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  1. I couldn't recommend Dr Nader enough. Obviously his work speaks for itself. I know some guys said they would have gotten more density or another graft session but I'm so satisfied that I am not even thinking of it. Of course, I'm 43 years old now so I might feel differently if I was 30, but I'm completely satisfied. So glad I didn't listen to my wife.
  2. Yeah a little pomade and spray. My hair grows in weird directions on the sides.
  3. Yeah, sorry I haven't posted I don't even think about the fact that I ever had a hair transplant anymore. Here are the latest pics just taken yesterday. Can't really tell if things got thicker or not, I mean, I'm just very satisfied with my results and don't even think about it, as I'm not looking for improvement. The pics actually look slightly thicker from before but I'll leave that up to you guys. Still very happy and glad I went with Dr Nader.
  4. Oh, by the way, when I say "taken further away" I mean with my arm fully extended. I might actually ask my wife to take a few pictures of me like 5-10 feet away and we can take a look at what other people actually see. I'll try to do that if I remember. The last pic is actually very close to what I see when I'm in the mirror and what I suppose more like what people view me as from 3-10 feet away.
  5. Well, it's been almost exactly a year. Amazing how time flies. And just 2 weeks ago I started pushing my hair back like the way I used to do it before, and I'm astonished how much I feel like "the old me". Looking in the mirror is fabulous, it looks thick and dark. Now, taking a close up photo in direct light makes it look like I have much less hair but that's positively not how it looks when I look in the mirror. I've been asking a few friends of mine what they think and they have either a) forgotten I did anything (the most common response) and b)thinks it looks great. I went to a funeral today and saw some guys I don't see often and they thought my hair looked great. My family doesn't say anything (my wife acts like she doesn't care), but I can't tell you guys how often I look at my hair in the mirror and laugh. Also, strangely, my previous hair used to be curly/kinky in certain spots up front and was a pain in the ass to comb, while my hair in the back and sides was more straight. One of the benefits of this transplant is my hair is actually more manageable now. Anyway, I'm sure you're all tired of this, so here are the pics. I'l try to update again in 3 months then 6 months then maybe at the 2 year mark, but for now I'm just enjoying life. The first few pictures are selfies taken at very close range, focusing right on my hair, and in the worst light possible (bright, focused bathroom lights). The last two pictures are taken further away in a normal room. As you can see in the last two, I look like I have a full head of hair. And a nice hairline. Absolutely amazing. Thank you again, Dr Nader! So, my final thoughts on my 1 year update - I couldn't be happier. It looks natural, it's thick and dark (remember, I always had thin hair), and I absolutely am happy with how it turned out.
  6. Well, I haven't had an update in a while so I figured it's time. My apologies for not sticking to the schedule, been busy with other things. First, some pictures. One is a frontal, one is in direct light (as much as I could get shining on my head) and one is not with the light directly on my hair. I think what I'm generally feeling is that when I don't have a light shining RIGHT on top of my head, my hair looks great. Absolutely fine, maybe a little thin but for me it's age appropriate. It's light years better than before, and it sure seems as if it's getting better as time goes on. I'm approaching the 8 month mark, and I would guess the 12 or 18 month mark will be what my "final" results will be. Again, right now I'm extremely satisfied. Anyway, here are the pics. If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to fire away.
  7. I understand where you are coming from, but I have to ask - how old are you? I'm 42, and if you look around at most men who are 42 years old they really don't have crazy dense or low hairlines. If you are in your 30s, I'm sure having a thick, full head of hair is what you want. At my age, I'm more happy if having "decent" hair density. I don't need, or even want, hair that looks "too good". I've always been a little thin so if I showed up one day with movie-star hair my friends and family would be like "wtf". As I've said, I'm very happy and if my hair stopped right here and didn't get any denser, I'd still be happy. I"m sure it'll get more full as time goes on, so I'm looking forward to reassessing my situation at the 12-15 month mark. Right now, I'm really happy. I'll keep updating and hopefully my final result is a good one.
  8. 5 month update. Not much has changed in the last 4 weeks. Uploading 2 pictures for different perspective. Still very, very satisfied with my progress and hopefully it'll get better in the next 6-10 months. Honestly, if it stopped right here I'd still be very happy, my hair looks so much better than it did before, much darker, much fuller, and looks completely natural. Some of my friends have commented that they are so used to the way my hair looks they forgot I even got a transplant. See ya in a month or so.
  9. Attached is my 4 month mark picture. I've noticed something interesting in the last few weeks, my hair has become significantly darker. I'm trying my best to figure out if it's due to the hair becoming thicker or more growing in, and looking as closely as I can, I can't tell. It's most likely some combination of both. People have commented within the last 2 weeks that it looks even better lately. I was slightly worried a month ago that maybe I wouldn't get as good results as other people, but this last month has changed that perspective. It's just slowly getting better and better every week, even if my perception may not change until I notice it myself. I would think at this stage it's almost like losing weight, you have to look at your old pants that are way too large for you to realize you've actually made a lot of progress, or run into someone you haven't seen for a while to comment on how much your appearance has changed. I'm so optimistic for how things will look at month 12 and 18, much less 30-60 days from now. I'll do my best to update every month with progress pics for the lurkers.
  10. Astonishing. Your pics at the 11 month mark are amazing, to say the least. At this point I think you need to dig up a picture of when you were in your 20s to compare it to now. Your hairline/thickness looks like a teenager's in the pics from what I can tell (You might not think so but as an outsider it appears that way). WOW. Can you go into the psychological affect? What have people said to you? How do you feel about it? Have you told everyone you had a procedure?
  11. 3 month update. Not much to report except that my hair has reached a length where I have to "trim" it to even it out. Some hairs are significantly longer than others (I can still see some hairs as almost stubble). Also, I've grown so accustomed to having really short hair I think I prefer this hairstyle (so easy to manage). For now I think I'm going to keep it this length. I may change my mind and just grow it all out, but we'll see. It is not as full as I'd like it, but it seems other people have that issue around month 3-5, and then around month 6 things get significantly better. Still, I am very happy and it looks much better to me than it did before I had my procedure. See ya next month.
  12. Well, here is my 2 month update, even though I'm a few days late. Things are progressing very very nicely. My friends are astonished at how good it looks, one of them rubbed my head last night as soon as he saw me and said "your hair is growing in nice!". Essentially everyone I know has commented on it, all positive. It really is a great experience so far. That first week or two was a little rough, but ever since then it's been great. And on top of that, I kind of really like having short hair, it's so low maintenance. Here is two pics, one is in full overhead lighting, one is without. My hair actually looks much darker and fuller than it does with the light shining right above it, which is normal. I can't wait to see how it looks at the 6 month mark.
  13. I'm sorry, I've been extremely busy lately. Here is my 1 month pic which I forgot to upload. My 2 month pic will be posted in 8 days. I'm very happy with the progress so far.
  14. Well, here is my hair 2 weeks after my procedure. Growing in pretty fast, I'm very pleased with the results. At this point I guess I'll update every 4 weeks or so. I really am very happy with my decision to get this done.
  15. Thanks. It seems 5k grafts is a lot but your hair seems to be thinner than mine, as mine is naturally a little wavy. When you speak to Dr Nader I'm sure he'll give you his opinion and you can go from there. I wish you well, please keep us updated when you do your procedure.