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  1. I’m considering a highly reputable surgeon, so I feel better about going fut. My hair is just naturally thinner and my dads a Norwood 6 so I feel fut is best for the long run. Havent heard much from people that have gone fut and have been pleased with their scar/donor. That’s why I posted this
  2. Thanks @Dazed, here’s a photo of my donor. Id like to grow my hair out at least another inch in the back.
  3. Hey all, so I had a consultation recently and everything went well, and was going to call back to schedule a date for my surgery but can’t decide if I really want Fut and that scar, or fue and and pay an extra 5 grand? Really want some opinions here from folks who have had both. Some points to consider; I like wearing my hair longer- I have soft/fine hair qualities. Im ready to get this done, and was leaning towards Fut but thinking about the scar and future thinning and not knowing where I’ll be at in 10-15 years scares me. Any advice/ opinions please chime in! thank you all
  4. I’m curious, if this patient of gabels wasn’t pleased with his results, and thought he needed more grafts, would gabel do what he could to please him? Give him a free touch up? Or is that unheard of?
  5. It’s there everyday. Can’t sleep in some positions, they are extra sore after a hard workout or after a hard you know what lol. It sucks, I know it isn’t giving everybody bad sides but for me it did and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.
  6. Stuff is poison to me. I wouldn’t and couldn’t recommend it to anyone to save them the chance of getting the sides I got/have. Finasteride completely killed my sex drive and erections in a time where I was just starting a new relationship. I gave it a little more time thinking it was in my head or going to go away and then started feeling a dull ache in my testicle. Here I am 4 and a half years later with that same pain. Will never touch it or recommend it, almost ruined my manhood.
  7. No it hasn’t gotten any better nor worse. Hairloss has been slowly receding for years but I feel like it’s stopping which is great. Ya I actually have a consultation in a few days with a doc. Nervous as heck lol just wish I never took that finasteride
  8. Hey guys, I was on finasteride for a few weeks and experienced complete loss of erection and my libido. It scared the hell out of me, then my testicle started to ache and I said no more, so I tapered off of it. That was 4 years ago. After a few weeks my erections and libido came back but the testicle ache and sensitivity never subsided. Went to a urologist and he said everything looks fine just stay away from Finasteride. Here I am today still with extreme sensitivity and was just wondering if anyone on here has the same thing going on and if they had any advice to give me? Thanks
  9. Hair transplant surgeons need to take notes! H and W had been killing it. If they weren’t so far away, I would definitely be giving them a ring. Bravo doc
  10. Well that’s the thing, only my dad is bald out of everyone in my family and he lost all of his hair by 30. I tried finasteride, gave me terrible sides. Minoxidil worked for a few years. I have a consultation with a hair transplant doc next week
  11. I know every case is different, but I’m curious to how fast some of you Norwood 4+ went bald from when you first noticed. I am currently a Norwood 3a and noticed thinning in my temples about 7 years ago. thanks
  12. Do you think you needed more grafts? That’s one thing I like about h and w is they really fill in the hairline with a lot of grafts and get stellar results. Hope it thickens out for yah mate
  13. https://finchsells.com/2017/08/03/fut-hair-transplant-bangkok-5-month-diary/ Came across this mans hair transplant journey. Gave me a little inspiration, and a little laugh:)
  14. I’ve heard of this combo a lot lately and have seen a few stellar results. Curious if anyone is trying this out and how it’s going? Minoxidil worked for me for a few years I’d be down to try it again in conjunction with microneedling.
  15. Awesome results, happy for you. Are you taking any medications/supplements at the moment?