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  1. What makes you "think" Dr. Saifi recommends it? €300 for a small supply??? Nahh. Baby shampoo is what most surgeons recommend after HT.
  2. I heard Keser is not using microscopes, if that's true, I believe what Clark.Ethan said is true, of course he ended up with a few multi grafts in his hairline. So that makes me think Keser is not quite an elite surgeon. OP, I think you have a perfect hairline now, you should be very happy with it. I wouldn't touch it.
  3. Hello mate, I've used a laser comb 6-7 years ago back when I tried pretty much all experimental treatments besides the proven ones: fin, min, dut. So I used it for like 8 months religiously every day, sadly no improvements whatsoever. What worked for me was topical flutamide, mixed in minoxidil. Insane regrowth, at one point it seemed I'll pretty much regain most of my lost hair. Of course, I ended up having some nasty side effects so I wouldn't recommend it at all. Also, spironolactone at 200 mg did wonders, but again, sides like gyno, zero libido, etc. Topical eptoin wa
  4. Sorry to hear that. Did they give you a definite no? I mean a few days ago I was pretty much in the same shoes so they asked me to come to Cyprus for a personal assessment of my situation, with no surgery booked. Then Dr. Maras decided he could do it after a new batch of higher quality pictures. Have you been in touch with them via Doron? Oh and thank you for your kind words, I really hope so too.
  5. As for the redness, I think it's important to determine whether it's inflammation before you even consider another procedure. I myself have a bit of redness lingering after my HT over a year ago so I've seen a dermatologist recently and he told me it's not inflammation, it's just that I've got very fair and sensitive skin (this seems to apply in your case too), it takes longer to settle but it will in due time. There's vascular laser treatment that removes the redness if it's not inflammation, however this could hurt your hair too. Also, my dermatologist prescribed protopic 0.03%, which a
  6. Honestly, it's not so bad. Yes, you've got rather poor density and a hairline that's too straight, therefore a bit unnatural looking, but at least your hairline is not riddled with multi grafts and your widow's peak (which seems to be your native hair) compensates a lot. You just need a follow-up surgery with a good surgeon.
  7. Hey cnkp21! Sorry for not updating this thread, in the end HDC accepted me and I'll have the procedure done on Monday 30th November. Well, they said they need to lower the hairline to create the zigzags and were unsure if I have enough space, they also needed more pictures of the thin areas to make sure it's possible to transplant through them. Sorry to hear you're in a similar position. So you contacted a clinic and they turned you down?
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with Turkish clinics, there's only a few arguably safe choices there and even them might pressure you into using too many grafts (like Asmed), thereby leaving you with a near depleted donor. You've got 8K saved and you have so many better options with that budget (even some of the recommended ones by HRN) than cheap Turkish clinics.
  9. I think he's just blessed with good genes, I think your natural arguments are pretty much on point. Ronald Reagan always stayed a NW0 too.
  10. No, you shouldn't go there, avoid them like hell. I browsed through the first 30-40 followers and then stopped. They have nothing to do with the clinic, random people from all around the world, they got those followers via apps like Gramblr and Combin where you buy credits and get random followers in return. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBN09uYJ3TN/ --> Check out this result (video,9th slide) and tell me it looks natural with that pluggy, straight hairline? As for the photos, they can photoshop them, but it's harder to fool anyone on video.
  11. Yeah, you're pretty much right, almost the same efficacy, maybe less % of side effects though.
  12. Scalp DHT reductions with various doses of finasteride:
  13. So in the end it came out to 4300 grafts? You mentioned how much was estimated (3300-3500), but then couldn't find any further information.
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