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  1. All the patient photos I seen before my first procedure were fully shaved which wasn't something I really wanted to do, I asked Dr Nader in our first emails if it was absolutely necessary to fully shave the scalp for best results. He replied that it easier for him plant the grafts but wouldn't make any difference the out come of the procedure & could leave up to 1/2 in. on top. So just ask, I did both my procedures that way & got me back to normal a lot faster & it didn't cost extra.
  2. Thanks! I'm 59 & started thinning in my early 30's. I was about a Norwood 3V plus & never took any Meds when I went to Dr Nader in 11- 2015, I received 3700+ grafts & he recommended 10000 mg of biotin per day which really seemed to help. Lately I thought I maybe (not for sure) I was l was losing some native hair. On my last visit I told him I'd like to try Fin. He prescribed 1.25 mg per day it's been 10 days so far with no side effects & hoping it will stay that way so I can protect my investment. Lol
  3. Reynosa has quieted down quite a bit over the last few months, but I believe if you had any trouble it would be more of bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which is most likely slim to none.Also I don't think it's common knowledge on the street that some Nader patents are carrying large amounts of cash or any would-be holdup men are reading this forum to find out. lol I brought cash both trips, I was a little uneasy but that 10% discount made it worth the risk to me. I taped the cash around my ankle & carried a dummy wallet with a few bucks in it just in case I had to hand it over. Everything went smoothly & at no time did I ever feel I was in the least amount of danger either trip. Good Luck with what ever you choose.
  4. Day 8 scabs are gone & hairline looking good. Sorry for the poor resolution
  5. What amount do you take every other day ? I just started 1.25 per day 8 days ago with no sides so far. Just wondering, If you make it say 30 days with no side effects, how good are your chances to continue that way ?
  6. I noticed since the website overhaul there are no more view counts on the threads {the actual amount of times the post has been viewed}. I believe this is an important feature { especially with reviews } to let the poster know if anyone is interested even if there is no replies
  7. Well my community rep just went up a point, I liked your post & your CR increased by 1...Mystery solved, Thanks!
  8. I noticed this feature was added in the new website overhaul. I searched this & couldn't find anything...Just curious
  9. Thanks! No I never had a widows peak but always thought they looked cool. About a week before my procedure I was watching this old black & white late show, the leading man had quite an unusual one that gave me the idea. Bold? Maybe...But nothing a pair of tweezers can't fix if I decide I don't like it lol
  10. Thanks... I've been trying to go for my 2nd since Jan 2017, but unforeseen things kept stalling my plans. Glad I finally got it done. I was thrilled with my last HT results & really didn't need to go back (in my opinion}... but hair greed took over lol. Really like to see some photos of your progress!
  11. Just got back from Reynosa Mexico round 2 with Dr Nader. I went to max out what he estimated to be 2500 grafts last procedure but after thorough examination this time he found we could do the 2500 and I'd still have 500 to 1000 in the bank for a rainy day. Everything went great as usual, stayed in a junior suite 2 nights, transportation to & from the airport & his office, breakfast & lunch all medications included in the price.I don't think this deal can be beat. Here's the work, I'll update every 3 months for anyone that's interested.Here's a link to my first procedure https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/43859-3854-fue-grafts-with-dr-luis-nader/
  12. I'd wish you luck but with Dr Nader you won't need it. By all means definitely order the legendary tacos.
  13. I always thought that was a cool avatar & wondered who that person could be ?
  14. Dr Nader seems to be happy doing just one patient a day & told me(11-15) he had no plans of expanding in the near future. He has a state of the art clinic with a staff of six, he does all the extractions & one Tech helps him with planting so he can do up to 3000 FUE grafts a day. He has more business than he can handle now so being recommended here would only be an extra cost, jack his prices and just add to the problem of communication. He said he will only answer emails personally & hiring someone to answer them would just add to the delay. All I can say is he seems to answer the most persistent more quickly & good things come to those who wait.
  15. Taping my surgery money around my ankles was my idea not Dr Nader's. I am a cautious person & thought it was a good idea just in case I had to reluctantly hand over my wallet to someone on the right end of a gun or knife. He gladly accepts other forms of payments, but cash gets you a 10% discount, which paid for my flight & put $300. bucks back around my ankle. Once He responded to my emails I was in constant contact with him. When I booked my surgery & sent my flight info he sent me his cell number & told me to call if I had any problems. He does not charge a deposit, I paid $5400 for my 3854 grafts with 3 nights Holiday Inn, lunch & medication included (his prices have since gone up,go figure).With that said & my very happy results, I believe I would have been crazy to go anywhere else. I did my homework, this doctor is very professional & is everything everyone says he is.