Dr Demirsoy as an example because I know he has 1 pt a day and does most the procedure himself so it's a fairer comparison
  9. Some great advice thank you all very much. I have had similar reports about Turkey going for 4000+ to cover everything in one sitting which I'm not comfortable with. I'm sure many people have been fine doing this. With regards to FUT as an option I did consider but I did not want any scar despite the cheaper price and higher number of grafts.
  10. Hi mate how are you getting on what have you decided?