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  1. That is what the clinic said, but they are highly trained and been with the clinic many years so it makes sense they would be very consistently great at what they do. Personally I am perfectly fine with this, but it would suck if I get there and they had hired a new tech that would work on my scalp
  2. I have sent them pictures and gotten their feedback via email, but I haven't talked to the over the phone - skype consultations is a great idea, I will request it. The reason I mentioned scarring in the donor is because I remember reading a clinic rep saying that was the reason doing FUT before FUE results in more available grafts than the other way around. I have also read Hasson says their FUE yield is comparable to their FUT yield and I would think that (in a good clinic) a bit more hairs are transected when cutting a strip than the amount transected during the FUE extractions, so I wondered if donor scarring was the reason FUT is known to result in more available grafts. Anyways don't mean to start a FUE/FUT debate, I know we have too many of those.
  3. I’ll start by saying that I absolutely love this forum, it’s been super helpful in my journey. I decided I am getting a HT this year and I narrowed down my list to Victor Hasson and Raymond Konior. I am in my 30s and need ~2k grafts (FUE) in the hairline and temple points. I feel like I have a solid donor area (but it hasn’t been measured so I don’t really know) and I’ve been on finasteride for half a year. I know I can’t go wrong with either surgeon, but I wanted to share my impressions of each, and hope you could share your opinion as well. I want to minimize the risk of a bad/mediocre result and find impressive how Hasson consistently puts out so many great results, especially when the clinic uses techs for extractions. Konior has much fewer results posted, but they seem excellent and he does the extractions, incisions and placement, which I would think minimizes variability. I like Hasson’s hairline design better (might be in the minority here), but I like Konior’s temple work better. Both seem to create extremely natural hairlines, but I think Hasson can dense-pack more a bit more aggressively than Konior (I want good density since it will be the front of the hairline). I was impressed by a few cases where Konior managed to get so much more coverage than you would think possible for the amount of grafts he used. Hasson performs very clean work, but Konior’s is on another level - his postop pics are almost hard to believe. I know stick and place explains the recipient area, but the donor areas also looks immaculate - I wonder if this actually increases the grafts available for future procedures (less scarring etc). Travel/money are not restrictions for me at this time. Which parts of the above do you agree/disagree or what other elements should I consider? Finally, who would you choose in my situation? I hope you guys are staying safe and sane in these crazy times!