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  1. @Mohammad12 my advice is for you to avoid any clinic where the doctor is not involved in the surgery. Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplants but if you really want to go there the only safe option is HLC Ankara at 2.5€/graft. There are two other top docs in Turkey but both have limitations; Dr. Keser is a recluse and doesn’t use a microscope during surgery while Dr. Pekiner achieves amazing results but he aborts surgeries if he finds miniaturized hairs (doesn’t take risks). You have low cost Demirsoy doing old school technique of pre-made slits and techs implanting up to 4000 grafs per day. The rest is mostly Turkish Hairmills like Cinik, Asmed etc, where you surgery is done by technicians that could have been taxi drivers 2 months before doing your surgery. Dr. Arika at Eugenix is probably the cheapest option to have a surgery performed by a doctor that is consistently achieving great results and using a highly skilled technique - DHT. Eugenix doesn’t do DHI but rather their own technique called DHT in which they first do pre-made slits then extract the grafts and finally implant them within 30m after extraction (grafts spend less time out of body). I consider DHI a better technique but DHT at Eugenix done by Dr. Arika is getting great results.
  2. Dr. Erkan Demirsoy 1.25€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / Pre-Made Slits & Techs do Implanting Dr. Arika Bansal 1.8€/graft / DHT & Techs do Implanting Dr. Kaan Pekiner 2.25€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / Stick&Place / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Bruno Ferreira 2.5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / DHI / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Ximena Villa 2.5€/graft / 2 Patients/Day / DHI / Techs do implanting HLC Ankara 2.5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / Stick&Place / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Kongiat Laorwong: 2.6€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / DHI / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Kesser 3.5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / Stick&Place / Doctor Only Surgery (without microscope) with staff assisting Dr. Bruno Pinto 3.5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / DHI / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Rafael De Freitas 3.5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / DHI / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Muresanu at Hattingen Clinic: FUE 4.31€/graft / FUT 3.45€/graft Dr. Jose Lorenzo 5€/graft / 1 Patient/Day / DHI / Doctor Only Surgery with staff assisting Dr. Bijan Feriduni: FUE 5€/graft / 1-2 patients per day / pre-made slits / techs do implanting with Doctor supervison. Dr. Christian Bisanga at BHR Brussels: FUE 6,05€/graft first 1000 grafts and then it’s 3,63€/graft (with 21% tax). FUT 4.24€/graft. *Check with the Doctor as prices might have been updated.
  3. I`m considering a final procedure to add density to the frontal hairline. Don`t yet know if I will need to add density to the midscalp and crown (hope not).
  4. @SilverFox my friend @PT#31 went to @Dr. Bruno Ferreira in May (after Pekiner aborted his surgery in December) been nagging him to post his awesome results. He’s just waiting for Dr . BF to send his surgery pictures to start his thread. Dr. BF doesn’t really pay much attention to online forums and he’s a Doctor at Lorenzo’s clinic so many of his results are not his property to be advertised.
  5. Thanks Kaya! I will be 7 months post-op on the 28th in about 3 weeks. Hope it gets a lot better as there’s still a few gaps to fill in.
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. It`s pretty clear that so far the results are nothing less than amazing.
  7. @Curious25 my wife and kids make me shave every day so no luck with that photo. Pekiner said I had no more scalp donor left but @Dr. Bruno Ferreira is better at donor management and I’m pretty sure he will be able get more than 1500 grafts out of my scalp. If I go for a third surgery he’s my top choice along with Pekiner if I find myself again reliant on a mega session of beard grafts to increase density.
  8. @Curious25 thank you so much for your kind words. I chose Dr. Pekiner because he has more experience with mega sessions of beard grafts and manages to produce very natural results with them as he uses beard grafts in most of his surgeries. I had almost 1800 beard grafts implanted in just 1 day which is truly amazing. Dr. Bruno Ferreira is more used to repair jobs that demand a highly skilled approach and patients with miniaturized hairs so I feel very comfortable recommending him. If I didn`t require a massive amount of beard grafts to add density I would have definitely chosen Dr. BF My beard donor area has recovered nicely. I didn’t shave today and with a 1 day beard it’s easier to spot the extracted grafts.
  9. @Rolandas actually Dr. Pekiner said i have thin hair and even my beard is thin just like my hair so I won`t be able to get added density from beard grafts because they are just as thick as my hair. Your results are also looking pretty amazing! @HTHope I cut my side and back with a number 4 razor and didn`t notice any areas of thinness in my donor region. I`m hoping these gaps will be filled in over the course of the next few months.
  10. Hello everyone, I hit the 6 month mark on the 28th of June and I do apologize for the delay but I had booked a haircut and wanted to post pictures taken after the haircut. I was hoping for a coverage without gaps by now but I do realize I had 120cm2 of desert and only 2007 FUE + 1888 BHT grafts were implanted. Looking forward to your comments.
  11. @xabi86 I had my first hair transplant 12 years ago when I was 25 years old to rebuild my frontal hairline. Due to the fact that I didn’t take Finasteride I lost a lot of my transplanted hairs and several have thinned out. Even transplanted hairs suffer from your predetermined genetic hairloss and you can only prevent it if you take Finasteride for the rest of your life.
  12. @criticalpain if your are looking for the best price/quality surgeon then you should really look into Dr. Arika at Eugenix (1.8€/graft) just like @Melvin-Moderator reccomendend. There is no other surgeon charging that price for such a highly skilled surgery. Demirsoy is the cheapest surgeon in Turkey and charges 1.25€/graft but he`s technique is old school and his results are decent but not on the same level as Dr. Arika. Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplants with many hairmills like Cinik, Asmed,etc that have technicians perform the surgery with zero to little involvement from the Doctor. Technicians in Turkey don`t need a medical background so you can have a former taxi driver doing your surgery. Results at these hairmills depend on your luck to get a good tech team.
  13. @Chances101 I had a HT with Dr. Rahal to rebuild my front when I was a 25 year old kid. Because I didn`t take Finasteride my hairloss progressed so I lost all the hair in my midscalp and crown by the time I was 32 years old. Last year at age 37 I went for a second HT to rebuild my crown and midscalp.
  14. @Gasthoerer your are quite right in saying there is not enough evidence to place Dr. BF above De Freitas. It’s my opinion based on information I’m getting on a regular basis from one my closest friend that had a HT with Dr. BF last month. Pretty sure you will come to the same conclusion once there’s more patients posting results.
  15. @rhstoned Dr. Ferreira is not Lorenzo’s assistant he is a Doctor at Lorenzo’s clinic. You pay 5€/graft for Lorenzo and for Dr. BF I think it’s 3.5€/graft. All his work at Lorenzo’s clinic can’t be advertised by him which is why he doesn’t have many online results. I think we will be seeing some patient results from people that went to his own clinic in Porto (2.5€/graft) very soon. My friend went there last month and he will posting soon.