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  1. Wesley's results are B to B+ average. Cooley has some interesting ideas but his surgical technique doesn't match up based on his patient submitted cases. Bloxham is too young. He needs a decade or two more before he can be considered with the elites here. Shapiro - his time has gone. Do more research and keep your geography flexible. The northeast, or east coast in general, are unlikely to be where your answer lies, have been fairly weak for transplant results in this era. Be patient. Better not done at all than not well.
  2. With the prior scar being prominent I don't know if you should risk a third. Perhaps a good FUE along with beard body hair into the strip. I would probably try to revise the scar first because regardless of which procedure you did, less visibility would allow the surgeon more flexibility in picking the harvest site.
  3. Is this for FUE or FUT? Or is it the same with both? I would imagine FUT would take longer..
  4. My question is slightly different because I work from home, but I work in a job that requires extremely intense focus for 12 hours straight. I am not as worried about the cosmetic effects, but how long the pain/discomfort after surgery would be to prevent me returning to this level of attention. I know everyone's recovery is different, but is there a ballpark estimate?
  5. It's called recuperarelpelo. Amazing results. He really likes those angular temples wow. Do you have any before pics with hair?
  6. Insightful. In general, approaching in person well gives you a bonus point or two on attractiveness and will land you with a more attractive girl, especially if you are physically not the 'conventional' image of attractive -- bald, short, minority, etc. But you have to carry yourself well and get used to rejection. This is hard for younger guys because of the millennial coddling and generally declining economic state of youth in the west.
  7. Thanks for your fair handed assessment in the setting of your professional niche.
  8. Ah starting off 2020 with an oldie but a goodie.. the old Scar vs Yield thread Poster 1: I believe FUE is the future and that new clinics are getting the same yields with a less recognizable scar. Coincidentally I have had this exact surgery and I do not believe confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance are at play here. It's just a coincidence. Poster 2: Well that's not what Dr. So and So said. FUT will always have better yield than FUE because 1) yields within a single surgery are better and 2) it lets you have a greater number of total procedures. Also I have had FUT and I do not believe this is impacting my decision to support FUTs. Poster 1: Dr. So and So sucks he isn't as good as Dr. This and That. Based on my review of online cases and my n of 1 experience, I feel confident in letting you know that you're living in the past. Poster 2: Dr. This and That lives in <x> country where there is no rule of law, I don't trust his results. All because a procedure is new doesn't mean it is better. Poster 1: It's all about money. You're a shill. Poster 2: It's all about money. You're a shill. Poster 1: Troll. Poster 2: Troll. They used to have this argument about open heart surgery vs bypass until the numbers came out in peer reviewed journals. Until then, we continue on the merry-go-round. Also 1978Matt, I'm surprised you're not able to find cases from Couto's patients? How about recuperarelpelo? Just turn auto translate on if you can't understand Spanish. His donor extractions are large, but his yields within a single surgery are solid. Freitas and Lorenzo are strong as well, though possibly a half step below in some instances. There are a few other names there, I think they've figured something out. My hunch is that the numbers will eventually show us that stripping out then FUE has the most robust and greatest lifetime yield, and that the excellent short term results from the FUE files of Couto, Freitas etc will be outweighed by a devastatingly low lifetime yield, but you never know. It could end up being the exact opposite.
  9. You probably had high androgen exposure at some point, possibly in utero, so you had an aggressive progression followed by stasis. Whether or not it will continue to progress is a combination of genetics and lifestyle/medication. Take serial pictures from a consistent angle/lighting to see if it changes over time if you are concerned or are thinking of meds/surgery.
  10. Great observation from the op. It is pretty insane how variable post op instructions can be -- there is not much as far as 'standard of care' in hair transplantation because so little has been formally studied. I mean think about it, who would pay for a study to analyze under microscopy the effects of aloe vera vs no aloe vera, vitamin e vs placebo, etc etc in the setting of hair loss. The best you can do is to look at studies about wound healing. The analysis isn't hard, it's just the current model of research in the west is a business model because that's the way capitalistic medical economies work. Companies pay to investigate therapies that will provide a return on your investment. I will google many different doctors' advice and then combine that with advice from the forums and my own general instincts. Beyond that, there's not much you can do.
  11. For a reasonable response please provide your age, medications, family history, and pictures of your frontal hairline and crown.
  12. Hello all, it has been a while. I was supposed to get surgery a while back, but I was in a bad car accident and everything got postponed. Now I am looking at the forums again and it seems like I am seeing many of the same names, and even their posting volume is down. Some questions for you fine folk: Is hair restoration surgery becoming less popular? Are there any new surgeon standouts? Have the 'holy trinity' or 'magnificent seven' changed at all? Couto, Freitas, Konior, Cooley, Feriduni, Lorenzo, Gabel etc. Is FUT vs FUE still even debated or have we finally settled on this?