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  1. @Chris bam if you need beard grafts to add density it’s all the more reason to waive the 500€ you paid and book with either Dr. Pekiner or Esma&Serkan (even with the 500€ these two nurses will be cheaper than Cinik and will give you a better result using DHI to implant beard and scalp grafts)
  2. @Chris bam is currently booked with Dr. Cinik and has paid him a 500€ deposit. @Egy you had a HT with Cinik what would you advise to Chris Bam?
  3. @Clark.Ethan it’s true that Keser doesn’t use a microscope but he still produces amazing hairlines. After knowing Keser is old school I started recommending more often Bruno Ferreira and Pekiner.
  4. @Chris bam most doctors will tell you to get on finasteride to regain density in the crown. You need to rebuild the hairline which is something that not every doctor can make look natural and then cover your midscalp and crown. I would say you will need at least 4000 grafts and your native hairs might suffer from shock loss due to transplanted hairs being implanted in the same area so a good surgeon will be crucial for you to achieve a good result. I strongly urge you to chose a Doctor that performs the whole surgery and has several patients posting great natural hairlines achieved by said Doctor.
  5. @Singhair83 Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplant and Hair of Istambul is your typical turkish hairmill operating several patients per day using underpaid technicians. If you want good results at a affordable price then do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Demirsoy (1.25€/graft). He does surgery on just 1 patient per day so he will be totally dedicated to achieving the best possible results for you. This is not like buying a car you can replace after a few years this is a permanent surgery and your donor area is limited so every graft is precious.
  6. @Chris bam I have to tell you that Cinik is a all inclusive low cost Turkish hairmill clinic in which the Doctor has very little intervention in the surgery and has several patients per day so basically it’s a tech run surgery. If you want to get good results with the most affordable price possible then go to Dr. Demirsoy at 1.25€/graft. He only operates on 1 patient per day so totally focused on you during your surgery and only delegates to his nurses part of the implantation of the grafts the rest his done by Dr. Demirsoy. I would advise you to cancel Cinik and book Demirsoy.
  7. @Chris bam why would you risk having a surgery with a unknown Doctor without any patient results on any forum when you have Dr. Rahal so close to you. You can also catch a cheap direct flight to Portugal and go to Dr. Bruno Ferreira.
  8. @Irry88 I totally agree with @transplantedphil recommendation. Check out @Kaya hairline reconstruction by Dr. Keser (3.5€/graft) it’s amazing! If you want a more affordable doctor go to Pekiner (2.15€/graft) and if you can broaden your horizons then go to Dr. Bruno Ferreira (2.5€/graft) in Porto/Portugal. There are no other Turkish doctors getting the natural results we see from Keser, Pekiner and HLC. Remember that Turkey is the world capital of botched surgeries so I would really recommend you to chose one of the 3 best in Turkey we have recommend.
  9. @kingk I have had a HT in Turkey and you should be aware that Turkey is the world capital of botched hair transplants. Your list makes no sense to me because you are trying to compare 2 low cost hairmills with a tech run surgery at Asmed and HLC which is a clinic where the surgery is totally performed by a Doctor using stick&place and therefore in a whole different league. Obviously just like @Sam818 already advised you I will also have to say that out of your list I can only recommend HLC. If you release want to have your surgery in Turkey then also talk with Dr. Pekiner (2.15€/graft) but I advise you to broaden your horizons and speak with @Dr. Bruno Ferreira (2.5€/graft)
  10. Never heard of that clinic nor of any reputed Doctor working there. Hope your results turn out ok but I wouldn’t recommend going back there for a second surgery. Wish you all the best.
  11. @shady mohamed I have to say that by looking at your 8 day pictures and doesn’t seem like a 4500 grafts surgery. The grafts have more density in the hairline but then it’s looks like very low density in the midscalp which shouldn’t be the case had you been implanted with 4500 grafts. Also, I can see several doubles and even some triples in the hairline which is not the best if the doctor wants to achieve a natural looking hairline. Where did you have this surgery?
  12. @TrixGlendevon I explained my side effects to several doctors and they all still insisted I went on finasteride claiming that side effects would go away but in my case it wasn’t mandatory for me to be on fin to be accepted for surgery. I’m not a doctor but it seems like the advice I gave is similar to what most doctors recommend and in @Cristero case he can actually be ruled out for not being on finasteride.
  13. @Lookingforthebest yes it’s Raymond Konior in Chicago. If you want a great Doctor with no more than 6 months wait list then talk to @Dr. Bruno Ferreira he works in Madrid with Dr. Lorenzo (one of the best FUE docs) but also has his own clinic in Porto (2.5€/graft). Also look into Dr. Rafael De Freitas and Dr. Ximena Villa (2.5€/graft)
  14. I only used for my first HT with Rahal in 2008 and never touched the dammed thing after 2009 (reason why my hairloss progressed to my crown, midscalp and even lost transplanted hairs).
  15. @Cristero I also had horrible side effects that ended up with me going by ambulance to the hospital but still I took that awful pill for 18 months (6 months before surgery to 12 months after surgery). Just bite the bullet and take the pill for 18 months.