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  1. HDC does stellar work at repair jobs. Check out @Doron Harati HLC top Docs are the founder Dr. Ozgur and Dr. Akin.
  2. I also respect both clinics where I had my HT’s and I strongly believe I’m doing them a service by informing people the prices just like Eugenix reps do on a regular basis. Sorry but the whole let’s keep the prices tabu and disclose them to nobody so everyone has to call the clinic 4 times to book a appointment then wait months for the consultation to finally get a quote is ridiculous because the clinic will end up losing patients to a more open clinic with full disclosure on pricing and technique (which should be the norm in this modern age).
  3. Please explain how a Doctor can do 3 surgeries of 1500 grafts without the techs being delegated some part of the surgery. You say Dr. Freitas does all the implanting but it does seem the extraction is done by techs. If this correct I will update the chart to reflect extraction done by techs rather than implantation. If there’s price structure for the first 1k grafts then the Brazilian lady that I spoke with should have said so instead of wondering why I wanted information about the surgery. if you want to share the prices I will update the chart if not I can only use the estimates I
  4. @BDK081522 10-16 gives an average of 13USD/graft which is the exact price I considered on my list. Your welcome 😊
  5. I called his office and this was the estimate I received it’s not misinformation. I don’t understand why US Doctors have this secrecy with prices. If it’s actually 9.6US I will update the chart.
  6. Already called Couto office once. If one his patients corrects me I will update my list and include him on my TOP 5 (Shame about the 2 year wait list tough). Found out today that Bruno Pinto has a 1 year wait list just for a consultation. So I guess Spain&Portugal are soon be the go to destinations for elite level FUE 😊 US has amazing FUE surgeons but they are just so so so expensive and only found 2 Doctors doing just 1 patient (without pré-made slits) but one charges 16 bucks per graft and the other almost 10 😬 (Konior and Nadimi).
  7. Konior does charge 15.4USD per graft not insane it’s the ruff estimate I got over the phone and I have to say it was really difficult to get a estimate over the phone abd the lady did say that it can be even higher than 16US/graft. Couto does 2 patients per day I did confirm this with his clinic so there’s no way he does the whole surgery (he’s considered a God at FUE but he’s not omnipresent). Freitas does up to 4 patients per day so obviously he has to delegate part of his surgeries to techs. The Brazilian lady that answered the phone got upset with me for asking to many questions
  8. @OliverAtom I only knew about the more Spanish forum and just recently found the older Spanish with a lot more Couto and Freitas case but also a bucket load of Pinto cases.
  9. Quite right Pizzawolf, Dr. Arika is also a very good Doctor. Dr. Sethi is more well known but I stand corrected, they both have the same experience.
  10. Couto and Lorenzo are on my list and I explained above why they are not in my top choices. HLC is now 2.5€/graft. Couto can’t do surgery on 2 patients per day and do all the steps of both surgeries it’s simply impossible. Dr. Bruno Pinto is the Doctor with the highest number of real patients results on both Spanish forums and if you check some of those results you will understand why he’s one my of top choices. It’s shame that other than Dr. Bruno Ferreira and Dr. Bruno Pinto there’s no other quality option in Portugal as the rest we have here is basically just franchise c
  11. @T95goodIf you get a kidney transplant do you also believe it’s just fine if the Doctor only cuts you open and leaves the underpaid techs to do the rest of the surgery? Like all other surgeries, Hair Transplant is also a surgery and thus it makes the world of difference if it’s conducted by a Surgeon with a lot of experience and proven great results or by unknown Doctors and techs. Eugenix has a Great Doctor named Pradeep Sethi and his wife who is also very good Dr. Arika. The comprehensive package does not include any of these two Doctors, you will have a unknown Indian doctor doin
  12. Here`s my opinion on the best of best. TOP FUE Doctors Dr. Raymond Konior Dr. Bruno Ferreira Dr. Bruno Pinto Dr. Sahar Nadimi TOP Combined FUE + BHT Doctors HLC Ankara Dr. Kaan Pekiner Dr. Sethi or Bansal @ Eugenix TOP FUT Doctors Dr. Raymond Konior Dr. Bijan Feriduni Hasson&Wong Dr. Sever Muresanu Feller&Bloxham For FUE and BHT I prefer Doctors doing the whole surgery (Eugenix being the exception but their technique doesn’t allow them to have just the Doctor doing everything and they do excel at B
  13. Kesser cherry picks his patients. He usually goes for patients looking for hairline reconstructions up to 1500-2000 grafts.
  14. I speak fluent Spanish and I’m a member of the Spanish forum (recuperartupelo) where there’s no real patient results from De Freitas and the most viewed thread about him is a thread comparing him with Dr. Ximena Villa. The Spanish forum is dominated by Dr. Bruno Pinto (Portuguese) and Dr. Ximena Villa (Spanish). You will be hard pressed to find any real patients from Couto or Dr Freitas. I have just seen 1 real patient results from Dr. Rafael De Freitas and since I don’t look at or comment YouTube, Social Media or Website results I can’t really say anything good or bad about Dr. De F
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