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  1. Yes I’m looking forward to that. In a fairness I got the Mrs to take the photos I’ve posted but in my opinion and looking in the mirror it looks so much better. The photos don’t seem to do it the best of justice, I’ve never been very photogenic.!! Haha.
  2. Yes I went with needle free. The first 10/15 min is a little uncomfortable as you never know when they are gonna hit you with it but once you’ve had a few you don’t feel a thing. I would definitely recommend having the needle free. The whole procedure went as good as it possibly could do as you’ll probably read many more Cinik patients say the same.
  3. Congratulations fella. The hair looks top draw. Happy for you both.
  4. Thanks mate. You know how it is , you’re on the same journey!!!
  5. Thanks. I’ll post one later , all seems as good as it can be.
  6. Cheers Bax, I’m hoping so. I’ll be glad when the density improves more but I’m happy so far only being 3 months in.
  7. Looking good mate. Looks like you’re going to have some good density moving forward. That concealer looks bang on, I might have to invest !! 👍🏼
  8. Thanks for your reply John, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead, hopefully more improvement by Xmas.
  9. 3 month update.... Everything seems to be going according to plan, I’m starting to see the new baby hairs getting more density about them, when I’m in certain lights it can look like I’ve got a full head of hair haha!! A long long way to go and very early days yet I know, so onwards and upwards.
  10. I’m almost 3 months post FUE and heavily use Nicorette quick mist spray, can’t say it’s made any negative affect to my progress I don’t think !!
  11. Cheers Bax, I’m hoping so. I think I’m at the stage now where I can’t be bothered hiding it with a hat , just trying to forget about it until I walk passed a mirror!!
  12. @Blower I don’t think has updated his as yet but I’m sure he will at some point.
  13. Well it’s exactly 2 months since I went to Istanbul for my HT. All the shredding has stopped now and I’m starting to see some growth like baby hair. I’ve had the back and sides cut twice since the procedure but obviously nothing touched on top, I know I’ve got a hell of a long way to go but week by week in different lights I’m starting to see different parts of the transplanted hairs change. Im taking Biotin and multi vitamins provided by Dr Cinik , I also take Pumpkin seed oil capsules and Propecia 0.5mg Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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