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  1. I’m in exactly the same boat as you pal and very similar hair loss, I’m looking to get a HT around spring / summer time its good to read the advice of others but when your financial situation is limited It makes it hard to try and find the best you can for what you can afford.
  2. Some of us would die for your hairline mate, looks good. I’m sure things will turn out just fine. you are only 8 weeks in !!!
  3. Thanks a lot for your input and advice. So you think I could expect some good results then? when you say I could get my hairline 8cm for the glabella I’m kinda lost and don’t understand what you mean? what sort of hairline could I expect?
  4. I know what you’re saying but I’ll see what happens, hopefully I won’t come across any of the nasty side affects that I’ve read about. Just as a matter of interest, what shampoos do you use and can you recommend anything good to start on? I’ve been using Alpecin for about 15 years but I can’t say it makes any difference “obviously “
  5. Hi Egy I had a look at your story and good luck with everything, I will keep following it. Yes I know where you are coming from and that’s exactly what I will be doing, getting as much information as I can. I’ve got nothing booked at the moment and it will be at least the summer time before I do anything. I did want to get to 6 months with the finasteride and see how I go with that.
  6. Hi Dr Abhinav Kumar Firstly thanks for your reply and giving your advice and secondly I’m 41, “ wish I was in my early 30s “ 👍🏼 I don’t know if this helps or changes anything but I’ve been losing my hair slowly for about 15 years, started off reseeding and then eventually thinning and here I am. I didn’t really want to go down the route of having the FUT treatment and them take a strip from the back of my head but I do appreciate you know better than I do. I was hoping also unless I really had to not to have anything taken from my beard, just to let you know when you say different colour I dye my beard about every 3 weeks and on the photos I’d not trimmed for a few weeks if that’s what you mean. I have started recently on the advice of a specialist HT in the UK to take finasteride to see if it helps with the density, they advised that prior to having FUE treatment. When all said and done I guess there’s risks with which ever route I take whether I pay 15k or 5k and in all honesty the cost does come in to consideration for me within reason, hence why I’m now seeing this a more realistic thing for me unlike I did a few years ago.
  7. Hi Melvin To be honest this is something I’ve wanted done for many years but I always thought it was out of my league regarding the cost issues. I had a consultation about 8 years ago and quoted around 8-10k but I was under the impression it would end up been a endless pot of money, it’s only come to light and seems more realistic to me after talking with my friend who had a procedure done in Turkey and also reading various stories, watching YouTube stories etc. I recently had a consultation at one of the uk leading establishments and it basically seems I can get the same thing done in Turkey for a fraction of the cost. I’m not as such rushing in to anything and I’m not set to any specific time hence why I’m trying to find out as much information as I can, it’s great you guys are taking the timeout to reply to my original post.
  8. Hi Matt. i totally get where you’re coming from but the biggest thing is I’m in the UK, so going to the US for a HT is a big price in itself.
  9. Hi Matt. thanks for your reply. im guessing the above clinics are in the US? I am on a budget within reason, obviously the best I can get at the best price, thanks for your advice.
  10. Hi Egy. thanks for your reply, when you say you visited Dr Cinik, did you have a HT? I know you’re saying be aware of the risks but I guess there is always a risk and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews throughout.
  11. Hi All. I’m recently new to the group and I’d like to say they’re looks to be some fantastic results out there, I’m amazed at some of the work you guys have had done. That leads me to to my question. A lot of you seem to be absolute experts on HT and I’m just learning and picking up everything I can from what I read. I’d like some advice if any of you would be kind enough to help??! I’m looking at getting a HT done in the next few months and I’m obviously wanting to know what I can expect, I’ve looked at many of your stories and tried to fine someone as close as I can to the same hair type and loss as myself. I’ve also been in touch with 2 of the more common Drs in Turkey ( spoke persons ) and had 2 slightly different answers. 1 has come back to me saying my donor area is not too good and I’ll probably have to look at some body hair extraction and the other has said I have a good donor area, now I know it’s hard to be exact just by looking at photos sent via WhatsApp and they have both had the same photos what are your thoughts??? Also.... Who do I go with ?! A good friend of mine recently came back from Turkey and using Dr Acar and spoke very highly about his full experience so initially I thought that’s the clinic for me but after looking and reading lots of your stories on here I’ve contacted Dr Cinik and found he’s slightly cheaper ( not a cost issue ) and that’s the one saying I have a pretty good donor area. I’ve attached some photos, some with shorter hair then some slightly longer. I would really appreciate any advice if anyone could take the time to reply to me. TIA Paul