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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it looks like 2 weeks for the gym and yes minoxidil is to wait for a little bit, usually a week i think. I will post pictures and keep a thread after surgery.
  2. It will be a FUE. This is just some of Dr Freitas work, luckily there are a number to see, i am in the NW2 catagory, i started losing my hair when i was 20, but my hair is dark brown and very thick, so the hairloss has been quite slow but constant in the last 12 years. I have a link for the photos of dr freitas here...i think his work is exceptional. https://www.clinicadefreitas.com/tratamientos/trasplante-capilar-fue/casos-reales/fotos/
  3. Very excited, i will report and do before and after photos, lots of them. I have heard and seen many great results from Dr Freitas work, so i am very hopeful.
  4. Hello, Posted a few months ago that i was on the waiting list for Dr Freitas and the surgery was scheduled for July 2020, that is how long the waiting list is. However, i put myself on the emergency waiting list and i have now got a date in just over one months time, so i am very excited. I will post before and after pictures of his results, but i wanted to ask probably some obvious questions to members on this forum, i would be incredibly grateful for those who can answer. 1. How long before you can start using minoxidil after surgery? 2. When can i go back to doing exercise/ going to the gym? 3. Is there any tips/anything i should know before the surgery that people wish they knew before having a HT? Thanks for any help. Adam
  5. Hello Everyone, Great topic this and fits into my situation perfectly, i am on the waiting list for Mr freitas in Spain and i was to be on propecia for a year in the build up to surgery. I had been on it 8 months before i got constant ball ache at 1mg every day. I didnt really see any results on my hairline and temple area at all which is where i have been going from an NW2 towards NW3 in a few years time. I have since discontinued because it is not worth being woken up in the middle of the night with stinging ball pains that feel like shocks. So in that sense i am more inclined to go towards Nizoral and minoxidil twice a day. What is the feedback from RU58841? - i have used this for 6 months once a day, but again didnt see a progression. It looks like i will go down the road of others on here in topping up with hairtransplants as the years go on unless something doesn't come along.
  6. Much appreciated, i think over derma rolling and putting minox on your head can make your scalp flaky and irritable. I will only derm 3 times a week.
  7. I am currently on a very long waiting list, i was told 18 months, i am 2 months into this, but i also put myself on the emergency list, so they said there is a very good chance i will be called at short notice by the end of the year. I rate him highly to, my first choice, i am a NW2 going to NW3 over time and his hairline work and temple is outstanding.
  8. Hi Shifty, i am very happy for your story, the results are fantastic, i was on fin for 8 months and didnt get those results, some respond some dont, but more importantly, the side and ball ache was too much for me to put up with, i will stick with RU58841 mixed with minoxidil, derma rollar and nizoral 2% for 6 months and see how i go. I also take biotin. I derma roller every day for the minoxidil, due think this is needed, or would you recommend putting it on after showering?
  9. I agree, i think 5mg DUT is very aggressive, i got sides by taking DUT for just a month and will never take it again, i do not believe the side effect percentage, i think its far more than people believe but less than 50%, i have seen far to many people complaining over the years for it to be just 15% of patients or under.
  10. Hi Spex, thanks for the response, i am currently using nizoral 2%. I will look in your shampoo, i am not really interested in regrowing hair right now, anything to slow the process down or maintain will be great. I was about to say, the sides i got from taking DUT for a week were horrible, i couldnt sleep, terrible headaches, i honestly wouldnt alow my body to touch DUT but i can understand if it works for someone else. I never got ball ache before, but it doesnt seem to be going away for me sadly.
  11. Hello, I am due to have a hair transplant with Dr freitas at the end of the year and i had been on propecia for 9 months until i started getting horrible ball ache pains which used to wake me up from my sleep. Most transplant companies always ask you to take propecia but i have resorted to RU58841/minoxidil and derma rolling. I just wanted to know what other people are taking or doing in combination and if they had to drop any medication due to side effects? Thanks Adam
  12. Hello! I just booked mine as well for June 2020 but i also asked to be put on short notice waiting list, so hopefully i will get called before the end of the year. It is a long time to wait. Like yourself, very impressed by the research i have seen and their reputation. Its funny how asmed only has a 4 month waiting list compared.... I was very surprised with the price, compared to what some people are charging in the UK for example, which is almost double with less of a reputation.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, i wanted value for money and even if i had to travel for the right surgeon, i am from the UK. His results on the hairline and temples is very good. Hopefully i can have a positive result. I have dark thick hair, so hopefully that might help. I will post the results on here. Thanks for the feedback.