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Interesting observation, new hairs in depleted donor area, may be due to microneedling

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I don't think Microneedling has the ability to create the same regeneration effect of hair but it could be a hair that was perhaps in telogen phase now finally growing back through where the scar is and it may have taken longer due to trauma because of the healthier follicle that was taken prior. 

I personally Microneedle myself at around 1.5mm again but haven't been as consistent with it as i probably could have. I can't say for sure it's helped immensely but even marginal gains would be helpful and to that end, i recommend it. Particularly if you are using Minoxidil but on occasions i would add Castor Oil on my hair and particularly rub into the hairline after Microneedling. 

Consistency however is what's needed for it though. Particularly if you aren't atm combining Minoxidil with it because it doesn't have the same super boosted rate. 

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if you are expecting micro needling to create hair follicles where they have been removed, it’s simply not going to happen.  I’ve posted this before but to be honest, I genuinely don’t believe that microneedling does much if anything for hair loss.  I can see how the procedure may aid in wind healing but there’s simply no evidence that damaging the surface of the skin will activate derma papilla cells and regrow hair in completely bald areas.

Those who actually go to a clinic to actually undergo a micro needling procedure with a practitioner or those who use the do-it-yourself take home derma roller should have realistic expectations and frankly should not use this procedure as a replacement for finasteride or minoxidil. At best, it should be used as an adjunct treatment.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant 

Rahal Hair Transplant Institute - Answers to questions, posts or any comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice.    All comments are the personal opinions of the poster.  

Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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