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  1. Yeah....I think you will see a lot more thickness around the 7 month mark. My procedure went well. I had 2000 grafts placed in the front and 2000 grafts placed in the crown the following day. The accommodations were great as were the tacos both days. Dr Nader was very kind and continues to answer my texts. It was trippy looking at the same plate of tacos as the pics you posted and taking photos in the same hotel room your photo shows. I was 8 weeks post op for the second day procedure yesterday and the shed is real. At this point it looks as though I may have even lost some of the native hair as well due to shock loss. Over all I think it will still turn out ok and I plan to return for around 2000 more grafts in a year or so depending on this result. I will likely post pictures in the future when I have time to sort through them all. I appreciate your updates and was encouraged by your early results.
  2. Hair looks good man. I'm sitting in Dr Naders office right now and just had 2000 grafts extracted. Super stoked...he is a great guy.