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  1. Hey guys sorry for the long delay between updates, here are some photos at the 7.5 month mark. Although I’m definitely in a better position then when I started I feel the front of the hairline is at a weaker spot then others at a similar month post op. I’ve attached some pictures with different harshness of light variations, let me know what you think.
  2. Thanks for the positive responses guys! I'll definitely be keeping everyone updated.
  3. Hey mate cheers for the response. Hoping you meant insane in a good way hahaha
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the slow updates. This pic is just after 3 months, feels like my progress is a bit slower compared to others around the same time frame. Please give me your thoughts, thanks!
  5. Hi, The oral minoxidil definitely led to more body hair, but I was always a pretty hairy guy (except for my head of course ). I'd say the difference is noticeable but not insane.
  6. Hi, I was on 5mg oral for about 12 months and am now on 10mg oral. Haven't noticed any side effects. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi, I've been meaning to give an update just been a real busy time moving jobs/house! The picture attached is at 2 months and 1 week, I feel like I might be slightly lagging behind people at the same point in time but I'm keen to hear what you guys think. I've been told this month and the next the growth should start to accelerate. Also sometimes I notice dead skin in my recipient area and when I rub it (gently) away in the shower a hair or two may go with it. Has anyone else experienced this? Currently wash my hair 3 times a week if that info helps.
  8. Hi, Wondering if I can buzz my head (including recipient area) with a 1 or 2 guard 6 weeks after having a FUE transplant. Currently in the ugly duckling stage and have an interview coming up this week so want to make it slightly less noticeable. The only thing I've really found on this topic was this article (https://www.iahrs.org/q-a/fue-hair-transplant-shave-head) which seems to suggest it is fine. I've attached a recent picture for reference, thanks.
  9. Goodluck I'll be following your progress, I think Cinik is one of the better cheaper options so hopefully you get a great result!
  10. Day 25: Unfortunately shedding started just after the 3 week mark, it has been pretty constant since then and I'm hoping it slows down soon. Although I read about how the majority of people shed the transplanted hairs, I like everyone else was hoping I was one the lucky ones who didn't! Attached both transplant and donor pics below.
  11. Hey mate, I'd been on finasteride for a few years and I thought that perhaps it wasn't as effective as it once was, brought this up with my dermatologist and she said I could try a Finasteride + Low Dose Dutasteride therapy, haven't noticed any side effects before or after starting. The only evidence I could find of this treatment being used elsewhere is in this paper (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22686691).
  12. Yes you are right I should of distinguished the difference between Demirsoy and Cinik in terms of patients per day and what phases are done by the doc, my bad!
  13. Hi, I think the best atm in Turkey are Keser, Kaan and HLC in terms of the results I've seen and technique used. If you are interested in more low cost options with higher assistant work then I would look at Demirsoy or Cinik as they seem to produce pretty good results for the price. Haven't really heard of any of the clinics you've mentioned though.
  14. Hey mate no worries, my bit of advice would be to ask the doc you end up with how long it takes the grafts to set so they can't be dislodged (some say 3 days some say 5) and stay at least that many days in the country. After spending all the cash flying out and getting it done I felt a bit of extra money to stay a few more nights to minimize risk is worth it! Most places let you wash your hair with at least water after 3 days anyway so you can look a bit more presentable coming back (which means you shouldn't need to wear a hat) and hopefully have significantly less swelling. Those extra days were boring as hell, basically just sat in my hotel watching netflix grabbing room service. But once again it is the most fragile time after the transplant so for peace of mind I think its good to just stay stationary for a few days and minimize the risk of negatively impacting the results. After 6 days I looked significantly better then the first 3 days and wasn't as worried about accidentally dislodging anything. Lastly and a bit of an obvious one but book the flights early! I left them to the month before which end up costing me an extra $800 which I wasn't happy about but it is my fault. Anyway hope all that helps.