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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. OK guys ... at month 2 (8 weeks) I had my hair cut at the sides, on top i could see lots of little black dots appearing, scarring at back and sides is minimal, still felt pretty shitty. I went to see a dermatologist regarding the spots/pimples and was told it could be possible mild folliculitis, i was prescribed lymecycline 408 for 30 days and also hibiscrub shampoo... all spots disappeared within 5 days I post my 2 month photos here now... I felt disappointed at this stage Now I feel brilliant, at 10 weeks ( 70 days ) I had many hairs sprouting and no longer needed a cap!!! Next week is my 3 month results so will post then but for the last 2 weeks I have felt great and confident... From talking distance ( a metre) away , no one can tell
  2. Hi Seftest, no there were no signs before 14 days, they just came all of a sudden!
  3. Your right on track, my hair had shed 90% by day 24!!
  4. Just updated the thread buddy, everything good but donor zone is irritating as f*ck:mad:
  5. Ok guys im currently at 37 days... 18 days post op I still had a great head of hair... at 24 days 90% had shed :eek: God what a change in 6 days!!! Cant believe how quickly it went! At 5 weeks though I can see a lot of little black dots, im hoping it is early growth I must say the donor pain was a lot worse than I imagined and id stock up on painkillers for the first 10-14 days post op. Other than the shedding the recipient area is fine, numbness went after 3rd week and not too red/pink. but definitely well into ugly duckling phase Donor zone.. God its been irritating as f*ck, loads of little spots and yellow heads from 14 days onwards... Sema advised it could be hair transection and to shampoo more firmly on the donor... which I have but to no avail. I asked about antibiotics-antiseptic but was advised it wasn't needed. At present I have about 16 yellowheads in the donor and 2 huge hard spots and maybe 15 small hard spots... Just hoping it relieves itself in the next week or ill seek more advice. Images are attached at 28 days... if you zoom in you can see the pimples in the donor! They have got worse since but my hair has grown to conceal them At the minute the HT doesnt seem worth it but I guess everyone goes through this stage
  6. Thanks guys.. i know what awaits thanks to your threads
  7. I am having the exact same issue... did this sort itself out?
  8. highlander6

    3200 Grafts With Dr Diep

    Fantastic result, great when people choose the correct surgeons
  9. Thats how many were harvested from the temporal area of the donor
  10. impressive result!!! You must be over the moon
  11. Yes I had bad donor pain too but went away by 2 weeks
  12. The donor pain was a bitch for me, 12 days of constant pain but paracetamol and ibuprofen reduce it alot
  13. Fantastic HG1, get it grown out!! Looks very dense
  14. Trust me... you should have gone to Turkey. This Dr Villnow should be struck off