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  1. Here’s hoping. If itchiness was hair I would be chewbacca
  2. My god man, looks amazing, Gotta admit I was all over the page today looking for some affirmation my "ugly duckling" phase will end. I still look a hot mess. What a great result you have. Fantastic, Really happy for you.
  3. Hello. Yes, I have done a blog on this website. Take a look...if you dare. haha
  4. Thanks so much for doing this blog. Your 1-2 month photos are identical to mine (4300 grafts with Cinik) to be honest I have a bit of worry as I look like, well to be honest, crap but to see the change in yours is so great. Thanks for posting and look forward to my results being close to yours. Cheers. Peter in UK
  5. 52 here. Not really one to care about my appearance, Take a shower, brush it back, deoderant and grab clothes off the top of the pile. BUT in photos taken with my wife and others....GEEEZEEE!!!! the hair, horrendous. Just bugged me senseless. Looks horrid (to me anyway) so got er done. Now waiting for the growth phase
  6. Had mine done June 23rd. took a few hundred, Sorry I can't remember the exact amount, from Jaw line down. Was shaving 10 days after, Can't really see a difference. Few weeks of pimples which have all gone. My chest however still looks like a warzone as they take large cores when taking those hairs
  7. August 8th, ugly duckling phase still going strong. Hoping the little buggers are still in there and awaiting a rebirth.
  8. I just had beard taken for part of my 4300 grafts. I was shaving about ten days after and not really seeing much "loss" in that area. I don't wear a beard though so can't comment on a full grow out. I have read the beard is the second best donor area to the back of the head. I think they used beard hair for my crown as I was a bit light on donor. It definitely feels like different courseness hair there. I have no proof they did this, only thinking it due to the fact it feels more course there as a few mm long sprouts. Cheers. Peter
  9. I travelled from UK to Turkey recently for my treatment, The whole thing was amazing, Temps taken getting on the plane, personal protection packs with masks and cleaner given to us. Repeated announcements to stay in our seats and only get up one at a time. Of course if someone had it and was hacking their brains out all bets would be off but with masks on the whole time I felt relatively safe.
  10. Baboon, I have started my own thread. I feel bad I posted on another persons thread. I have asked for the ones above to be removed. I am also happy for the OP to delete them. Ughh bad form from me. Sorry
  11. This was the early growth before the ugly duckling faze I am now in. This really impressed me.
  12. Now I did warn you folks, Not my best look (and I am wearing trousers 🙂 ) Just checked, procedure was 23nd of June. Think thats 38 days Chin and back of head area are healed nicely. Chest still showing clear evidence of action there. Again, those "cores" are bigger from what I understand. I am also led to believe that beard hair is the best for successful transplanting, after head donor area. Again, thats from reading.
  13. One comment from my experience Back in the day, over 25 years ago when I had my first, FUT (thats strip right?) here is how it went, They quoted me X amount of money, think it was $8k for X number of grafts. They then cut out the strip, counted the grafts and said, "hmmm, we have X number of grafts plus XX number in this strip. Do you want to pay the additional per graft $ to get them all put in?" So $12,500 later they used all the grafts. This is a place that is no longer in business but I always wondered. So if you have the strip removed and there is 4000 grafts and they are only contr
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