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  1. So this is available for off label use right now? I wonder if HTS will start experimenting with this.
  2. The big questions for me are, does it just has a small and limited effect on density? Or might it have a dampening effect on hair loss mechanisms as well? It's been over the counter for at least 6 years now. May not have a huge effect on regrowth considering the number of experimenters there are in the hair loss community.
  3. The procedure was some years ago, so might be understandable if they didn't hang onto the pictures. I'm not sure if I should reveal the clinic, it looks like it's an unflattering result, which may reflect badly on the clinic. But if it helps, this happened in the US (some people I guessed I had it in Turkey). It was many years ago, I reached out to them recently for a 2nd hair transplant since I have some crown loss and some diffuse loss. I asked for the photos because I figure it may be useful to know exactly where the reinforcing hairs were transplanted, but it seems they don't have those, and it seems that it's not needed anyway. It never occurred to me it was low yield. So there were hairs transplanted that eventually died? I thought I had a healthy response because they seemed to grow in about 2 months in; usually full results are 12 months in. It would suck if they died, as you can see a large chunk of my donor area was taken out. Do you think they just took a conservative approach? After I did my recent 2nd consulting with the surgeon, he said the results from the first were excellent.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have those photos. Pre-op photos were taken, but I don't think any post-op. I had requested them a few months ago, and did a few followups for the photos, but it looks like they were unable to locate the photos.
  5. I had a 1360 grafts FUT mostly for my corners, about 200 went into reinforcing the middle front, so ~1160 grafts for corners. I signed up for 1000 but I had a very dense donor area and ended up with 1360. What do you think? Scar
  6. Thoughts on how to handle an non-ideal hair transplant and hairline. Working with existing grafts vs relocating grafts.
  7. Where did you get your topical fin? was it liposomal? How long have you been on topical dut? Is it from fueclinic?
  8. I'm still trying to figure out why dut may not cause side effects when fin can, considering that dut effects both Type I and Type II of 5-alpha reductase;
  9. Would any of those be able to prescribe topical liposomal finasteride to send to a compounding pharmacy?
  10. Great result! What is ACell? Why were 30 grafts destroyed? Couldn't they also be relocated into the hairline?
  11. Why is that? Price? Delivery times? Have you switched completely from topical fin to topical dut? But you don't get any sides with the formulation from FUE clinic?
  12. This, and the other variations of this type of agreement posted above, make sense to me; to get the results that were agreed upon in the consultation. I don't think it was quite the case for me, as he overshot by 40% and the extra grafts were used to create a hairline that was lower than what was agreed upon. Consulting with the surgeons on the list confirms that the placement is not ideal. I don't have a copy of the additional graft agreement, it wasn't disclosed to me until morning of the procedure, and I didn't get a copy. I has considering another place for my next transplant (not on list) and they disclosed a clause which is pretty similar to what I remember. It was better than it being disclosed morning of the procedure, but after paying a non-refundable deposit. " In the LSE harvesting of the donor strip, extra follicular grafts may be obtained from the donor strip. I agree that any grafts beyond what I have already paid for will be implanted into my scalp for an additional fee"
  13. This is something I always wondered about. For my first hair transplant, the morning of the procedure, the surgeon hands me a form. It says that if he extracts more grafts than quoted, I can have those implanted by paying the per graft fee. I didn't want any grafts to be thrown away, so I signed the form. It was a 1000 graft implant, but they ended up with 1400, so I had to pay 40% more than I had budgeted out for. Is this a common practice? I feel like if it is, it should be done while figuring out all the other financial stuff. I was in school at the time, and I had a really had time that semester dealing with the unexpected expense. With just the original procedure costs I was just barely getting through. Also, if I didn't sign the form, what would have happened to the extra grafts? Would they have been just thrown away?.
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