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  1. @Jijypuru I see that @Gasthoerer already answered your question. Dr. Keser does a maximum 600 grafts per day and is not doing beard mega sessions so naturally I chose Dr. Pekiner instead.
  2. @nightcrawler if someone wants low budget Turkey I have found that there is a better option than Demirsoy which is olny know to Turkish people - Esma&Serkan Tetik. They have dozens of patient posting their results on the Turkish forum sacekimisonuclari.com and seem to only be catering Turkish, offering them Turkish prices. They charge a ridiculous price for the level of surgery offered. One guy on the Turkish forum says he paid 1250€ for 3500 grafts including Hotel. I also read that Esma does the whole surgery and they limit to 2000 grafts per day using DHI with Lion Implanter Pens and a micromotor to extract the grafts. Anyway, I still think it`s a safer bet to go to the TOP 3 Doctors in Turkey and avoid low cost options.
  3. @Sean thank you for your comments. Dr. Kaan patient assistant has been contacting me every week asking for updates. I had a limited scalp donor area and used it all in this surgery, I could probably take a few more scalp grafts but Dr.Kaan carefully selected all the best ones during this surgery. I think I might still have quite a few beard grafts for a touch up. The beard grafts were also extracted manually and implanted with stick&place he said my beard is very easy to extract. Dr. Kaan does all manual FUE and I am hoping this turns out amazing even though the amount of grafts placed achieved just 28cm2 density due to my limited donor area.
  4. @Jay13 be very careful when choosing a Doctor or clinic in Turkey because it’s the world capital of botched hair transplants. I did my research and had my second HT in Turkey but I concluded that if you don’t select one of the Doctors below then you will have a high risk of joining the botched FUE Club: 1. Dr. Kaan Pekiner charges 2.15€/graft, 1 patient per day, does the whole surgery himself with manual FUE so he is limited to 1200 grafts per day and uses stick&place to implant. Has experience doing mega sessions using beard grafts. 2. Dr. Keser charges 3.5€/graft has just 1 patient per day and does the whole surgery himself with manual FUE but he uses his own punch that limits him to 600 grafts per day. Implants also with stick&place. He is focused on dense hairlines. 3. HLC Ankara is the best and only clinic one should consider in Turkey. They charge 2.7€/graft and also perform manual FUE with the Doctor doing the whole surgery but because it’s a Clinic they don’t tell us which of the clinic’s Doctor will be doing the surgery. Have a lot of experience doing mega sessions with beard grafts. Follow @duchaine advice and check other countries. Like Porto/Portugal that has @Dr. Bruno Ferreira. He charges 2.5€/graft and also only has 1 patient per day but uses DHI with Lion Implanter Pens (the most recent FUE technique). He also works in Madrid at Dr. Jose Lorenzo clinic (one of the best in the world charging 5€/graft). If you don’t care about price then go to Dr. Raymond Konior (8US/graft and 2 year wait list), Dr. Juan Couto (5€/graft and 2 year wait list) or Hasson&Wong (have no current info). If you need any help feel free to PM me.
  5. @kmgrafix DUPA is a condition that can worsen over time and will affect the outcome of the surgery. A patient with DUPA will not achieve the same results as a patient without DUPA. For this reason several Doctors may refuse to operate because they either feel they don’t have the know-how to satisfy their patient or don’t want to risk getting a bad result and damage their reputation. So to answer your question I do think that if the Doctor feels he is not equipped to provide a good result to a DUPA patient then the ethical thing to do is to not proceed with the surgery and referring the patient to a Doctor that is more equipped to treat patients with this condition (this is a standard practice with Doctors in all medical fields). You can see in the link below how Dr. Jose Lorenzo approaches patients with this condition:
  6. @golf54 check out my crown restoration with Dr. Kaan Pekiner. I think he drew a perfect vertex and managed to increase the density of this HT using beard grafts because my scalp donor was limited to just 2000 grafts. Only time will tell if this will be a good result because I am just 18 days post-op.
  7. @Gasthoerer I was actually quoting what @Kaya told me but I think its really difficult to criticize Keser`s work. Have you see any result from Keser that are not amazing?
