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  1. Recedinggenes

    4 Years Later

    Well I should rephrase that, I’m not leaning towards fut I’m open to the suggestion. Because I have thin hair and I can’t handle finasteride I was thinking fue would butcher my head, then I could continue to lose hair and it will just be a real thin donor area. Thanks for the replies guys it means a lot.
  2. Recedinggenes

    4 Years Later

    Is it worth having one done without finasteride? I’m leaning towards FUT but like others am not pumped about the scar
  3. Recedinggenes

    4 Years Later

    Well that’s the thing, I tried fin and had the worst sides and still to this day deal with them. Tried minoxidil and it slowed down my hair loss for a few years then I just gave up on it. I suffered the worst ball pain and loss of libido on fin, saw a eurologist and he said to stop the fin and here I am 3 years later with sensitive testicles to where my lady can’t even play with them. Thats what is holding me back, everyone says get on fin but I can’t....
  4. Recedinggenes

    4 Years Later

    I like to keep it longer on top and shorter on the sides but not too short
  5. Hey guys and gals. I’ve been really researching the hair transplant field and want your opinions on where I stand with my hair loss and my future going forward. I would love to have Dr. Gabel perform my transplant, he has really good results and lots of them. That being said, when should I pull the trigger? I’m 27, and really would love to have hair through my 30s. I haven’t contacted him yet but if anyone knows what kind of prices I’m looking at and how many grafts you think I would need would be helpful. Here are some pictures, the first is from 4 years ago.... opinions please, thanks
  6. Care to share any photos? I’m very curious to how your hair looks now.
  7. Recedinggenes

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Looks good, hopefully this is your last one I’ve noticed with Nader his patients almost always have to go back for more density, and that really sucks because I’m interested in having him work on my dome but don’t want to hop on a plane a year later for another round. Keep us updated man
  8. Recedinggenes

    2,300 grafts FUE w/ Dr. Nader

    Work looks clean. I’m looking forward to seeing how your journey goes and wish you good luck mate! Happy growing
  9. https://www.gov-online.go.jp/eng/publicity/book/hlj/html/201810/201810_10_en.html Read this today, makes me feel hopeful for a full blown cure. I still feel like running off and getting a transplant for right now, and have high hopes for a cure in the near future to give me what we all want, a full head of lucious thick hair!
  10. Recedinggenes

    FUE with Dr Gabel

    Just curious to what were dr gabels prices for fue?
  11. Recedinggenes

    Why hate on Mexico?

    I know most have seen this success story from Nader, I know it’s just one story but damn I’d kill to have this transplant.
  12. Recedinggenes

    Why hate on Mexico?

    Ive seen good results from Nader, with the price being very affordable compared to the states. There are a few guys on here who just recently had one done by him I’m curious how they are doing now. I’ve been seriously considering him in the next year or two, just haven’t taken the leap and watching my hairloss closely to see if it’s slowing down.
  13. Can/do surgeons map your scalp for hair miniturization to see how much hair you will lose? I’m waiting on my hair to stop or really slow down and was thinking about this.
  14. Ok, I’ve posted in the past but didn’t have great photos to show you guys so I’m going to try again with more detail and history to get a better idea of when I should go for it. I turn 27 in a few months, have been receding for about 7 years now, tried finasteride with terrible sides, was on rogaine for 3 years and held onto what I had but still slowly receded. My dad is a Norwood 5, who lost all his hair before the age of 30 and his brothers and his dad all have full heads of hair? Weird I know. On my mother’s side, her brothers and father all have full heads of hair. so here I am wanting to get a ht in the near future but not sure when I should pull the trigger? I’m not sure how much hair I’ll lose in the near future or if my hair is stabilizing? Or if I’d be a good candidate? But I want to do this within the next few yrs. please let me know what you guys think, I’m conflicted over here. Thanks