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  1. Here's my update guys. This pic was taken around 200 days post opt. I can still feel small stubble of hair growing so I am pretty happy so far. Can't wait to finally get a haircut from a professional and instead of cutting it myself.
  2. Hey, all the hair grafts started to falll out now. I look bald and red which is likely the ugly duckling stage so that’s why I been quiet. Waiting for this phase to be over.
  3. Looks awesome. Your hair will be great by summer. Only wish I was more strategic in planning my dates.
  4. 27th day post op. The area is now pretty red and hair is falling off rapidly. Is it odd that the spot where the hair has been implanted seems almost smooth or bald as if nothing has been implanted. Would that mean hair wouldn’t grow back in that area? Hopefully some experts can assist. Thanks.
  5. Hi @AhmadF1284I was not advised of any product. However, normally after applying shampoo it feels less itchy. I also wear a hat during work so it helps prevent me from touching my head. I will try your advice on Almond oil as I hear its good for your hair.
  6. Just sharing my 22 Day Post Op pic below. You can't really see it, but there's redness in the area where the hair has been implanted. No scabbing though, but hair is falling out when i shower.
  7. Hi, @yesplease, here are some additional pre-op pics. I will try to find more but so hard to do as the resolutions are terrible. I wish I took some pics on the day of my surgery but my phone was placed away at the clinic. However, you can see with the pic below he had lowered my hairline slightly as I have a big forehead. Lol.
  8. I think 3-4 weeks is recommended as you may still may have soreness around your head and wouldn't want to cause more serious impact.
  9. Hi @shookwon33 this was Day 1 post-op. I had the surgery on April 17th and I had taken the pic after coming back home from my first wash after the clinic on April 18th. You can't really tell I had any done and my hair grew back fast.
  10. thanks. It's always encouraging to hear great feedback.
  11. I was already rubbing my hair with my fingers while washing it, which was instructed by my Dr after Day 5. Don’t think it would be an issue as I had hair fallen off already.
  12. 14th Day Post-Op update. Pic's are below. I am still scabbing as you can see in the pics and it's quite flaky. I have been using the shampoo provided by Dr. Hassan and just rubbing the hair with my fingertips in a circular motion and not picking at it. I do see hair grafts falling out all the time, especially in the shower, I was told its normal. I like the hairline a lot so far, some hair grafts had fallen off from the hairline on the front so it doesn't look as straight as it was on the first day. However, happy i went through with it as I am used to having a M shape hairline for over 10 years.
  13. Hi @Panamera13, I received 3000 grafts only on the front of hairline only as I had a M shape before. He packed it very densed too.
  14. Hi @Recedinggenes, there's a couple factors that i would suggest you do, first try to get an online consultation from both if you can. You will be able to ask alot of questions and they will be able to tell you the process and what would be a good fit for you. I did it with Dr. Hasson and felt very comfortable with speaking to both Chris and Doug and eventually Dr. Hasson to make a formal decision. I am not quite familiar with Dr. Gabel but the staff and Dr. Hasson are really personable and fantastic whom take very good care of you. His results are amazing as you can see through multiple people's results in the forum. However, I just got mine 5 days ago so I am basing it off what i just been through so far. Another factor why I decided to go with Dr. Hasson is due to location was key as i wanted to be closer to where I live, and Dr.Hasson's team constantly posts recent patience's results in this forum which showcase his amazing work. I kinda like that about a team whom is really proud of their projects.And If you are from out-of-town they do provide some reimbursement credit for accommodation i believe. Side note, I was also considering Dr.Diep but they lack communication was very poor, till this day I am still on their waiting list since Sept 2018 and had never had any email indicating when the next opening is. Luckily I did not give them my deposit as they request for it. I can only imagine what kind of communication I get if I needed post-op care. Good Luck.
  15. Thanks @Legend007. How was your post-op care at home? I noticed others have saline solution but that wasn't part of Dr. Hasson's instruction care guide. When did you start washing the grafts comfortably to avoid scabbing, and removing some hair grafts along with causing ingrown hair. I am on Day 5 starting tomorrow and on Day 4 i just patted my hair with cupping water and shampoo under the sink ever so lightly. However, the hair is kinda itchy right now as i type.
  16. Great results. I was having my surgery when this gentlemen came in to take his 9 months post-op photo which i thought were amazing. Can't even tell he had any HT. Dr. Hasson is reallly great at what he does.
  17. Thanks for that information. Does anyone know what to do with face swelling. It's Day 3 and my forehead has now swelled to my eyes and my iphone face recognition does not work.LOL. And starting what day will it be okay to wear a hat to work? As i plan on going back to work 8 days after my Hair Transplant.
  18. Wow I’m so jealous. I just got mine done too with Dr. Hasson andI was hoping maybe to get a lower hairline but I trusted his design and it would of costed more. But 👍👍👍👍
  19. Yes, I’m on finasteride for over 2 years. I guess I should keep on continuing it. Are some people off of it once they have a hair transplant?
  20. Thanks everyone for all the replies and positive feedback. I always had a great time reading about other's journey and their results and now i am excited i get to share my own. Today, I went to get my hair wash at the clinic. They were very helpful to teach me the settle way of washing the hair with shampoo. Here's the donor area pic that i took today after they removed the bandage and rinsed it. Im kinda glad they shaved my hair cause i never had balls to do it before lol. choose files... Click to choose files
  21. Day 1. Hi everyone, I finally did it. After contemplating for many years at he age of 19, and now at the age of 32, i finally saved up enough $$ to get a hair transplant. I went with Dr. Hasson as my first consultation and it went really well as he's very personable, and wants you to look like a rockstar. And of course because he's local. I originally was planning on going with Dr. Diep, however that didn't go to plan and I'm truly glad i went with Dr. Hasson instead. Anyways, I had procedure for 3000 grafts to be implanted, it took all day from 7am to 9pm to finish. A lot of bathroom breaks and they offer a huge selection of meals to pick from 3 different restaurants nearby, which i wasn't' expecting. Dr. Hasson also consulted with me with hairline and i always had a big forehead so i wanted it lowered a bit to fit my face more naturally and have more hair dense altogether. Once that was done, the nurses prepped me up and did the extraction and then Dr. Hasson came into work on me and design and then a second pair of nurses assisted the implant. He always checked up on me once or twice and was getting me more stoked about people's results as he was showing me a previous patient who had came in after 9 months to take pics of his results and it was amazing to see their before after live. In in the end I was pleased with procedure, and i can't wait to see what i look like going forward. Below are two pics: the left is after coming home the night of the transplant and the right is how my M shape hairline was before taken in the car ride to the clinic. You can't really see the hairline difference yet, hopefully it'll turn out like a rockstar. Anyways, enjoy, let me know if you have any questions. P.S. Going home was painful but the pain killers help.
  22. That’s great to hear guys. I felt always anxious every since I was 21 about people staring at my receding line when talking to me. I’m getting a consultation in hopes to get a ht soon. I’m kinda excited