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  1. On my mother’s of the family I have no uncles. My grandpa had a little bit of hair left when I knew him by the time he was around 80.
  2. My dad is 60 and only has minor hair loss
  3. I’m 16 and this whole year I have been anxious about hair loss. I don’t have any old pictures to compare to. The hair near the end of my side part seems to be thinning. If I am balding what am I supposed to do. I’m still in high school...
  4. Thanks everyone for your answers. Both my mom and dad who are 60 still have lots of hair and I’m not noting a lot of hair falling out so I think it was a false alarm. I had never seen the back of head before so I was worried. My crown just seems to have more scalp than others but I guess that is not a sign. Again thank you all for giving me your opinions.
  5. Thanks for responding. I took some new pictures that i don’t think are too out of focus.