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United States

Hair Loss Story

I first started noticing that my hairline seemed to be receding when I was around 26/27 years old. And in true dramatic hair loss fashion, it made me sick to my stomach. Physically... And I wanted to cry. (Like I said, dramatic). I was stressed...

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Hair Loss Overview

Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern:
Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
How long have you been losing your hair?:
In the last 5 years
Norwood Level if Known:
Norwood III
What Best Describes Your Goals?:
Maintain and Regrow Hair, I'm here for support

Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair Transplant Doctor

Dr. Parsa Mohebi

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Treatment Regimen

This FDA approved drug is one of the most effective hair loss treatments on the market today.

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Photos and Blog Updates

6 Month Update

Photos taken at Dr. Mohebi's office approximately 6 months after my hair transplant.

Created: 4/9/2015

Updated: Updated 3 year(s) ago

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Before and After, 5 months post surgery

Here's a before and after, side by side photo of me from early 2013 to December of 2014, almost exactly 5 months after my surgery. Seriously so happy that I don't have to deal with the stress of fixing my hair to cover up the hairline anymore.

Created: 2/13/2015

Updated: Updated 3 year(s) ago

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Official 4.5 Month Update, Dr. Mohebi

Here are the official photos from Dr. Mohebi's office of my 4.5 month update. I like these better as the settings, lighting, camera, etc. are all the same. Hoping to get official 6.5 month photos next week.

Created: 2/13/2015

Updated: Updated 3 year(s) ago

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4 month update

These photos were taken 4 months after my surgery. I stopped buzzing my hair at the 3 month mark (when the new hairs were set to start coming in) so that everything can start growing in nice and even. So far, so good. I do plan on stopping by Dr. Mohebi's office soon so I can get some photos taken in the exact same settings as the originals, but for now, the iPhone pics will do the job. :)

Created: 12/3/2014

Updated: Updated 3 year(s) ago

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