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    Rahal Hair Transplant
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    Rahal Hair Transplant
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  1. Thank you Joe for for the kind words. Please give my regards to Dr Hasson Dr H Rahal
  2. Hi Adrian,


    Just had a few questions for you. I'm considering a hair transplant from Dr. Rahal.

    1)Does Dr. Rahal at all consider follicular unit extraction or does he only do follicular unit transplantation with the production of scar by removing a strip of skin? Some on this forum have suggested he tried FUE, but then went back to strip removal as we wasn't getting good yield from the FUE, is this true?


    2) Regarding post transplant recommendations, is it necessary to stay on propecia after the transplant, because I'm not very interested in taking any medication post transplant, my understanding is most might have to take rogaine for a period of time post transplant but that is only as the new hair come in??


    thanks adrian





    Thanks for creating a photo album to share your results with us. Your hair looks great. I'm certainly envious of your density, but I guess since I was formerly a cue ball, I can't complain :-)



    How are you liking our new community so far?



    Let me know if you need anything.



    Best wishes,



    Bill (Falceros)


  4. Hi Adrian. Your result looks great and this is the result I would like for myself. My son wants to see a pro hockey game so I thought I'd bring him to Ottawa this fall, I have family there, to see one and and take the opportunity to come see Dr. Rahal for a consult. Tks for posting.

  5. Hi Serious, Dr. Rahal definitely did not work with Dr. Armani in 2002. I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have in regards to Dr. Rahal and his surgical expertise. You can reach me directly at adrian@rahalhairtransplant.com Thanks!
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