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  1. Relax Melvin, i am not trying to allege or accuse Asmed clinic of something, just stating facts. My statement above was in answer to your comment. As i have not completed the cycle of 12 months and neither spoken to Asmed about my final results, i am not giving any final judgement. About being you a patient and knowing one can make a transplant look good or bad, i have tried to be very honest in my thread. I have posted different pictures in different conditions (dry, wet, how i style mye hair normally) and after requests from members on this forum to give a proper preview of my look. But
  2. i have tried different hairstyles but the low density and the gappy areas inbetween hairline, make the scalp so look through and unnnaural i am not asking for the density as before but aleast to the Level that i can dra my hair backward or style them in some way. As of now i wear such as that hairline do not get exposed
  3. First of all i am not surprised that the result looks good to you Melvin, going by your recent comments on various threads i must say it was expected. Secondly i never went to Asmed with any unrealistic expectations but if one is left with the need of a touch up procedure after a year of surgery, should it be called a success or satisfactory realut? Especially when you have had your surgery for a reasonably huge amount of money at a top reputable hairclnic! I am not stating unreasonable but some genuine concerns: The most important part of a hairtransplant surgery is the hairline a
  4. Here you go: Top down view can also take some pictures in the daylight and post! Just let me know.
  5. I really dont understand what good and bad lighting is? A result is either good or bad and looks same in all the conditions. A picture taken under day sunlight outside is not a bad lighting or harsh lighting. Its normal On my thread i have tried to post pictures under all conditions and in different looks(wet and dry). Dont know what more could one do to be more fair and honest in their review.
  6. Here are few more pictures taken inside of my house under «normal» lighting. Hope it clarifies any futher doubts. I have tried to be very honest and optimistic about my surgery outcome on my thread, but tbh now i dont expect any further improvement in my results. After 11 months of surgery from a top notch Clinic, with 4500 grafts i expected the results to be much better.
  7. I consider daylighting as a normal lighting and a hairtransplant successful which looks equal both under sun light and indoor light. But to answer your quiries i wil upload some new pictures taken in indoor light both in wet and dry look. If you go through my pictures posted earlier on this thread, you will find them and which do not differ alot from situation right now. And YES my hairline do look great if i stand under a zero watt bulb in a dark room.
  8. Can you show pictures of you : pre surgery and after surgery
  9. 11 month mark: Here is preview of my hairline at little over 11 months after the surgery. The hairline is still quite weak and gappy. To be honest i dont expect any further thickness of transplanted grafts/hair. I will get back to my coordinator at Asmed after passing 12 month ( that will be in the mid of juli) mark to get their opinion. P.S! Apologies for some blurred pictures as i have to click at my own.
  10. Agree completly with you on this Munich! Ref. My comment above
  11. Hair density pre surgery was same all over my head. And my goal was to have better density in hairline and frontal area. I was most concerned about the hairline before surgery as it is the most sensitive and crucial part of ones surgery. With almost half of the grafts tranplanted in the hairline and temples i expected it to be more dense. But as of now it have quite big gaps with no hair inbetween and which is the main reason of my disappointment
  12. Of course, there is a difference and i am not denying that But with 4500 grafts i expected the outcome to be much better especially from Asmed clinic. I went to Asmed with quite realistic expectations & not with some unrealistic dreams. But i must say the outcome is quite below the mark according to Asmed level as they are the top hairtransplant center in Turkey.
  13. Thnaks for the feedback mate. Yeah, with 4500 grafts the outcome should have been better even with hair diameter of 55. I think the survival rate of the transplanted grafts is 50% or even less than that. Dont know whats the reason as i have seen many tremendous results of same hair diameter as mine coming out of asmed. As of now i m most worried about my hair line which is gappy and have begin to look unnatural.
  14. No nothing much of follow up from their side, i must say. But tbh it have n,t bothered me either. As one have to wait atleast 12 month in order to complain or make a claim or any thing else. Last time i spoke to my co ordinator so she told me that doctor thinks most of the hair have grown and need time to mature. I am currently 9 and a half month on my way to 12 month mark. Lets see where i stand in 2 months. I have recently uploaded pictures from 9 month mark. Take a look u havent seen so u can get a idea of ur 9 month scenario. Best of luck
  15. 9 and a half month mark Both in dry and wet look
  16. Can you please also upload a photo of yours from pre surgery time, when you make a 12 month update? Just to show the total review: how you looked before and now? Concragz you got amazing results! Looks like survival rate of your transplanted grafts is 100%. I have hair micron of almost same size as yours “55” and had my surgery in july 2018. And my results looks nowhere close to yours. Concragulation again and looking forward to your 12 month update
  17. I would suggest you not to worry and go ahead with your surgery as planned. Even though outcome of my surgery and of few others is not so optimal (til now), there are still coming out remarkable results out of clinic. And remember one has to wait almost 18 months to conclude whether a result is successful or not, that cycle is not completed for the few who have their genunie concerns. Many of us are just the half way. And Asmed is surely aware of them who have the concerns and must be extra careful regarding their new patients. In my thread i am just trying to be honest and putti
  18. Can you share link of your thread?? Whats your hair diameter? Have u had your surgery at Asmed?
  19. Yeah that true. We should concentrate of getting more out of 30s 😂 instead of worrying for later years
  20. Yeah, it can be as you are saying combination of diiferents things you mentioned. But then again i have seen many great results with same hair diameter as mine, coming both from Asmed and other well known clinics. Shock loss can also be a reason, but the hairline does seems to have low transplanted density( see attached pic taken just now) as there are quite big gaps in the hair line. Dont know how many grafts are tranplanted per squaremeter in my case but it seems quite low. I hope it gets better in the next three months (will be reaching 12 month mark in 3,5 month). I wish my hairline
  21. Thanks for sharing. Your hair looks amazing at six months mark compared to pre-surgery time. And you can expect it to get even better in the next 6 months. Not every result of Asmed is bad and the few of them complaining i think have a legit reason. I am almost at 8.5 months mark and my hairline is still quite weak and not allow me to push my hair backward. I had to wear them doen to not expose my scalp, not a very ideal situation at this point (almost 9 months), see attached pic taken just now but i agree there are only few such results. Asmed is still producing good results
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