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Is having too many scars on body bad for health

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This is more of a medical question. But in my lifetime I had two surgeries on my body which left me with around 10 cm scars. If I wanted to get FUE in future, could having so many scars on my body have any negative impact on my health in the future? Or it's just a tissue that shouldn't impact my health?

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none that i know of? scar is simply scar tissue, it's different in visual, elasticity, and composition but unless its cutting through muscle, nerve, organs, and or tendons, you should be fine.

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I don’t see why scars would affect your health, aside from aesthetics.

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I’m not a physician but I don’t see how possessing scars would affect your health in any way.  Consider what a scar actually is.  It’s simply a mark your body leaves behind from a wound that has already healed.  These “marks” are just tissue and skin that doesn’t perfectly match the surrounding area.

Consider FUE - hundreds or thousands of tiny scars that look like white dots are left behind. There’s no medical problems  associated with them.

Frankly, the only way scarring would impact a hair transplant result would be if you are transplanting hair over top scarring. Transplanted hair doesn’t typically grow as well in scar tissue.

i hope this helps

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Even though I'm not a doctor, I feel very confident in saying that having "too many scars" isn't an issue in the slightest when it comes to a hair tranplant. I've never even thought of this as a potential risk/concern, and I think it'd be more common knowledge if it were something to be mindful of. Personally, I've got quite a few scars of my own, not to mention the 2001 FUE "scars" in my scalp and I'm a-ok. ;) 

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Speaking from a theoretical min/max approach, obviously any injury, however small, leaves a negligible but real impact.  This can come down to aging due to cell splitting, the effects of anesthesia, effects of local inflammation and whatever else.

While nobody can give a good estimate, I’d say at a best guess, a hair transplant might lower your life expectancy by a few minutes.

So don’t worry, you probably do more long term harm getting drunk.

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