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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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  1. @ciaus, Eucapil is one of the strongest topical antiandrogens out there. Been around for many years, very well known on treatment based forums. It is definitely not a 'cosmetic' product as Rassman claims, I mean the active compound is a drug used to treat prostate cancer.
  2. Thanks for the info on PRP, that makes sense. Honestly I'm not impatient about hair growth as I know (or hope) that's bound to happen soon. Nothing comparable, although my first procedure was a small one of temple work only. I do realize this time around there was some dense packing in certain regions which could take longer to heal. No major lifestyle changes either, in fact I gave up smoking prior to the procedure. Do you have any ideas perhaps on what could have caused this? I'm really unsure what's the best course of action. It's perfectly fine to wait when it comes to hair, how
  3. Oh well, I'll post an image after all, hopefully that will explain the situation better. Pls tell me it's normal to have this amount of redness at 3.5 months, because it's not. I've marked the VBeam-ed areas, as you can see there's no hair loss due to the laser. If things improve, I'll zap the whole area soon.
  4. I'm not an impatient player of the waiting game, it's not the lack of growth what concerns me at all. Thanks for your responses, guys.
  5. To improve redness and skin texture without affecting hair follicles.
  6. Hey guys. Sorry for not updating this thread, I wanted to see some improvements first before posting anything. Alas, things are not really good at present time. There's been 0 growth at almost 3,5 months, however I think that's not a big issue and I should remain patient for now. My concerns are as follows: 1. The state of my skin is horrendous. I'm as red as a tomato with crater-like holes from the incisions still visible, bumpiness, raised areas, etc. I look into the mirror and can't help but to reprimand myself for what I've done. 2. Shock loss. The center of my
  7. Fluridil Alfatradiol Both ship internationally.
  8. Yeah, I thought the same. Although I once saw a - supposedly - high density HT of 76 grafts / sqcm in the recipient. That's insane.
  9. That's a very good regimen there. I've seen amazing results from the dermarolling minoxidil users and you're addressing the androgen problem too. You're a diffuse thinner. I can see a lot of vellus hair that could be permanently shocked out if you undergo surgery. However if you stick to this preventive protocol you could revive a lot of your hair. Even some of the lost ones. You're only 24 and your donor does not appear to be particularly strong. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I wouldn't consider surgery if I were you.. At least give it a few more years to evaluat
  10. I believe you're shedding miniaturized hairs from the crown. Of course it's rather hard to retrace where they came from, but if you have miniaturized hairs in your donor, you should be shedding some of your transplanted hair too now if that makes any sense. I had a massive shed at around 6 months when I first started taking fin and my hair took its sweet time to return. I started seeing huge improvements at around 16 months or so. I think you should be be optimistic, I reckon it's a good sign. You could update this thread with say bimonthly pics so you'd have more people eyeballing what's
  11. No worries. But the same goes for FUE, really. Since minoxidil inhibits fibroplast proliferation, which play a crucial role in the early stages of wound healing it may not be a good idea to take it when your body is trying to heal severed tissue and capillaries from thousand of incisions. It's not a big deal if you're healing fast, I guess. (Not trying to disagree with you, I'm also an advocate of oral minoxidil otherwise.)
  12. Oral minoxidil inhibits wound healing. Not very recommended.
  13. It's very commendable you took your time and did your research so thoroughly, contacted so many top clinics. There's nothing wrong with your donor if someone like Pekiner accepted your case. Work looks very refined and you have a high avg. of hairs/graft. I think you'll be happy with the result. Good luck.
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