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  1. Haven’t made a log but took pictures at each stage over the last year, happy to talk in PM if you have questions
  2. whey protein concentrate, i highly doubt supplements that are natural reduced hair! MAYBE creatine due to the links to DHT increase however i doubt it
  3. im 12 months post op from Dr. Pekiner, ride the mental wave through the phases and your result will be good
  4. I had my HT done by Dr. Pekiner last year, not sure whats happened recently about reports on here but he is a legit and imo very respectable Dr, my experience and results have been good with him, id recommend him to others so its a shame he isn't well known for Europeans on this forum as a high contender
  5. It’ll be a full journey type post with the monthly pictures I’ve taken, not just a before/after, it should be taken as my journey, just condensed into few posts/timeframe as i hated looking at people’s progress and they never finish it, this way it allows someone to see every step until the end when they read it rather than waiting months and never see the final result like a lot of logs Everyone likes the progress pics but hate waiting a month between each one with a lot of logs not giving a final result as it’s been a long time and this way people can see everything in my journey pro
  6. i had mine done in october with Dr Pekiner, so far results have been good, ill be doing a full report in one big thread with start to finish pictures as i didnt want to open the thread and update monthly, i think people would rather have a before during and after all in one place
  7. i suspect that is his natural hair pattern, a cowlick means just that!
  8. earliest picture ive seen is from around 2 with this hairline, i suspect its either a case of no hair follicles developed there or some really bad luck with baby testosterone that never grew back
  9. youll have to trust me, ive seen my baby photos and the hairline is exactly the same, its not normal and ive never seen anyone with receded temples from a young age before, im not posting baby pictures up to prove it though! :)
  10. Ive decided on getting a HT done, as the bald temples are quite far back and ive never had hair there, im more concerned as to whether there is a skin condition or something genetic that could stop transplanted hair growing in the temples after the procedure, if its ever receded then i suspect only a very small amount at the hair line but nothing to class it as hairloss, id say it was natural with age
  11. age is 31, only family history is uncles getting MPB upto NW3,
  12. Hi all, Im going to be getting a HT soon but wanted to make sure i dont have a unique case that could cause it issues, Ive got effectively a standard NW3 hairline, thats been the same since birth/childhood! it looks like ive had MPB but its something that ive always had, with no noticeable loss! if this just rubbish hairline genetics (mum has high hairline and uncles have receded temples from mpb) or some condition as ive never seen anyone with the same Nw3 pattern their whole life, i just want to check i dont have something wrong with my skin on temple area that could stop
  13. any update pictures? did you manage to conceal the front with native hair successfully after the op?
  14. how did you find the whole process?, also how red is the recipient area in real life? is it noticeable like on pictures or hard to spot? im thinking of either pekiner or kesser this year to have mine done too
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