  8. @karatekid I know you said you crossed out Turkey but you really should talk with @Kaya because he had a smiliar hairloss to yours and had two HT with Dr. Keser. For your situation Dr. Keser would be one of my top choices because he specializes in hairlines does max 600 grafts and one patient a day. He has his own punch (designed by himself) which cuts through with one move and increases the survival chance of the grafts. This kind of boutique treatment comes with the price which makes him the most expensive HT doctor in Turkey at 3.5€/graft. Kaya is from LA and was also looking for the best of the best so he was considering Dr. Konior (8US/graft) but he`s super happy he went all the way to Turkey to Dr. Keser (twice). Check his results:
  9. @karatekid both Bruno Pinto and @Dr. Bruno Ferreira are located in Porto / Portugal not Spain. Dr. Bruno Ferreira also works in Madrid at Dr. Jose Lorenzo clinic but that amazing clinic charges 5€graft. I believe Dr. De Freitas has truly great results but be prepared for a long wait list and similar price to Lorenzo. You are not being petty, research as much as you can before booking the surgery!
  10. @Egy reading about your experience gave me chills. I do hope your second surgery with Dr. Cinik will help you recover from the first one with Dr. Ziya Yavuz. Wish you all the best my friend!
  11. Brilliant post @paddyirishman What matters is chosing a surgeon that has great results posted by actual patients and several of these surgeons are in fact charging very affordable prices. I have found that there are even some Doctors charging less than they what their results are worth (Bruno Ferreira, Ximena Villa, Laorwong, Pekiner, and Arika). None of the surgeons I mentioned above are charging 1.25€/graft and I would think twice before going to a doctor charging this price, unless it`s Demirsoy. He does charge 1.25€graft and has some decent results in this forum (but he has techs doing part of the surgery which is a no-go for me).
  12. @gemini if you are having concerns about having your surgery in far away Turkey I would advise you to talk with @Dr. Bruno Ferreira. He is the medical assistant of one the best FUE Docs in the world, Dr. Jose Lorenzo in Madrid, known for accepting to operate tuff cases of patients with DUPA. Dr. Bruno also does surgeries in his own clinic in Porto (direct 8h flight from Newark Airport). In Portugal everyone speaks English, TV is in English with subtitles and we have Uber so you will feel right at home. Dr. Bruno charges 2.5€/graft at his clinic and does the whole surgery using the DHI technique with Lion Implantor Pens. One of my best friends went to Dr.Bruno yesterday after a aborted surgery in Turkey due to miniaturized hairs. Dr. Bruno said he believes he will achieve a decent result with two surgeries. My friend is now booking these two surgeries for this year. If you want to go to Asia for your surgery I would advise Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong in Bangkok. He also does the whole surgery himself with DHI - Lion Implantor Pen and has several great results in this forum. He charges 2.6€/graft.
  13. @happyandsad I can tell you that @Egy didn’t have a “bad result” Egy had a botched surgery that had to be repaired by another Doctor. Even the world best doctors have had bad results but a Doctor that was responsible for a botched surgery that had to be repaired is someone that I would never recommend. Egy is doing @gemini and everyone else in this forum a great service by alerting us about this Doctor. Thanks Egy
  14. @happyandsad what @Egy wrote is 100% true! @gemini if you want a decent hair transplant in Turkey go to a doctor with great patient results and one that is doing the whole surgery himself without relying on tech teams. Keser at 3.5€/graft is great for hairlines and small surgeries like the 2000 graft surgery you need so if you can afford him don’t think twice and book him (check some of his hairline results here at HRN and you will be blown away). Pekiner at 2.15€/graft is overall great and amazing with BHT. HLC Ankara at 2.7€/graft is the best clinic in Turkey with a lot of experience on BHT. If want to go cheap and don’t mind techs doing some of the surgery then Demirsoy at 1.25€/graft is a option because he does have some decent results on HRN.
  15. Hi Pip, I had 1888 beard grafts to the crown and so far so good. Any news? Did have your BHT with Bisanga?