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  1. significant improvement! Looks like you had an amazing journey and well worth it too.
  2. @MrMatt hey got any updates? the work and progress looks amazing.
  3. @DconlonGutz wanted to check how you were doing on the 6th and 7th month. let us all know, thanks.
  4. Ahhh. did your Mole move to other side of your forehead? Picture 4 of the first thread, the mole is on the right side, but pics 1 and 2, the mole is the left side. Pic 4 is taken with a camera in the mirror, but that wouldn't change the mole placement. Am I trippin?
  5. @txtransplant Great write up, through and informative! thanks for sharing. Any update?
  6. Huge difference from before. Looks good my man! Bottom line...all that matters is if you are happy with the work/product. would like to see an updated pics too. Please