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  1. Hi sorry, i have been so busy recently, apologies, im not the most knowledgeable when it comes to stuff like this, not trying to avoid the question, just been honest, i will ask laura = the assistant to dr de freitas and see what she says. As soon as i get an answer i will message back. They took alot of hair from the sides, i had alot of dense three graft hairs but not many single grafts so i think they had to go to the sides. I can also see where some of the donar hairs have come from and im hoping they will grow back over time.
  2. Its a bit strange, i also tried to cut the hair myself😅...which i think has altered the length in some areas and some hair so its looks strange and deceptive. I have been asked to take fin, rogaine foam twice a day, nizoral. Also taking something called oh-flutmaide. We will see, you could be right, could be shock loss and i had two surgeries in just over a month which is not good for my hair, plus my sleep hasn't been good for a while. I know fin and minoxidil take 3-12 months to kick in so we will see. They wanted me to go on dut as well but im not sure about that, some bad side effects with that. Im ok on fin, i think i have lost 15% of wood though permanently from using it way in the past but other than that i am ok.
  3. Could i ask people if i am thinning or if ita just the light. I really think i am but i havent had my hair this short in years. I have just staryed using fin minoxidil nizoral and something called oh flut to help this. Just wanted peoples opinion.
  4. Thanks @BjornBorg much appreciated. Heading into the "ugly duckling" phase now. Alot of hair have already fallen out. Look foward to 2 months time.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and the compliment, i will send a message to the person tomorrow. I am also curious of this. Does anyone know if i can use topic in my hair yet, im not sure if i can? - The new transplant hairs are not as thick as my normal hair yet - does this process happen over time? When the transplant hair falls out and grows back, there is not a huge difference, but noticeable if you look closely....
  6. I dont mind it, i think it depends on my shedding. but i dont mind keeping it short for a few months, until the hairs start coming through. I have to assume he went to one of the top surgeons in spain. Could have been freitas actually because silva is from valencia i think.
  7. I am very lucky that i have the hair that i have, thats one of the reason why i got an HT, Dr Freitas explained to me that the differences of results due to quality of hair is enormous, the technician who extracted from the donar also made the comment that i had the opposite problem to everyone else in terms of 3/4 hair graft numbers - i had loads, and not many single hair grafts, which they found funny. She its quite rare. I will go through the shedding phase i think in 1-2 weeks time, the start of it at least and hopefully in the next 6-9 months i will have some great results. I will probably update every months, i think for now i i will keep my hair short, like david silva haha, its easier to use the minoxidil as well. If Dr Freitas has taken you on, then he must be believe he can get a good result with you, so i would be positive. Your right about the ponytail, i like my hair tied back as well, but the loss of the hairline and temples made my hairloss stand out so i didnt do it anymore. But its not good for the hair.
  8. My hair has always been long, it hasnt been this short in a decade...haha...so it was very strange when they shaved everything off, it was quite long, near shoulder length when they cut it, all i have is this picture, which gives you an indication. Both are wet hair
  9. Day 11 post operation -scabs 80% gone -still some redness underneath Hairline looks great even under intense light.
  10. I only got this one picture i think, i didnt have anyone with me and i was a bit out of it. I stayed in spain for 2 days, day before surgery and day of surgery and went home the next day. I did not go back for washing, the first wash i did the evening of surgery and it was agony. Since the first day it has been much easier and less painful, everything is turning to scabs right now and the swelling on my eyes and face is going down thankfully
  11. I think the extraction of donar was 2030 from this below. Implamentation was 2600.
  12. Had the surgery, update with pictures 3 days post op in results section