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Afro transplant recommendations in UK/Europe for female hairline?


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Hi everyone,

I'm a young woman in her early 30s with afro hair, and I've been doing research for months (technically years) looking for a surgeon that can help with my temples that are pretty much hairless. My hairline is absolutely fine strangely enough, but my temples/corners of my hairline are pretty bad. 

Does anyone know of any surgeons in the UK that would be experienced enough with an afro female transplant?

I've been in touch with Dr Bisanga and Mwamba's clinics for months but I've had a really poor experience - especially with Dr Bisanga's. The responses have taken 2 weeks each time, I've been told a video consult isn't possible and it's just been very tedious, and doesn't make me confident about travelling there for surgery. Both doctors predicted around 1,000 grafts so I wonder if they just don't see my case as worth their time or worth a whole day in the clinic?? 

Anyway if someone could recommend a UK - or not too far - doctor that would be really helpful. 

Thanks in advance! :)

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Bisanga and Mwamba would still be 2 of the best options for you, I'm sure @Melvin- Moderatorcan help you out/tag the clinics representatives for you in this thread to help you with your concerns. 

I wouldn't go anywhere in the UK period myself, and especially not if I had afro hair. Dr. Lupanzula, who is also in Belgium, is another good option and I would get in touch with him too.

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Let me tag @Raphael84 and @FUECLINIC both representatives are quite active and prompt. 

I’m a paid admin for Hair Transplant Network. I do not receive any compensation from any clinic. My comments are not medical advice.

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Hi @lolamay

I will reach out to you via dm.

Thanks for the tag Melvin.

Apologies for any delay in communication that you may have experienced with the clinic.

Upon learning more I’m sure that we can better understand the situation and assist in moving forward in the most appropriate manner.

In regard to video/zoom consultation, this was a format that we introduced at the beginning of the pandemic when travel was not possible for many. Whilst it can be a nice opportunity for the patient to connect directly with Dr. Bisanga and discuss their case, it is never preferable to an in person consultation under magnification.

In reality, live zoom consultations in most cases do not offer a more thorough consultation than high quality photos and a donor video for example, and so whilst Dr. Bisanga remains accessible via zoom, scheduling is very limited.

Dr. Bisanga dedicates one full day each month for such zoom sessions but in reality, to be able to appease demand we would ideally need several full days each month as sessions are filled well in advance.

I can assure you that surgery for 1000+ grafts as you have said is completely viable and larger sessions are not the priority, we simply schedule accordingly.

I look forward to connecting privately.

Thank you


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Patient Advisor for Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic 

ian@bhrclinic.com   -    BHR YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH4PY1OxoYFwSDKzAkZRww

I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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