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  1. Looks good pal, hope the procedure went well for you, I’m booked in at Cinik’s on Tuesday, reading your post helps the nerves, good luck with everything. just one question mate, what are the marks 15mm below your hairline? Paul.
  2. Hi Vpac. im kinda in the same boat as you, I’ve paid my deposit and just waiting for the UK quarantine to be lifted for coming home. I’ve got a date provisionally booked for the 10th of July but can be changed if need be, I’m sure the quarantine is going to be lifted on the 29th June so we’ll just have to sit tight for now.
  3. Looking good Bax, I certainly can’t believe your donor area as It looks like it hasn’t been touched. Roll on the UK travel quarantine being lifted and I’m on my way myself to see Dr Cinik.
  4. Excellent results from what I can see now mate, roll on the uplift of all this and I’m ready to go and see Dr Cinik.
  5. Looking good mate. Are you happy with everything so far?
  6. Glad it all went well mate, it was good to read the beginning of your journey and I’ll look forward to hearing the progress as it unfolds. 👍🏼
  7. Good luck mate, I’m in the same boat as you and hoping to visit Cinik later in the year, I’ll look forward to following your story.
  8. I noticed you said you paid 2790€ mate, I was quoted 2590€ with Cinik having some involvement in the procedure. Did you pay extra for anything?
  9. I’m in exactly the same boat as you pal and very similar hair loss, I’m looking to get a HT around spring / summer time its good to read the advice of others but when your financial situation is limited It makes it hard to try and find the best you can for what you can afford.
  10. Some of us would die for your hairline mate, looks good. I’m sure things will turn out just fine. you are only 8 weeks in !!!
  11. Thanks a lot for your input and advice. So you think I could expect some good results then? when you say I could get my hairline 8cm for the glabella I’m kinda lost and don’t understand what you mean? what sort of hairline could I expect?
  12. I know what you’re saying but I’ll see what happens, hopefully I won’t come across any of the nasty side affects that I’ve read about. Just as a matter of interest, what shampoos do you use and can you recommend anything good to start on? I’ve been using Alpecin for about 15 years but I can’t say it makes any difference “obviously “