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  1. That density is amazing, however I am most impressed by the donor area, I cannot tell where the hairs were taken. Phenomenal, shows that Dr Hasson is one of the best. Hair line is looking very natural too. Excited to see final results!
  2. Looks good man, very natural. I wear mine from 0 or 0.5 up as well and then long on top
  3. Interesting. 0.1mm isnt noticeable but 0.2mm difference is detectable to the eye (for diamonds for example). I guess how one heals is different for everyone. How is your donor area? Can you still rock tight fades?
  4. Thank you for the replies everyone. I'm a wee bit concerned then. The clinic is top notch for hairlines and you all know it but in my last consultation they advised 0.95mm motorised is standard for their transplants. I have fine caucasian hair so I would also need it densely packed. Not sure where to go now, I guess my search goes on.
  5. What is the optimum punch size to reduce scarring? Is 0.95-1mm too big?
  6. Thanks guys, that all makes a lot of sense. So many techniques and philosophies, you can get paralysis by analysis!
  7. Hi all, new to the forum here so hope this is an appropriate place to post this. I've been binge researching hair transplants lately. One moment I feel certain, like I've figured it out, then I uncover a new aspect I am ignorant about which makes me delve into all the potential clinics even further. I've noticed with Hasson and Wong in particular 2 things: 1/ They seem to use a lot of grafts for smaller areas than other clinics. In turn their transplants look very dense, which I like (think they could improve on natural looking hairline imo though). Am I wr
  8. Can I just say how mind blown I am at your donor region? That is EXACTLY what I want out of a transplant, practically undetectable, especially for over 2000 grafts. I hope all of his patients are like this, thinking of getting a consultation. Looks like you are experiencing quick hair growth too; this seems more common among finasteride users from the brief research I have done. Excited to see where you are at in the coming months.
  9. Hey man, fair play for keeping a journal of your progress to date. It's good to hear that Eugenix have taken responsibility; that says a lot about their good ethics. Wishing you the best moving forward and excited to see the difference between the first and the last one.
  10. Phenomenal result. You must be over the moon. Had a brief phone conversation with Amandeep from Eugenix earlier, considering going there myself after they recommended 1900 grafts (1500 + 400 in the temples). Will make my own thread if I decide to go.
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