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  1. Hello everyone, I’m at 7 months now and it seems like there’s been no improvement since last month so I got a bit worried and made the difficult decision to resume Finasteride after 12 years without taking this drug due to some side effects. Dr. Pekiner and Dr. Bruno Ferreira both urged me to take Finasteride so I’m taking their advice (should have done it 6 months before the surgery). Hope by adding Finasteride it will help me avoid having blank spots in my crown and midscalp within the next few months. Let me know what you think.
  2. @Huw in 2008 when I was chosing a doctors I had it narrowed down to Dr. Rahal or Dr. Feller and at that time the elite was these two plus Shapiro and H&W. Today I see that Dr. Feller and Dr. Bloxham are still the best choice in NY but prices changed dramaticly as I paid around 2US/graft in 2008 for my FUT with Rahal and I see that Dr. Bloxham charges 10US/graft for FUE. If you are set in the US and can afford this then Bloxham is the way to go but if you can catch a direct 6h flight to Porto then I advise you to look up Dr. Bruno Ferreira because he`s getting truly amazing results at 2.5€/graft and he works also in Madrid at Dr. Lorenzo clinic (one of the best FUE Docs in the world) but at this clinic you pay a bit more. Wish you all the best with your journey to a full head of hair.
  3. @BaldBrit I highly advise you to stay clear from ASMED as they are a Turkish hairmill with techs operating on 8 patients per day and the Doctor has zero to little involment. There are several botched ASMED patients on HRN complaining about being threatened with lawyers or simply ignored. In Turkey the only safe bet is HLC at 2.5€graft and you will find that the UK is overpriced for the level of quality. Dr. Reddy is great but you can get better or similar Doctors for a much lower price if you get on a plane. You will need +8000 grafts to rebuild your hairline with a decent density and fill in your midscalp and crown (the diagnosis you got for 1 session of 4000 grafts is ridiculous!). I advise you to forget about FUE and have FUT because it`s the best way to get the most grafts in a single session. Take a look at the King of FUT Mega Sessions in Europe - Dr. Muresanu at Hattingen Clinic. They did 8100 grafts in 1 session: He charges 3,45€/graft for FUT (but maybe you can negotiate). Check the list I made with the prices for some of the Doctors I contacted during my research.
  4. You do have real cases on the forum like @Rolandas thread. My friend @PT#31 that had his surgery aborted in Turkey with Pekiner is now 2 months post-op from Dr. Ferreira and so far he`s over the moon. I reccomend him because he’s affordable and I know he`s highly skilled which is to be expected from a Doctor that works at Dr. Lorenzo clinic in Madrid.
  5. @RonBurgundy I can’t recommend a surgeon that doesn’t use a microscope during surgery. He does get amazing results but there’s was this patient with multis on the hairline which is more likely to happen when a Doctor is not using a microscope.
  6. @Houseofwolves the diagnosis you received are ridiculous and scary because one clinic actually includes repairs so I assume fuc**ng up is normal for them. In the UK there`s 1 doctor getting a steady flow of good results who is Dr. Reddy but he`s overpriced for his level or results. The quote you got of 4000 grafts is actually much less than I would expect because looking at your pictures you should have around 125cm2 of area to fill in and rebuilding the frontal hairline requires higher density so I would say you need at least 6000 grafts split into two surgeries. Also, your hair is blond and thin which makes it a challenge for most Doctors. My friend @PT#31 has similar hair to yours and had his surgery aborted by my doctor in Turkey (and he is one of the TOP 3 in Turkey) after 250 grafts were extracted and most were miniaturized. @PT#31 asked for a second opinion to @Dr. Bruno Ferreira and ended up having his HT in May with him with steller results so far (he will be posting soon as I`ve been nagging him to do so). @Rolandas also lives in the UK has similar hair to yours and also went with Dr. BF you should check his thread. You should consider FUT because it would allow you to optimize your donor area thus getting more grafts (your donor area is limited and every graft is precious so chose a proper doctor that won´t waste grafts). Feriduni and Muresanu ate the kings of FUT in Europe and H&W are the Kings of North America. Dr. Muresanu would be a better option for you should you go with the FUT route because he`s more experienced with FUT mega sessions and could probably do the grafts you need in just 1 surgery. If you want to know prices you can check the list I made when I was doing my research.
  7. In the whole of Turkey I found that there`s just 3 doctors achieving truly natural results and out of the 3 only HLC is a safe bet. Keser doesn`t use a microscope during surgery and Pekiner aborts surgeries if he finds miniaturized hairs. Sure there are others doctors geeting decent results like Demirsoy but for truly natural results using highly skilled techniques I found those 3 Doctors to be the best and only options. However, HLC at 2.5€/graft makes zero sense to me because for that exact same price we can get Dr. Ximena Villa or Dr. Bruno Ferreira in Europe. I have to agree with @Melvin-Moderator that Turkey should be the last place to consider because it`s truly the wild west out there but it`s also a fact that the 3 doctors I stated above are getting truly natural results and should be a option if a patient is made aware of their limitations beforehand and the price makes sense.
  8. @experion your right to do so because he’s specialized in FUE. For FUT I always recommend Feriduni, Muresanu, H&W and Rahal.
  9. @experion the question was who’s the best in Europe and while I think Dr. BF is cheap for the highly skilled surgery he does I can’t rank him (yet) in the same level as his colleague Lorenzo or the other FUE Icons I stated as the best. If you ask me who’s the best and most affordable then it’s “my mate” (that I never met and only exchanged diagnosis emails) Dr. Bruno Ferreira.
  10. Best in Europe are Lorenzo, Couto, Feriduni, Bisanga and Muresanu.
  11. @fabofly you should follow @Gasthoerer advice and go to a Doctor with experience with trumpet style punch like Lupanzula or Bisanga.
  12. @Melvin-Moderator I really do think that @Dodocc is looking for the best Doctor with the best results and so far it seems like he only crossed out Konior from his list because he charges 10US/graft. There are many amazing Doctors in Europe and US for 5€/graft and under so I think this is what @Dodocc is analyzing.
  13. @Dodocc are your certain about this? Hairline implantation by technicians is something I will never recommend so if this is accurate I will only recommend Eugenix for the Premium Package at 2.9€/graft from this day forward which makes them more expensive than Dr. BF and Dr. Ximena Villa (that I myself consider better options if BHT is not necessary).
  14. You can check below what recent ASMED patients are saying: @munich experience and quote: “Now they operate 8 patients per day. If you are lucky you get the good techs. Dr. Koray just draws the hairline and makes the cuts. They promise a growth rate of more than 90% but they can't keep this promise anymore as you could see in many cases here in this forum. “ @dust78 experience and quote: “unacceptable is the attitude they are having with me. I sent the photos to show the conditions of my donor. The doctor did not even deign to answer me personally, as usual he delegated his consultant who with a message via whatsapp told me that it was all right and that it was all normal. Furthermore, as he had done previously, at the slightest hint of dissent he immediately made me understand that if I didn't like it I had to see it with their lawyer! “ @miko experience:
  15. This is cheaper than it was at the beginning of the year. So Dr. Arika is now charging 1,65€/graft with tax (great price for such a highly skilled surgeon and technique). I don’t understand the Premium Package at 2.9€/graft with tax because the diference is that you may or may not have Dr. Sethi involved, why pay more for something that is uncertain? @Dodocc are these the prices you also got?