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  1. Alright Gillenator. It turns out I'm getting a PRP treatment on June 16th and July 16th. I noticed that you have True and Dorin as your supporting physicians. As it turns out, I'm getting my procedure done with them! I have it scheduled for August 4th, and I am very excited! I opted for their PRP as well, so it'll be a little more than two weeks after I receive the prior PRP treatment, I will verify that this is not going to be a problem with the doctors. I see fantastic results with relatively few grafts being used in the hairline, and that was just what I was looking for. I will most definitely post my progress here once I get the procedure done, and hope to be added to the hall of fame before/afters on their website!
  2. I think a better way to frame the question is whether or not hair transplant doctors recommend against PRP shortly before the procedure. Because maybe it stresses the scalp too much. Maybe the trauma of PRP injections harms the ability of grafts to take. Or something. So that's what I was wondering. If doctors say not to have PRP say, within 2 weeks of the procedure.
  3. Ah, like ACell/ECM? Assuming that's what you mean, I don't know, to my understanding the literature comparing PRP with and without ACell/ECM is almost non-existent. And when you add ACell/ECM it gets a lot more expensive, such that a series of three treatments can cost as much if not more than a medium-sized hair transplant, which is guaranteed to get you hair whereas the benefits of ACell/ECM for hair growth aren't really as clear. But no, it's just plain PRP.
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking I might just end up getting FUE/SMP into the scar just to conceal it better and allow me to get more grafts via FUE in the area in the future. I'm the type that straight up tells people that I've had hair transplants, so at the same time when I thought about it the scar itself doesn't bother me because of its cosmetic impact, but because it precludes my ability to get more FUE grafts. I keep my hair long but will cut it shorter in the future, possibly even getting an undercut type hairstyle if it suits me, and I won't make any effort to conceal the scar until I plan on getting FUE. Same thing if people ask what the deal is with the scar, I'll just straight up tell them I had hair transplants. I don't care. Hell, I might screw with some people and say something like "I had some gnarly brain surgery!" just for fun! I wish people didn't feel like they had to hide that they've had hair transplants. So I guess to combat this silly stigma surrounding them I'm 100% open about it.
  5. There's a place in the area that injects 12mL of PRP. As far as the laser, I'm not using the professional laser that you get once a whatever at a clinic, I have an every other day use laser helmet that I've been using. What is this about a binding agent though? I was asking all kinds of questions about the concentration of the PRP but didn't hear anything about a binding agent. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone. So I've read a lot about PRP being used with a hair transplant or being used after a hair transplant, but what about BEFORE a hair transplant? How soon after getting a PRP session done is it safe to get a hair transplant? I can figure it irritates the scalp to some degree to get needles inserted into it before going and getting a transplant, but how soon after would the scalp be fully healed and ready for a transplant? I'm not specifically getting PRP because I'm planning on a hair transplant, but because I'm looking to get on a PRP regimen to see if I am a good responder to it to add it to my arsenal. I've read that LLLT and PRP go well together and since I'm already doing LLLT I might as well add PRP and see how it works for me.
  7. Oh, did you get stuck there or were you planning on staying this long anyways? Because if you got stuck that's exactly what I was fearing, and it's why I wouldn't go there for a transplant until this coronavirus stuff clears up.
  8. That's what I was thinking, I was wondering how you would be able to get it done now because I was reading about international flights into India being prohibited and even some domestic flights. But then I figure you had to have been in India to get the transplant despite the lockdown!
  9. I've read that Vitamin E and fish oil supplements in general are off-limits for about 2 weeks before surgery (along with things like aspirin and other blood thinners) because of the increased potential for bleeding. Not that the supplements cause bleeding but they thin the blood and make it more likely.
  10. I was researching Eugenix myself and really wanted to go there ASAP but was concerned about the possibility of being told I had to quarantine upon landing in India or either the US or Indian government suddenly implementing some kind of quarantine and being stuck in India for an unknown amount of time! What is this about a lockdown special though? Some kind of discount? If so, what is it?
  11. Yup, I'm also a skeptic as far as hyped product claims, but clinical studies (assuming they aren't funded by the creators of the product) should be a non-biased measure of how well a product works. Which is why I was surprised to find so many clinical studies on Viviscal. I guess it's at least worth a try with the money-back guarantee (as long as the fine print doesn't render it useless, anyways).
  12. Hmmm, never thought about that part about covering the scar to some extent to allow for more options in donor hair locations. I wasn't concerned about the cosmetic impact of the scar so long as it wasn't ridiculously wide. But that's true that if it were covered up somewhat I would be able to use the follicles directly above and below the scar. Good point, thanks for that input. At any rate it doesn't look like most hair transplant doctors want to do another FUT procedure on me because of the scar. Another thing, I actually measured the width of the scar and it appears to be about 5-6mm wide along the entire back and some of the sides. It's wider directly above the ears though. I would hope that scalp laxity exercises would allow me to reach a laxity that would allow for the excision of a strip that's at least 2cm wide and 24cm long (the length along the back of my head still in the safe donor zone), and assuming average donor density at 60 follicles/cm2 that would yield (including the scar tissue) 2,160 grafts. But if this is a long shot or not I don't know for certain yet.
  13. Hello all. I came across a product called Viviscal while doing research on PRP for hair loss (a hair transplant doctor mentioned Viviscal while answering the question about PRP). Now the first thing that came to my head was that pills for hair loss aren't going to do anything unless they're Finasteride. I also looked into it on this forum and found similar viewpoints. However, I also did some research on clinical studies using Viviscal, and they seem to show things like a great increase in the number of terminal hairs. There are several clinical studies showing these results, so I'm wondering if maybe Viviscal DOES actually do something? Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on it. I'm thinking I'm at least going to try it out and see, there is a 3-month money-back offer up right now, so I figure there's nothing to lose. I understand that Viviscal is mostly vitamins that you can get a ton cheaper in a multivitamin, but at the same time it has this "AminoMar" thing that may be what makes the difference between it and vitamins. And as a sidenote, is there anyone here who is fighting hair loss through the use of regular PRP treatments? I only ever got one PRP treatment from Dr. Arocha when I got my hair transplant with him two years ago, but I'm really wanting to take the fight to AGA and am glad to say I am at the place in my life where I have the monetary resources to pay for an initial "booster" of PRP treatments (1 every month for 4 months) and maintenance treatments every 6 months. Do any regular PRP guys on here see appreciable results from doing PRP every 6 months? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello everyone. So I've already posted a thread asking about if my scar was a keloid, I've consulted a couple of surgeons who say it is not one. At least that's good news. That said, it is definitely not a thin scar, and since I'm looking to get a third FUT procedure since my laxity is good enough to do so, I've been wondering if the width of the scar will result in most hair transplant surgeons not doing another FUT procedure. I know it'll probably be hard to get an acceptable number of grafts if the scar is included in the strip since it's so wide. That said, since I keep my hair long and don't mind scars (although I wouldn't mind an invisible one, either!), I was wondering if any of you have been to surgeons who are able to safely excise two strips in one procedure. I was told about the possibility of necrosis by another hair transplant surgeon if one takes two strips at once. Failing the ability to take two strips, is one able to get a typical number of grafts (at least 2,000) from a second strip when the scar from their prior surgeries is really bad? Or is the second strip not as wide/inclusive of the safe donor zone and thus not ideal? Thanks in advance for any input. .