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Bogota Hairlines - Dr Sergio Camacho 2415 Grafts

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Hello everyone !

Bogota Hairlines in Colombia are excited to present 12 months hair transplant results of one of our patient who flew in from Florida,USA . We attached comparison photos as well as photos showing the progress throughout the year. 

The the 12 months photos are patient submitted. 

The surgery was led by Dr Sergio Camacho with The assistance  of Dr Paola Pareja 
Total number of FU : 2415 with the breakdown of  1 hair - 230 2 hair 1700 3 hair 485

Method FUE

Extraction: Mamba Trivellini Motorized device  0.9mm Edge out Performed by Dr Paola Pareja
Pre made incisions:  Performed by Dr Sergio Camacho, size range 0.8mm for thick 1 hair grafts and 0.9mm 20G for the multiples.
Implantation: Performed both by Dr Camacho and Dr Pareja using Lion Implanter pen size range 0.64mm to 0.9mm

We are happy to answer any questions and thank you for taking the time to see this post!



The full Journey 

BEFORE                                                                                   PLACEMENT                                                                   2 WEEKS POST OP                                            1 MONTH 

IMG_2289.thumb.jpg.31a51b305dd3d77b0c656210b601de14.jpg.    IMG_2465.thumb.jpeg.b853a5423d70731d6c69a2095ee566b3.jpega11aa8b5-ac4f-49ce-8c68-586876a450e4.thumb.JPG.723e569d0122fc333d76a3fb735c7ca1.JPG2027E6AA-8F07-4209-A4C0-9548FE937225.thumb.jpeg.79ace5742379ed0f483df75d346f2b02.jpeg


4 MONTHS                                                                                5 MONTHS                                                                                               7 MONTHS  

99CF3152-C921-40C0-B249-057ECEC01BCF.thumb.jpeg.3e261329a4f72b9467e9cbfd922a3b76.jpeg c4a9a1d1-bac0-4945-bd33-13dfcfd892e5.thumb.JPG.5850f8606dbab89998b7960a0a36a2f4.JPG8479a6ef-e3d0-4436-bffe-c542e746634b.thumb.JPG.937d038e83536f59e8f31bd7aaebbfa8.JPG




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Excellent results thank you for accepting our invitation to post here, I think the results look fantastic, and I like the surgical protocol.

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3 hours ago, RandoBrando517 said:

Looks good what’s the pricing structure and Covid protocols? Are visas required?

Thanks !

Please send us a message via WhatsApp for pricing https://wa.me/message/PPPRIV3ERJE3O1

For people who are coming from the USA there are no visa requirements to enter. 

as of now there are no Covid restrictions to enter Colombia. 

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