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  1. Thanks for the feedback, the crown had thickened up alot, when the hair is dry its impossible to tell i have been thinning a bit, so the medication is working 100%, i think in 6 months time it will be back to how it was. The temples are taking their time but their are signs, as someone said at 3 months you only see 10% of the result, but i do notice people have a noticable change around months 4-5, so hopefully that will happen with me as well.
  2. Very similar stage to you @Yolando, 3 months is today for me as well, at a very similar stage to you, if you zoom in on your pictures or get some close ups, you might see the new hair coming through...happy growing!!
  3. 3 month update I have noticed a change in the last month of thickening of hairs that managed to survive the shed and smaller and white baby hair coming through. My crown has become alot thicker as has my hair in general which is great to see. The temples are quite slow. Not much progress their yet. But i do see baby white hairs. Still using rogaine x2 a day, propecia every day, saw palmetto every day, vitamin supplements and derma rolling hair every day in evening which is really annoying but worth it. Hair is grey in the last picture duexto the foam. Its very difficult to get to the scalp with foam once your hair goes. Really have to go in firm. Hopefully this is where things start to change in the next 3 months. I have seen so many stories i have lost count but it looks as though many people notice their first big change around month 4. I know everyone is different but hopefully things will start happening soon.
  4. @adonix thank you, i know so many people have probably started worrying far earlier than they should. Good to see your results keep improving at 12 months, hopefully i will start some regrowth in the next month, thanks for your reply.
  5. I will do a 3 month update in 10 days time. This is just for experience members who i am pretty sure have answered this many times, but i havent been the greatest responder, there are hairs there, but i cannot see that much growth or not as much as i was expecting, the secretary of de freitas said de freitas patients hair usually starts coming through after 3 months. If anyone can just help me with this or share experiences i would be greatly appreciated. I know fast responders "apparently" get the best results, even though i am not entirely sure this goes for everyone. Thanks for any help or any advice to calm my fears.
  6. My procedure was done over one day, but it took all day, i was there at 7am, i didnt leave until 10.30pm, i had 2400 grafts done.
  7. Hello @rocketmas , your more than welcome, i also am not Spanish, i travelled from the UK. 1. I did not, i just did alot of research on here and on the web and i had enough information to make an informed choice, i rate his hairlines very highly and i had the type of hair that he had very good success with, naturally very thick dark hair, they are, i was speaking with Viviana on email, her English was fine. I did not have any consultation until i saw dr freitas there, they have some nurses who speak very good English and could communicate everything that dr freitas was saying. Do you speak with her? Dr Freitas spoke in spanish but everything was easy to understand from the person who spoke English. 2. I am taking the medication as you can see by my last update post, regarding the visits, i will see how i am at 3 months, i might make the trip, i will defiantly at 6 months. I am taking propecia, rogaine foam, saw palmetto and some vitamins. I am also derma rolling every day quite intensely which i think will help alot in the longer term. 3. extraction was done by his head technician, who is very senior, dr freitas did all the implementation of the grafts. 4. I do not understand question number 4 - after the operation i stayed in valencia for 2/3 days i think, i will have to check.
  8. Good question, i think it was because of the shock loss after my HT which made my hair look really bad, as you see on the previous page, i deliberately chose the harshest light, so i am not helping myself, but i wanted their opinion and they told me to get on DUT. But i do not think it will be necessary, my hair is already thickening up quite a bit and recovering i think. Plus the medication has already kicked it. Hopefully everything will improve further in the next month, i will post a 3 month update next month.
  9. I will try and get some tomorrow, getting trickier though with my hair growing. Yes i am concerned about DUT, i think i tried it 8-10 years ago and i didnt react well, headaches and chest pains if i remember. The current medication will take 3-6 months to kick in, i have only been on it for 50 days and also going through a shed as well, which is a positive sign. In regards to PRP, yes you are right, i can do it once with them, but prp is something you have to keep on having every 3 months if i am not mistaken, so i am not sure if i will go, but i will see how i feel.
  10. It seems like it, but you could only see if you zoomed in closely on the picture, hopefully in a months time it will be more obvious. If i didnt zoom in, i wouldnt have noticed what was going on.
  11. Month 2 Update Current Regime: - Finesteride - 1mg per day - Minoxidil foam - twice a day - Derma roller once a day 0.5 - apply minoxidil after. - Hot water on head twice a day and apply minoxidil after to open the paws in the skin. - Vitamin supplements - Biotin, vitamin D, vitamin b complex, saw palmetto, and vitamin b12. I have been prescribed duterstride, but i am holding off for now, hopefully i will be able to maintain what i have with this regime and thicken the hair, so i will see if i add this in 6 months time. I am hoping the derma rolling will make a big difference, i did some research and it is very beneficial if you stick with it long term. My hair has thickened up in the last month, i still have some shock loss scattered around the back of the head and down the middle of my scalp, hopefully this will improve in the next few months. Not in the nicest of stages right now, but i did get an unexpected surprise when i zoomed in on the pictures i took this morning outside, i know noticed lots of white new hairs and other small hairs coming through for the first time, brought a huge smile to my face, as anyone knows it can be a waiting game and you check every day even in the first 3 months where not much happens for alot of us, unless you are a fast grower. The sides are taking their time, but i do see alot of white hairs coming through now. Should be an interesting month 3. I will watch my crown very closely in the next 3 months to see if i do need to take DUT, but i think in the next 3-6 months it will look alot thicker.
  12. They also prescribed me Dut as well twice a week, but i am a little cautious of taking it, i want to see how i get on with this first, what are your thoughts on Dut? - some have sides and some people do not.
  13. Hello Rolandas, I had my hair transplant with dr freitas in July and i am one and a half months into derma rolling every day with minoxidil foam twice a day, i am also taking fin once a day and nizoral 3 times a week. A good idea also is to wash your head in hot water before derma rolling or applying, minoxidil, it open the paws in the scalp, makes absoring alot easier. I also added saw palmetto recently as well, seems to be some evidence regarding stopping DHT or at least helping to stop it. Keep posting please, i will follow this closely. Thanks for the thread.
  14. I spoke to his assistant today and she says that dr Freitas preservers every donar area he works with in case more work is needed down the line, Dr Freitas suggested during surgery i might need 400 more to make it look perfect, but i will hit that road when i come to it. He is on holiday until September, i will do some pictures at 2 months on the 10th September.
  15. Hi sorry, i have been so busy recently, apologies, im not the most knowledgeable when it comes to stuff like this, not trying to avoid the question, just been honest, i will ask laura = the assistant to dr de freitas and see what she says. As soon as i get an answer i will message back. They took alot of hair from the sides, i had alot of dense three graft hairs but not many single grafts so i think they had to go to the sides. I can also see where some of the donar hairs have come from and im hoping they will grow back over time.