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  1. Dr. Rahal would be a great choice! If you can’t afford him right now, then wait. Don’t rush into anything until you can do it right. Distance should not be a factor in your decision since this is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life. There’s no point wasting any more valuable grafts on a subpar transplant.
  2. Unfortunately it’s not a good result after 12 months. The crown looks ok and natural, but the front is not good. You would have needed approx. 1700 grafts to fill in the front alone with good density. You should look for a highly reputable clinic to fix this.
  3. Any clinic that offers groupon deals should be avoided.
  4. But if FUT is the better course of treatment for you then wait a few months to do scalp exercises and make time to go to Ottawa. HT disasters are a dime a dozen and you’re spending a lot of money. Don’t prioritize convenience over quality and long term goals.
  5. OP needs to see his doctor before blaming Minoxidil. FYI - I’ve been on Fin for 6 months and no sides, so being quick to blame meds is irresponsible.
  6. For example, l was told by two H&W reps that l was a candidate for either FUE or FUT. However, upon meeting Dr. Hasson in person, he said absolutely no to FUT due to elasticity issues. Imagine if l had only learned this the day of my surgery! At Rahal, l was quoted x number of grafts for FUE and FUT. When l met with Dr. Rahal in person at his clinic, he had a very different approach to my HT plan that resulted in much fewer grafts. Again, l would have been extremely upset to learn this on the day of my surgery. Bottom line is had l booked my HT after only the rep assessments, l would have received entirely different recommendations/plans/expectations the day of my surgery. At least now l have met each doctor in person and l know exactly what to expect when l walk in.
  7. I have also had in-person consultations with H&W and Rahal. Just a little advice....Tara at Rahal is fantastic, H&W reps not so much, but you MUST see Dr. Rahal and Dr. Hasson in person before you make your decision. The docs will ultimately make the final call on your HT strategy and it will likely differ drastically from what you were originally told in the consultation (especially at H&W). Very frustrating and you may end up very disappointed!
  8. Outstanding result! On a side note, did this patient dye his hair previously or did he go grey in the year between transplants?
  9. I feel bad for this guy. The original transplant was brutal. The repair is good, but unfortunately the hairline does not look natural. I think Dr. Rahal did the best he could with the mess the other doctor created.
  10. 4 month update: PROS: I have noticed much less hair falling out in the sink when combing. Overall hair loss seems to have slowed considerably (possibly stopped). Also, my existing hair quality has improved significantly giving the illusion of more hair. It definitely appears thicker and I’ve received some compliments. I am quite impressed with the results after only 4 months. CONS: No noticeable new growth/regrowth. I understand new growth is rare, but l still hope to improve my crown density over the next 6-8 months. No significant sexual side effects except l have noticed a slight decrease in semen volume. There is definitely less than before taking Fin. I have no issues with my ability to “function”. I will continue to take 1.25mg of generic Fin daily and I’ll provide another update in a month.
  11. @Legend007 Seriously, you shouldn’t be getting a hair transplant. To be honest, it seems sketchy that Diep would even agree to do the work on you. Anyway, good luck with your decision.
  12. I started taking Fin 3 months ago and no side effects, and no plans to quit any time soon. It seems to be working well for me and actually wish I had started earlier. Just my 2 cents on the topic.
  13. 3 month update: So far I haven’t noticed any changes - positive or negative. I haven’t experienced any noticeable side effects and everything feels normal, but I also haven’t noticed any changes to my hair. I have noticed maybe a little less hair in the sink when combing, but I haven’t seen a change in density or new growth. I believe 6-12 months is the point where results (if any) will be more noticeable. I plan to continue with 1.25mg daily and will provide another update in a month.
  14. Do you take finasteride? Were there any concerns with shockloss? You still had a significant amount of original hair.