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  1. Yes I’ve head a few of the same things, I’m in the UK and can’t seem to locate Proscar anywhere. If I go back on it and I know I should to help the HT I’ll definitely be every other day maybe starting on .5mg and seeing how it goes. As I said before the sides went for me after been off for about 3/4 weeks.
  2. Yes I was definitely impressed with what Finasteride did for my donor area but I really don’t think it did nothing for the recipient. I think I was too far gone.
  3. I was on it from the 1st of Jan up until the beginning of July then had the HT a couple of weeks later. I found after being on it a couple of months that I was a little snappy with people and found to be a bit moody, things would get to me more than they should. I also found my sex drive had dropped and erections were nothing like they use to be. I don’t think I realised until lately now I’ve been off Fin for a month and I feel much better in myself. I was on 1mg per day using generic Finasteride and after my recent research I’ve found apparently you don’t need so much. I’m on the fence about going back on it and if I do it will be every other day using .5mg and see how I go, I’ve also heard people advise to use branded instead of generic.
  4. DJ I was told my donor was not the best and would probably have to use beard and chest, so then I did 7 months on Finasteride 1mg per day and saw a massive improvement, although I didn’t see a dramatic change on top. photos below 1st taken in Nov 19 , 2nd taken May 20.
  5. You can get generic Finasteride and propica through them but not proscar.
  6. Haha. Cheers mate. I might just give that a try..... I went for a free consultation almost a year ago and got quoted almost 8k for 2500 graphs. I know they sell generic Finasteride at 40 quid a month as they tried to sell it to me. Dunno how it would work having just had a HT in the past few weeks and it’s pretty obvious too.
  7. Who do you ask though mate if you had your HT in Turkey? I’ve been to my doctors to try and get a prescription for 5mg proscar from pharmacy2u and he wouldn’t as he said it was cosmetic and he didn’t know enough about it. I’m based in Manchester UK , tried everything. Been on generic Finasteride for 6 months but getting sides so wanted to try proscar 1.25 every other day. I did find one online supplier but he wanted 95 quid for a pkt of 28!!
  8. Completely agree. We all want the best things in life but you can only afford what you can afford. If it wasn’t for Turkey working class guys with a young family would never get the chance to get a HT.
  9. Pauls


    Yes just what I thought, the practice probably couldn’t be arsed helping me with all the COVID going’s on. I explained I’d just had a Hair Transplant and It was something I needed. I’d done 6 months on generic Finasteride but suffered with a few sides as I explained to him. The reason I wanted to try Proscar was to try eliminate the sides but obviously he doesn’t care enough to help me.
  10. Pauls


    Does anyone know where you can purchase Proscar in the UK? I found pharmacy2u stock it but you need a prescription. I contacted my GP and he said as it’s cosmetic we can’t give you a prescription because we don’t know much about it. can anyone help?
  11. I’m more than happy so far mate but yet I’ve got a long way to go.
  12. 10 days post procedure and most of the scabs are off now.