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  1. I had a hair transplant 4 months ago. 2600 grafts were used to cover a 64cm area (hairline and temples). It wasn’t until after surgery that I noticed the density was only 41cm2 overall (50cm2 in the hairline and 30-35cm2 behind the hairline). Based on my research, this seems like the bare minimum in terms of density. Not to mention, my hair caliber is only 51 microns. should I be considered about the density? do you think I will require a second procedure? thanks in advance.
  2. thanks, man! that’s really helpful.
  3. Can a single pimple (not folliculitis) on the recipient area adversely impact the grafts at 4 weeks post-op? Thanks in advance!
  4. apparently it’s a “vegan” product, but i’m not sure if that makes it safe for use. the ingredients are listed on the website
  5. is the following shampoo safe for use: https://www.target.com/p/acure-simply-smoothing-coconut-marula-shampoo-12-fl-oz/-/A-52532707 i don’t see alcohol listed in the ingredients; however, I did not see alcohol listed on head&shoulders either, so i figured it’s listed under a code name.
  6. what ingredient do they both contain that makes them harmful to hair transplants? any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. thank you for your feedback! you make some valid points. what is your position on post-op saline spray? do you think that doctors are warranted in their belief that post-op saline spray contributes to graft survival?
  8. thank you so much for the detailed response! I really appreciate it. I just want to clarify a point that you made. You said, “once the graft is in the scalp, there can not be dryness.” When you said “...in the scalp...”, do you mean when the graft is anchored, or are you simply referring to the initial placement? Another way that post-op differs is in washing. I see that some surgeons instruct their patients to gently massage the recipient area during cleaning in order to remove the scabs early on. I was instructed not to touch the recipient area for two weeks. Instead, I was instructed to spray the recipient area with baby shampoo. As such, my recipient area is still very much littered with crust. Is there a benefit to removing the crust early? Thanks again!
  9. I am 12 days post-op, and naturally, I began browsing the internet for guidance in the immediate post-op phase. I began noticing that post-op instructions vary widely between doctors. For example, my doctor instructed me two spray saline on the grafts every two hours for two weeks in order to prevent the grafts from drying out (which I plan on doing). However, I noticed that other doctors do not require saline application at all. I’m curious to hear if others were required to apply saline as part of their aftercare regime. Also, do you believe that saline can promote graft survival? I look forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks in advance!