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  1. went into the clinic today for some shots from dr. hasson to treat the affected areas, everything went smooth. will check back with them in 4 weeks! just time to wait now. thanks for reaching out and taking care of me hasson and wong
  2. I've sent them an email, we'll see what happens. Probably gonna just get smp
  3. Update. Cut my hair short and noticed the scars, not cool! Pretty visible, gonna have to get SMP to cover it up
  4. How so? By filling in existing thinning areas, once and if those areas thin out completely, there will be transplanted hair left over
  5. Here man I took alot of photos from different angles. Took photos of my native hair density as well so you can compare. Front hair is still noticeablely shorter than the rest of my hair. When I got surgery doctor said my grafts are on the thicker side so that helps with density
  6. Hey here is an update on Jan 30th. Growing in nicely excited to see how much more growth I'll get in the next following months
  7. here are update pics, 11 weeks post op. getting thicker by the day, exciting!
  8. yeah looking back now, at first glance it looks like he couldve got away with 2000ish. if you look deeper, he lowered both my widows peaks by 3cm, filled in the existing thinning middle front area and implanted some hairs into my existing hairline to combat any future hair loss that i may have. pretty dense as well, i guess thats why he needed 3200. seems like alot of grafts to use in the front hairline but he felt it was ok as he didnt see any miniturization up top or in my crown. also theres no hairloss/balding in my family, only my dad who has a high receded stabilized hairline(same as mine). it was a calculated transplant, dr hasson has good rep so i put my hair in his hands.
  9. FUE 3200 GRAFTS done on august 20th, 2018 by dr hasson. pre op post op 10 days post op 1 month post op 6 weeks post op (today)
  10. i know diep is really good with asian hair... any other docs to look for? how is doganay? i cant seem to find any asian patients on his gallery
  11. why make it a matter? unless she asks about it, i wouldnt mention it
  12. probably a blood test to see if your deficient in anything, but what densedream said. hairloss can be slow then all of a sudden you lose like hell or you could lose like hell then it stops. nobody really knows. best bet is to look at your parents and grandparents to see where you are destined to be
  13. i really doubt but im no doctor. Flurbiprofen 8.75mg is a REALLY REALLY tiny dose... doubt it had much effect on your blood