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  1. Hi @BjornBorg, i know its crazy its been 10 months, overall very good, i will do a twelve month update when the day comes as my final picture post. Overall very happy, the hairlines hairs are still a touch wirey in some areas, but it is changing now, some are maturing quicker than others, but i think the next 3-4 months will see the finally completion of everything, really happy with the results overall, still debating weather to change the hairline design potentially going forward, it is something i have to get use to, de freitas as you can tell by his youtube pictures as his own specific hairline design that he does. I saw there insta as well, they have reopened it looks like, just might be a backlog, so i suggest you contact them to still confirm your date.... I am ok overall, i am battling some health condition that i have to have alot of surgery for and i even have to go to ukraine, kyiv of all places for stemcells from August this year, but apart from that i am good, good choice with de freitas, have you started minox and fin?
  2. Thanks Melvin, much appreciated, hopefully in the 6 months they will thicken up a bit.
  3. Just a question regarding maturity in the transplanted hairs. It has been 9 months since i got my HT, but the transplanted hair are still on the wirey side and are alot different to my other hair, they say maturity can take up to 18 months, which i hope is the case as they still feel very wirey and weak. If anyone can pass over some knowledge or experience i would be grateful. Thanks.
  4. I think so, it was 18 months when i joined, but i did put myself on emergency which made me ending up only waiting 6 months i think.
  5. Update 7 months and 2 weeks update Sorry for not updating for a couple months, but here are some pictures i took today, overall very happy, one side of my hairline is stronger and thicker than the other, but the one that didnt have as much done is the one that is alot thicker, i might need a few grafts, on the hairline that had alot done, you can see the small gaps in between some hairs - but overall very pleased. Included some wet hair under harsh light at as well.
  6. Yes but you can compare where they are in my 1st page pictures where de freitas did the work.
  7. Thanks, i agree, i am very happy with my choice and i still have 6-8 months of the process to go, i may be getting a small touch up, to bulk up the hairline but i cannot tell until 12 months, congrats on your result as well. I will also start posting 7 month results in a few days.
  8. Thank you for the forum, much appreciated. I did put a picture at the start but my hair is very long.
  9. I have been giving monthly updates every month!! Month 6 is 5 days away if you can be patient. I think he might have connection, but go on the Freitas youtube page to see his results, i a question in this thread for the spainsh forum so i could see some more results, thankfully @gilgamesh responded. They speak English fine there, the second head doctor their speak perfect English and she just translates, it is fine, trust me, some of the nurses there also speak English, the person who looks after you will also speak English, so dont worry. The Clinic De Freitas works at is in Valencia.
  10. Does anyone know the spanish hair transplant forum website, i want to have a look at some results from Dr Couto and De Freitas? - Any help or link would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Month 5 and 2 weeks Also throwing in some after shedding photos which gives you a better idea of where i was before and what has been done now. The hairs as many expect are quite small and thin right now, they probably wont thicken up like the rest of my head for another few months, hopefully around month 9 they will start to look like my donor hair. Hopefully you can see why i said i would want to maybe lower my hairline slightly at the angles, but it is being picky. Happy so far, not sure how much more "popping" is going to come through, apparently at the 5 month stage you are 50% of the way through but i have a feeling that i maybe more than that already but we will see. I know maturing takes 12 months plus, so not seeing the final result until next summer.
  12. Thank you Sean, much appreciated, luckily i got a last minute appointment and flew out within 2 weeks of a cancellation and them calling me. I put myself on the cancellation list when i put my deposit down. I wasn't meant to have the surgery until September next year. 18 months his waiting list is now.
  13. Thank you Phil, when i first joined the forum and looked at potential hairline surgeons, i couldn't find one thread who had a transplant with him on the forum. Just lots of comments about him in general or potentially being a surgeon. I am sure we will see more threads with him in the future although his waiting list is a long one.
  14. I think you make a good point in regards to it looking a bit higher and different because of the lack of thickness in comparison with the rest of my hair. Thanks for the advice.