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  1. Who would be recommend in the UK? ( surgeons)
  2. I had a few on the back of my head so obviously they’ve been transferred from there. I’m not complaining though.
  3. 6 Month update. Very happy with everything apart from I’ve gone a little grey👨🏼‍🦳
  4. Getting better as the time passes, I can no longer see my scalp when I stood under the bathroom spot light when using the mirror, I’ll get a photo uploaded.
  5. I did 6 months on generic Finasteride prior to having the HT and found I got a few sides, I didn’t bother with the pumpkin seed oil until after the HT along with just 0.5mg MWF of Propecia.
  6. Sorry for not updating sooner I just thought it would be better to leave it a while. Well I’m just over 5 months and all seems pretty good to me. Most of the growth came around month 4 and then the density just got better week by week. I’ve carried on getting the back and sides shaved as normal and according to my hairdresser he can hardly notice in the donor area compared to the 1st couple of months. I’ve had the recipient area cut once as the ends looked a little split. I’ve pictured bellow the shampoo and conditioner I’m using but I would say the shampoo can leave it a little dry at time
  7. I’m good mate cheers. Hair is going as well as it could be for now.... I think !!
  8. 😳 Absolutely Fantastic mate. Cuffed to bits for you and only 4 months in !!
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