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  1. You probably had high androgen exposure at some point, possibly in utero, so you had an aggressive progression followed by stasis. Whether or not it will continue to progress is a combination of genetics and lifestyle/medication. Take serial pictures from a consistent angle/lighting to see if it changes over time if you are concerned or are thinking of meds/surgery.
  2. Great observation from the op. It is pretty insane how variable post op instructions can be -- there is not much as far as 'standard of care' in hair transplantation because so little has been formally studied. I mean think about it, who would pay for a study to analyze under microscopy the effects of aloe vera vs no aloe vera, vitamin e vs placebo, etc etc in the setting of hair loss. The best you can do is to look at studies about wound healing. The analysis isn't hard, it's just the current model of research in the west is a business model because that's the way capitalistic medical economies work. Companies pay to investigate therapies that will provide a return on your investment. I will google many different doctors' advice and then combine that with advice from the forums and my own general instincts. Beyond that, there's not much you can do.
  3. For a reasonable response please provide your age, medications, family history, and pictures of your frontal hairline and crown.
  4. What makes you so strongly anti-fin? Have you tried it?
  5. Hello all, it has been a while. I was supposed to get surgery a while back, but I was in a bad car accident and everything got postponed. Now I am looking at the forums again and it seems like I am seeing many of the same names, and even their posting volume is down. Some questions for you fine folk: Is hair restoration surgery becoming less popular? Are there any new surgeon standouts? Have the 'holy trinity' or 'magnificent seven' changed at all? Couto, Freitas, Konior, Cooley, Feriduni, Lorenzo, Gabel etc. Is FUT vs FUE still even debated or have we finally settled on this?
  6. I am really impressed with the international representation on these forums, seems like most of the world is represented. I always noticed clinics from Africa and China were missing. I assumed the former was because a lot of countries there were still developing but China always confused me, as I felt it would be a huge repository of potential surgeons and patients to look at and help develop technique forward. Presumably, the stratification of the surgery in tech labor that distinguishes America : Europe (particularly FUE) would be even more pronounced in China, as they really have seemed to leverage this approach with robotics and manual labor in other industries. The closest thing to a "forum" I could find there was through baidu (which is apparently their Google): Does anyone know of an actual Mandarin forum?
  7. Jesus what a horrifying procedure. I wonder if we will one day look back at what we do now and think, "We used to do that?!" Excellent, excellent work as always Dr. Beehner. Thank you for sharing an unusual and challenging case, you are a credit to the art.
  8. For FUE in Europe, Freitas Couto and Lorenzo stand out. No one in the USA is getting their kind of results. Just a half step behind are the Belgian docs. And bringing up the rear is the good old US of A. Turkey, India, etc. are really just too cowboy for me.
  9. Thank you for the update. Can't wait to see how the larger sessions turn out, especially as compared to strip.
  10. It will once the balance tips too far in one direction or the other, and the economic incentive re-emerges.
  11. Yes, extremely simple. As in, so simple it's laughable. Read my first post. Almost no funding required outside of procedural work and a part time statistician. Think about procedures comparing saline to silicone breast implants as an example to start with. Start with a defined end point. An earlier post of mine on this forum contained some of the rough details. I will elaborate later this week when I have more time.
  12. This, by the way, is an incorrect statement. The study would be easy to setup, similar ones have been done throughout the academic history of medicine on, literally, every procedure that exists in surgery. And every time there has been resistance from those doing the old technique that would not go away until the new procedure was shown, in peer reviewed and blinded studies, to be superior. This is the nature of scientific progress. I have already given a rough outline of the method elsewhere. The issue is not the complexity of the study, it is the lack of incentive.
  13. A good peer reviewed study that showed the two procedures as equivalent would make me schedule my surgery almost immediately. Until then, I am reluctant to waste follicles for reduced scar risk, regardless of what the pictures say. I could, for example, very easily list a series of links to patients with poor outcomes from the the elite physicians of hair loss, and it would make many of the former claims seem absurd. But who cares? That means as much to me as viewing their successes -- nothing. The plural of anecdote is not data. It's just one man's experience cherry picking from their own patient database. The patient submitted cases are the strength of this forum, but in the past even they have been circumspect (clinics pressuring patients with good outcomes to post their photos online, offering them discounts or follow up treatment at a discounted rate if they do so, IP addresses overlapping between clinics and 'patients' etc.) Simple thought experiment: ask yourself this, does your Instagram or FB profile really reflect your life? Does your Twitter account really reflect how witty you are in an average conversation? How about if people were willing to pay you hundres of thousands of dollars based on what you posted online? Would you post a fair sampling of your data? Can somebody even be objective about that? Forget about it. I am all for scientific progress. But too many times throughout human history, capitalism has created pseudoscientific progress in the name of the almighty dollar. Let us be aware of this motivation on both sides any time a discussion like this perks up. When you come across anyone who claims to have too many of the 'right' answers about hair loss, they are either 1) lying to you or 2) lying to themselves. I don't know which is worse, but I do know this: both are disheartening, especially when it comes from those who have sworn to heal for a living. That is not an allegation against any of the posters on this thread, but rather a sincere piece of advice for the surgical hair loss community as a whole. It's time for a change in hair loss. Time for something new. This is an abusive relationship that has gone on too long. The reason the research is not out there is because we, as consumers, have not stood up for ourselves and demanded it. The hair loss industry thinks we're too stupid to even care when a procedure has been scientifically proven before we are willing to try it. Are we? Are you? I know I'm not.