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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Easy, everything is taken care of. I didn't feel unsafe once. You get picked up in the US and are driven straight to the office. Once done you are driven straight back. As long as you don't do anything dumb you have zero to worry about.
  2. To be honest I agree with you, I think what made me deal with it initially was the cost and distance from me plus his work. I offered some suggestions including a virtual assistant. I sent him someone this morning actually to interview. I will also say that any lack of communication with him directly initially is offset during the visit and post op, any questions were answered directly and quickly related to my post op care.
  3. I've gotten a couple of emails with questions so i wanted to answer them for everyone to make it easier. 1. Communication has been an issue due to his level of direct oversight and the number of hours in a day. I know he is exploring options to help make this better but i can say after seeing him that he works very long days and has a family, it's not his lack of attention to his patients. Think about how many people kick tires about this as well and how much time it could eat up for him. 2. Reynosa is a border town that has had real issues in the past. It is an ind
  4. I scheduled about a month before the procedure. I know there have been communication delays in the past but i did see an improvement this time. I think he is so hands on he doesn't have the response time we are accustomed to.
  5. No. I sent that pic for my pre-op consult for my latest procedure. My 1st procedure was Dr. Path FUT, the last two have been with nader. I work in healthcare and feel i made the best decision going with him. The pain vs FUT makes me regret not going FUE every time. I could afford to go anywhere but lucky he is close and a great value.
  6. I have previous posts with pics if that helps and here are a few more. I felt the communication had improved from the first procedure and we did discuss it.
  7. He doesn't recommend but i was able to on both procedures. It's a 3 hr drive for me and the pain was very manageable. I felt that with the extended nap time that i was in good shape.
  8. 2nd FUE with Dr. Nader. 3rd procedure total. Not only is he a world class doctor, he is a world class gentleman. He could easily make more money but is devoted to his patients and is more hands on than most. I will post pics at some point but the procedure was as expected and now its a waiting game. I think if you are in the US or North America you are crazy to pay the prices some of these guys charge, Dr. Nader's is very detailed and a perfectionist with your care, and he takes it personally. The reason you might take a little time to get a response on some things is that he is supervis
  9. I've had both, I prefer FUE for several reasons. Possible scaring, pain, recovery are just a few.
  10. I apologise for being so slow, life gets busy when you get hair 😁 So overall I would say I am very happy with Dr. Nader. Two sets of pics, one dry and hair messy and second group wet and combed. I wouldn't do the strip again given the choice, too many risks to dr.'s skill that day and your post op is much harder. I would say I see the bald spot on the crown and still think I will want to touch it up to make fuller. For me, the cost and service level along with quality of outcome seem hard to beat so close to home. Since it's on the border and you sleep in America unless you just want to...
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