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  1. @MarshallUK if you have to those questions then please post them as it will help this member and any other looking for info on the clinic you recommended. Threads posted by real patients here at HRN are not cherry picked actually they are the complete opposite! Here at HRN you see the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. @MarshallUK you recommended a low cost clinic based on two people that you think had a good result or do you actually know what you recommending and therefore can answer the following questions: Who is the doctor? Does the Doc perform the whole surgery? Do technicians perform any part of the surgery? What is the technique used by the doctor? Which forum has threads with real patients posting great results from this clinic? You do realize that myself and most members know how to answer these questions when we recommend a Doctor and we never recommend a doctor or clinic just because someone we know believes he had a good result. My best friend had a good result at CM2C clinic in Portugal but knowing all the answers from the questions above regarding CM2C I would never recommend this tech run clinic to anyone regardless if my friend had a decent result (only my friend believes he had a good result because I can easily see that less than half the grafts survived the tech run surgery).
  3. @1talian you have to open your eyes. Yasi registered in this forum to post a positive review in this thread about Dr.Mehemet and never came back. Edward Wassef registered to post positive review about Dr.Demircioglu. These are Turkish hairmills and these people are paid by the clinics to come to this forum trolling for clients but luckily @Melvin-Moderator and members like myself are here to help stop these jokers. If you want a good doctor charging a low price that’s Dr. Demirsoy at 1.25€/graft with tons of real patients in this forum posting real results. Unlike Cinik which is a all inclusive Turkish Hairmill where the techs do your surgery at Dr. Demirsoy there is only 1 patient per day so it’s the doctor by your side the whole day. This is not a car that you can change after a few years this is a permanent surgery and you have a limited amount of grafts so use them wisely.
  4. @momo please be aware that Turkey is the world capital for botched hair transplant and you should neve assume what you see on youtube, instagram or the clinic website is real. You have to look at real patient posting their results in forums. The clinic you mentioned doesn’t have any real patient speaking about their results because it as it’s just another Turkish hairmill. @Lohvisa gave you good advice suggesting Dr. Demirsoy because he is the cheapest doctor in Turkey with real patients posting great results (1.25€/graft). I had my surgery in Turkey with a doctor that charges almost twice the price of Dr. Demirsoy and I still think I paid a very low price for the highly skilled surgery I had. You have limited amount of grafts so if you go to a Hairmill you risk having a tech wasting your grafts or even worse you may end up having to pay a good Doctor to repair your botched surgery.
  5. @MachoVato from all the doctors I approached for my second HT, Dr. Ferreira was the one that provided the best diagnosis and while other Doctors had me talking with patient representatives, Dr. Ferreira was the only one that always spoke with me directly. I highly recommend him for anyone considering a elite level HT in Europe.
  6. @bismarck no I do mean members of this forum. You can check in the thread below the subpar result from @Clark.Ethan. He hasn’t yet created his own results thread but he posted pictures on the thread below.
  7. @Clark.Ethan it would be great if you could open a results thread. I used to recommend Keser because of some patients here at HRN posting great hairlines but ever since I found out he doesn’t use a microscope during surgery and is a recluse from the HT world, I immediately stopped recommending him. Your results thread would be important because it would show he’s not as great as people perceive him to be.
  8. @PlzRespond foam is not available in Portugal so I just use regular 5% Minoxidil spray every night.
  9. Hi everyone, So I just hit the 3 month mark 😀 It looks like more growth and future hairs seem to be lurking out so I’m hoping things to get better next month. Still taking saw palmetto, biotin and applying Minoxidil every night. Looking forward to your comments.
  10. Dr. Couto is one of the best the world along with Dr. Konior but they both have a 2 year wait list. Eugenix (1.8€ to 3.6€/graft for surgeries with the doctor present) is getting great results with high norwood patients and they can do 7000 grafts in one surgery unlike other Doctors you were advised. Stay clear from ASMED because their results have not been good and several forum members are complaining of serious unethical treatment post surgery. A patient wrote here at HRN that Asmed told him he would have to speak with their lawyers if he wanted to discuss any further about his overharvesting. I don’t understand how people can recommend this clinic. Other great options for FUE are Dr. Bruno Ferreira (2.5€/graft) and HLC Ankara (2.7€/graft and doing high amounts of beard grafts in one day). If you want to do FUT then talk to Feriduni, Hasson&Wong and Rahal.
  11. The quote I posted above 20 days ago to @CosmoKramer and @Melvin-Moderator the very enlighted gentlemen comparing Sars-Cov to the the Y2K computer virus has sadly come true. Many goverments worldwide have made similar comparisons and underestimated Sars-Cov due to his low mortality rate but it`s very high contamination rate has brought national health care services to it`s knees in every country that failed to apply drastic shutdown mesures. I sincerely hope you guys are no longer making ridiculous comparisons as there is no precedent for what we are living and maybe now you can better understand how those ridiculous comments were affecting people that were actually struggling with social isolation and the loss of loved ones. Hope you are now both upholding your civic duty of staying at home to prevent further widespread of this virus as I have been with my family for the past 12 days. Stay safe people!
  12. Keser and Ferreira both do the whole surgery and both only operate on 1 patient per day. Keser does stick&place and Ferreira does DHI. Don’t know what they mean by magnifying lenses. A surgeon should use a microscope during surgery so he can see which grafts to extract and properly implant the grafts.
  13. @Melvin-Moderator so Rahal is still doing FUT?! Thats great news! I did find it odd that he would stop doing FUT when he was among the best in the world for this technique. For FUE I do think that are better and more affordable options.
  14. @Melvin-Moderator I think Rahal is the best for doing FUT hairlines and he gave me a great results from my FUT hair transplant. Today he is only doing FUE and like @Abi28 stated the recent results aren’t overwhelming and surely not on the same level as Konior or Couto.
  15. @Gasthoerer I totally agree that DHI may not be for everyone because some people are actually better suited for FUT but I can’t see advantage of pre-made slits versus stick&place. Pre-made slits start to close immediately after being opened and accumulate fat&blood this means the hole/slit has to be wider than doing the surgery with stick&place that also uses the same blade but it’s 1 slit opened and 1 graft inserted at a time thus reducing the size of the hole/slit. This is why Dr. Raymond Konior one of the best in the world does stick&place. For DHI like you told me, it’s the best and the only technique I would chose for a HT without shaving.