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  1. This patient had a previous surgery with another surgeon back in 2000. After this he wore a hair system. His skin is very red due to the glue used in cementing the system in place. He came to see us as he did not want to wear the system any longer and wanted to camouflage the existing pluggy work he had received over 11 years ago. Dr. Rahal performed a total of 3607 grafts which gave the patient just over 7500 hairs. The breakdown was: Singles - 647 Doubles - 1942 Triples - 1014 Quads - 4 The patient is very happy and still has more growth and density to look forward to. Pre-OP 3 Months Post Op 81/2 Months Post-Op
  2. First of all thank you for sharing your story and we are sorry you are not happy about your booking experience. But to call Dr Rahal unethical is out of line and since this is a public forum we do take great offense and respectfully ask you to withdraw the comment. The pre op /post op instructions were sent soon after we processed your deposit on January 11th, 2011 and we always formalize the surgical booking before sending out the surgical documents (sent out to you on the 11th). We heard from you on January 21st, 2011 (ten days later) informing us that you wanted to cancel your upcoming surgery for January 31st, 2011. This left us in a tight spot to try to rebook another patient with such a short notice at this stage. You mentioned that you planned on doing the procedure at a later date. Your decision to do it right now so it fits in with a work trip to the US was too hasty etc. This is why we decided (contrary to our policy) to return 50 percent of the deposit back to apply for your second surgery. We also went out of our way and asked the patient who was previously booked on January 31st to move his booked date to accommodate your procedure. He reluctantly moved after we offered him a graft incentive, at our own cost. Although our post op instructions are guidelines that are more strict than others, (we have experience from some patients that have taken too much liberty and aggression handling the recipient sites, against our advice). We do go over the instructions verbally and suggest many ways to speed up the healing and the crusting phase, we do this on patient by patient basis.
  3. This patient had 2868 grafts to re-establish his hairline and temporal regions with Dr. Rahal approximately 12 months post surgery. Breakdown of grafts: Singles: 457 Doubles: 1741 Triples: 645 Quads: 25 He is very, very happy with the results and for deciding to have the procedure with Dr. Rahal. It has been truly life changing for him and he wanted us to share his great results with the community.
  4. This patient is on medication His back/top/sides are quite strong and he has very good donor density.
  5. This patient had 2989 grafts to re-establish his hairline and temporal regions. These images showcase his results at one year post op. Breakdown of grafts: 1's - 642 2's - 1734 3's - 613
  6. Hi Nate, Thanks for your post. Sorry we haven't got back to you as we had some technical difficulties with our email system last week. I will review your images with Dr. Rahal today and get back to you shortly.
  7. Dr. Rahal now has a consult office in Toronto and he would be happy to see you. Please contact me and I can find you a time to see him if you are interested. adrian@rahalhairtransplant.com 1-877-712-4247
  8. This Female patient had 620 FUE grafts performed by Dr. Rahal back in September of this year. The growth has started early and this patient will have an exceptional result.
  9. Thank you Joe for for the kind words. Please give my regards to Dr Hasson Dr H Rahal
  10. Looking great Anouar! Still lot's to look forward to. Thanks for sharing